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"Student organizations provide opportunities for leadership development, community engagement, professional networking, event management, financial responsibility, connectivity, and so much more!"   

Darren Nealy
Assistant Dean of Students  

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To promote and support quality advocacy for children while enabling law students to network with institutions and professionals serving the child population.

The purpose of ACLU at Moritz is to raise awareness of, and foster discussion related to, our civil liberties, civil rights, and legal developments of interest in this area.

ACS is committed to fostering a progressive vision of the law on issues across the policy spectrum, including access to the courts; nondiscrimination and affirmative action; civil liberties; consumer rights; criminal justice; disability rights; freedom of speech; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights; international human rights; immigration; open government; labor law; the political process; privacy; protection of health, safety and the environment; and women’s rights and reproductive freedom.

Advocate the issues concerning Asian American law students at the Ohio State University. Establish a growing and working rapport with people in various disciplines on college campuses and state and national affiliations. Play an active role with other Asian American organizations on campus. Foster the exchange of social, cultural and political ideas.

The purpose of the Business Law Society is (a) to provide students, who are interested in, inter alia, corporate, tax, real estate finance, economics, bankruptcy, and/or antitrust law, with an alternative organization other than those already available at the law school, (b) to enrich all law students’ professional and personal lives with additional resources concerning networking, professionalism, and career guidance, and (c) to identify areas that may be helpful or of interest to those College of Law students who want to expand their horizons and broaden their professional outlook.

Elizabeth Agranovsky

The purpose of this Association shall be to utilize the collective resources to: Articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black Law Students; Foster and encourage professional competence; Focus upon the relationship of the Black Law Student and the Black Attorney to the American legal structure; Instill in the Black Attorney and Law Student a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Black community; Influence the legal community to bring out meaningful change to meet the needs of the Black community; Adopt and implement a policy of economic independence; Encourage Black Law Students to pursue careers in the judiciary; and Do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

The purpose of the Criminal Law Society is to provide law students at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law with an apolitical forum for the exchange of ideas about issues relating to the criminal law and to stimulate awareness among law students about issues in the criminal law; to establish and maintain a network of alumni who are willing to assist law students conducting job searches in the area of criminal law; and to create opportunities for law students to serve the community in various capacities related to the criminal law.

The purpose of DRY is to provide Moritz students with the opportunity to gain more experience with dispute resolution and more interaction with the local community while also spreading awareness of dispute resolution to local youth.

The purposes of the Energy and Environmental Law Society shall be: (1) To promote awareness of legal, policy, and regulatory issues that affect the environment, our natural resources, our energy systems, and their legal and social implications; (2) To provide a forum for discussion and debate on society’s growing energy needs and the effects of that growth on the environment; (3) To approach the topics of environmental and energy law in an interdisciplinary fashion, integrating members from other academic units on campus as well as the Columbus community in our discussions; (4) To foster discussion on energy and environmental issues most important to our members and community through open social and service events; (5) To provide learning opportunities about natural resources, traditional and alternative energies, and production and distribution processes though energy industry events and facility tours. (6) To foster appreciation of nature and recognition of local environmentally sustainable businesses and organizations through fun group outings, field trips/tours, and community service events; (7) To integrate the EELS into the Ohio and Columbus professional energy and environmental communities by participating in community projects and attending networking and social events; (8) To provide opportunities and information for careers in energy and environmental law; (9) To encourage mutually beneficial working relationships between faculty, students, and professionals in these areas of law. (10) To foster discussion on the legal and social implications of environmental justice. (11) To promote awareness to environmental racism through an annual event.

The Federalist Society at The Ohio State University is an organization interested in free thought and debate on the current state of the legal order. The Federalist Society is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to the Constitution of the United States of America, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is—not what it should be. The purpose of The Federalist Society is to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities. This requires restoring the recognition of the importance of norms that place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law among law students, professors, lawyers, and judges. In working to achieve these goals, The Federalist Society will work to create an intellectual network that extends to all levels of the legal community.

This support group is for students who self-identify as first-generation; those who are first-generation college, gradate, or professional students; those who are first-generation American, and/or student from limited-income or working-class communities. The program is designed to facilitate a common experience among its members and to help them navigate professional school and the legal profession by working to equitably close the resource and social capital gaps.

Joey Oteng

The Health Law Society exists to educate law students and the campus community about medical-legal issues affecting health care providers, patients, and legislators.

The Immigration Law Society is a student organization dedicated to the practice of immigration law. Specifically, we seek to promote awareness of immigrant and refugee issues to the Moritz community through speakers, lectures, and public service. We aim to provide a link between current students and local practitioners within the field.

