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All room reservation requests will be processed by the room reservation coordinator, who along with the Moritz College of Law Registrar, has authority to approve, deny, or reconcile room requests based on conflicts, room availability, after-hours security issues, short notice, an incomplete Room Reservation Request/Calendar Form, lack of personnel, or other reasons as necessary for the functioning of the Moritz College of Law. Please review the Room Reservation Policy for more information regarding the process.

Event Information

Example: 3:00 p.m.
Example: 3:00 p.m.

Room Information

  • Check the Room Availability Calendar for conflicts prior to submitting this form.
  • Please be sure to complete all fields necessary for your event. There may be a delay if not filled out properly.
  • Requests MUST be received at least THREE BUSINESS DAYS before your event. It is strongly recommended you place your request at least 14 working days prior to your event.
  • The student, faculty member, staff person or group making the reservation is responsible for complying with all applicable fire codes and other safety regulations. Additionally, the person or group making a reservation or sponsoring an event must make sure their event is accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Submission of this form is only a request. Confirmation will be sent after the reservation is made.
  • If you wish to reserve the Barrister Club, please contact the Faculty Club at (614) 292-9120.
Time room needed to set up for event.

Event Description

Please provide a description of what the event will entail. The information will be used on the Moritz calendar and possibly in other marketing materials (Discovery, etc.). Such details will help attract more people to your event. Information may be edited for brevity and/or style issues.

A/V Type

The Moritz College of Law does provide limited A/V support. Please contact prior to an event that will require Moritz A/V equipment in the auditorium or smart classroom. You may be required to have an A/V coordinator. Any A/V requests made during normal work hours (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm), we require at a minimum, requests be submitted 72 hours prior to the event. We do not provide A/V support after 4:30pm and weekends. Please send us an email at to meet with one of us in advance for any evening and weekend requests. A confirmation email message will be sent to requester and contact person prior to the scheduled class or event.

Side note: We have 6 table mics, three handheld and lapel mics available for the auditorium. For Barrister club, we have 4 table mics, and two handheld/lapel mics. Please note as a host of the event you are responsible for setting up tables on the stage if you have requested table mics. These tables are located inside the left side alcove when facing the stage.

Event Listing Publicity

Would you like your event to be included on the Moritz Events Calendar? Please note: The Moritz Events Calendar is the main calendar on the Moritz web site; All events are listed on Room Matrix. Student Conferences and Make-Up Classes may not be listed on the events calendar.

Event Sponsor(s)

Please fill in the sponsor(s) for this event. Any combination of departments and/or student groups can be submitted (i.e. college unit, student organization, course.

Type in all the Department/Office/Student Group sponsor(s), separate each one with a comma.