2012 Externships

In the summer of 2012, students had internships including the following. These positions suggest possible jobs for this summer:


Student Externship
Alexis Cole U.S. Department of Justice
LeeAnne Cornyn National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Robert Dodson Mortgage Bankers Association
Stephanie Fernandes Common Sense Media
Meaghan FitzGerald U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Elizabeth Gorman U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration
Natalie Holzaepfel U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of General Counsel
Katie Jorrie U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Renewable Energy
Jordan King U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Administration
Jesse Lemon National Defense University
Kendall Manlove EarthRights International
Meghan Mannion Consumer Data Industry Association
Geoffrey Minter Center for American Progress
Joshua Muckerman U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Chief Privacy Officer
Mark Piskorowski Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Max Reisinger Direct Marketing Association
Brendan Schlauch U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Chief of Staff
Priya Sonty U.S. Department of Education, Office of General Counsel
Jessica Wirick U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division