If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice exists to raise student awareness and engagement around issues at the intersection of the law and Reproductive Justice. Specifically, the organization will provide opportunities for issue education, community involvement, and peer and professional engagement. Membership offers a community of like-minded law students and legal professionals interested in issues of law and Reproductive Justice.

It shall be the purpose of IPLS to establish a forum for legal education and discussion that are pertinent to the field of cyber, intellectual property, technology, and entertainment law. IPLS seeks to provide educational and occupational services and network opportunities for students and faculty at the Moritz College of Law and the Ohio State University.

We, the Inter-Professional Council being those professional students of The Ohio State University elected and appointed by our peers, with our authority derived from the professional student body and recognized by the faculty, staff and administration of this university, dedicate ourselves to the betterment of higher education and student life at The Ohio State University. We hereby promise to be accessible to the professional students, remain sensitive to the concerns of all undergraduate, graduate students, and to be a voice for professional issues. Therefore, the Inter-Professional Council at The Ohio State University charges itself with creating and maintaining an environment for the promotion of student excellence.

The Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) seeks to facilitate an active and engaged Jewish community at Moritz through educational, cultural, and religious events.

LELA fosters a greater understanding of the practice of labor and employment law. Moritz students have an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in this quickly growing field, as well as gain insight into the daily life of a labor and employment practitioner. LELA's main activities consist of guest speakers and networking opportunities.

The Latino Law Students Association (LLSA) is an organization dedicated to preparing its members for their professional roles in society and to promoting awareness of Latino interests in the legal field. The purpose of LLSA is to continue advancing the interests and welfare of its members as well as the law school community as a whole. LLSA is a member-chapter of the National Latino/a Law Student Association, which allows students at Moritz to interact with other Latino students and lawyers in various regions of the nation, in addition to offering students the ability to develop their leadership skills within a national network.

The Middle Eastern Law Student Association at Moritz works with the primary goal of fostering an inclusive environment for students of Middle Eastern descent, including Arab, Iranian, Turkish, Armenian, and North African. The purpose of this organization is to create a space for students to share and celebrate their cultures, speak freely on legal, social, and political topics in the region and beyond, and connect with Middle Eastern attorneys in the community. The Middle Eastern Law Student Association plans to hold various events throughout the year, ranging from discussions and symposiums to lunches and cultural activities. MELSA will work to cultivate companionship and open dialogues with students of all backgrounds and warmly welcomes all law students to participate.

This organization provides opportunities within the Moritz College of Law for Military affiliated students to find support and and camaraderie. Additionally, we seek to address the unique concerns of being a non-traditional law student and connect with the broader the Buckeye Military family, alumni and other Military organizations in the central Ohio community.

Tericka Miller

With moot court and lawyering skills programs in trial advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, and appellate argument, Moritz students can take advantage of many levels of opportunity across a broad range of legal areas.  We host multiple internal competitions and field traveling teams in some of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious competitions. 

The National Lawyers Guild is the nation’s oldest and largest progressive bar association and was the first one in the US to be racially integrated. Our mission is to use law for the people, uniting lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people by valuing human rights and the rights of ecosystems over property interests. This is achieved through the work of our members, and the Guild’s numerous organizational committees, caucuses and projects, reflecting a wide spectrum of intersectional issues. Guild members effectively network and hone their legal skills in order to help create change at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

The Moritz Conservatives provides a forum for discussion of a broad range of conservative ideals. We sponsor speaker events and academic events, social gatherings for like-minded students, debates, and open discussions of political and social topics with other political student organizations. We are committed to the values of respectful dialogue and diversity of thought, and hope to support students at the law school who have conservative ideals in feeling confident to speak their minds.

The Muslim Law Student Association provides a safe space for Muslim students to fellowship and build community at Moritz.

The National Security Law Society (NSLS) was founded to promote discussion around vital issues of national security, privacy, the laws of war, and more. 

The Ohio State Business Law Journal (“Journal") is a student-managed publication of scholarly research and commentary exploring the legal issues facing entrepreneurs, business owners, and venture capitalists. Our Journal provides an excellent opportunity for readers, academics, and students to explore the intersection of business and the law. Founded and managed by students, this semi-annual journal publishes scholarly articles, book reviews, and student-authored notes discussing provocative, timely issues facing the entrepreneurial business community. Additionally, the Journal hosts an annual symposium where professors and practitioners from Ohio and around the country gather to discuss topical issues and emerging trends in entrepreneurial business law. The staff and board are selected for their demonstrated writing ability, professionalism, and commitment to advancing the purposes of the Journal.

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law is a peer-evaluated, faculty-student cooperative venture published by the Michael E. Moritz College of Law. The Journal is published semi-annually, and is a forum for important scholarship written by academics and professionals in the criminal justice field. The journal will continue, through its symposium, commentary, and book and cultural review sections, to provide useful and serious, but also interesting and provocative, discourse on critical issues in the field of criminal law.

Now in its thirty-eighth year of publication, the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution ("JDR") is a student-run publication of The Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law. The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution is dedicated to the exploration of alternative forums for and methods of dispute resolution, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials, and mini-trials. The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution is the official journal for the American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution and is a major component of Moritz College of Law's nationally-ranked, number one program on Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR").

The Mission of Ohio State Technology Law Journal (hereinafter “OSTLJ”) is to publish an interdisciplinary journal of research and commentary concentrating on the intersection of law, policy, and technology. Our efforts are intended to enhance the depth and rigor of ongoing debate in the field, as well as enhance the quality of the educational experience at the Moritz College of Law. OSTLJ will accomplish its mission by drawing on the dual strength of highly qualified students and distinguished faculty to edit and oversee its publications.

Started in 1935, the Ohio State Law Journal is a nationally renowned publication of the highest quality legal scholarship, managed and staffed entirely by students of the The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Six times a year, we select and publish articles by professors, practitioners, and students on the most salient and important legal issues facing the nation and the world.

The OutLaws are an organization of students, faculty, and staff of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. The Association promotes understanding of legal issues that affect the LGBTQ+ communities. The goals of the Association are twofold: to educate the OSU community about legal and policy issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and to provide networking and social opportunities for members and supporters throughout the year. The group hopes to inspire a spirit of cooperation and tolerance for diversity and social justice at the Moritz College of Law. In doing so, we welcome the participation and support of all law students, faculty, and staff.

The purpose of the Public Interest Law Foundation is to educate and increase awareness within the law school community of the many avenues through which students can serve the public interest in a legal capacity, to create opportunities to explore those avenues in more detail, and to support the Moritz student body in their public service aspirations. Additionally, the Public Interest Law Foundation provides grants to qualifying law students who take volunteer or low-paying summer jobs in public service.

At the Real Estate Law Association (RELA), our purpose is to serve as a premier platform dedicated to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting excellence in the dynamic realm of real estate law. With a commitment to facilitating comprehensive understanding, we unite legal professionals, students, and industry experts to navigate the intricate landscapes of real estate transactions, regulations, and disputes. We strive to be the epicenter of cutting-edge knowledge in real estate law, offering a space for our members to continuously learn, grow, and stay updated on the latest legal developments through guest speakers, networking events, and access to various publications. We strive to empower our members to navigate the evolving legal frameworks that govern the vast world of real estate. In essence, the Real Estate Law Association stands as a beacon of excellence, uniting legal professionals, students, and experts in a collaborative pursuit of knowledge, ethics, and progress within the dynamic landscape of real estate law. Through knowledge sharing, ethical advocacy, and community engagement, we aim to shape a more just, transparent, and resilient real estate sector for all.

To foster an atmosphere of networking and education, in the areas of Sports and Entertainment, among law students who want to pursue careers and/or practice law in those areas.

Spiritual Growth and Moral Leadership. STMS will host faith formation, service, fellowship, and topical Catholic speaking events for the Moritz College of Law and greater Ohio State University communities. STMS will adhere to and promote the beliefs and values of the Catholic Church expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1983 Code of Canon Law, and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)-approved translations of the Holy Bible.

The purpose of this organization shall be: 1. To represent the issues, opinions, and ideas of all SBA members to the faculty, staff and administration of Moritz and The Ohio State University. 2. To serve as a liaison between SBA members, Moritz administration and faculty, and the legal community. 3. To provide support and funding for programming and student organizations at Moritz. 4. To serve as a forum for the discussion of academic and professional issues and ideas. 5. To organize student social and recreational events at Moritz.

The purpose of this Take Back the Night Chapter shall be to a) combat sexual assault, sexual abuse, and all forms of sexual violence in our community. Foster safe communities and respectful relationships through Awareness Events and initiatives, 2) Support survivors in their healing process, 3) Raise funds for the Take Back The Night Foundation in support of its mission, 3) serve as a law school chapter of the Take Back The Night Foundation and part of the international Take Back The Night movement

The purpose of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is to provide income tax preparation assistance to low income taxpayers.

Women's Legal Society is committed to providing a common ground for women of all viewpoints and backgrounds to communicate about their experiences as law students, as well as their ideas to better both the legal and surrounding community. We are a place for you to speak freely, share your opinions and genuinely get involved. Our overall goal for the year is to create a continue the peer mentor network within the college, while working to make the WLS presence even stronger within the legal community through networking events and panel discussions.