Out of Office Replies

Out-of-Office/Vacation messages can now be setup from your desktop Outlook OR from OSU webmail.  Out-Of-Office/Vacation messages setup on your office computer do not require that your Drinko Hall desktop be left ON or that your Drinko Hall desktop be running Outlook. The configuration is completely managed by the Exchange Server.

Setup from your desktop computer:

  1. Click on File tab – Automatic Replies (Out-of-Office)


  1. Click on above indicated areas to activate and fill out information for your message.
  2. “Outside My Organization” tab you can turn this notification On/Off by:
    1. Click on Outside My Organization tab
    2. Check box marked “Auto-Reply to people outside my organization” to activate
  3. When finished, click OK and rule will activate on the Start Date/Time and stop on End Date/Time.

Setup from Webmail: (Not necessary if you have already setup on office computer)

  1. Log into your E-mail account at email.osu.edu
  2. Click on Options (upper right corner of screen) – Set Automatic Replies….


  1. If you wish to setup a different message for non-OSU.EDU receivers, scroll down further to this:
  2. Click on first box and setup message for non-OSU.EDU receivers. When finished click on the Save button to activate.



Auto-Reply message received by potential OSU.EDU senders:

NOTE:  Once you address an E-mail  to an OSU Exchange person who has activated an automatic reply, the auto-reply message will appear above the message address area as shown below: