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Fall 2022
Volume 19.2
Scott A. Anderson
Reimagining Drug Crimes as Result-Oriented Offenses, or How to Speak to a Legislator about Decriminalization

Drug offenses aim to prohibit certain kinds of conduct, typically possessing or selling dangerous drugs. Over the past five decades, the increased prosecution and sentencing of these conduct offenses has not only failed to achieve its desired effect—curbing drug abuse—but also contributed to myriad social ills, including swelling prison populations and disproportionate minority confinement...

Jacob Schuman
Drug Supervision

Critics of harsh drug sentencing laws in the United States typically focus on long prison sentences. But the American criminal justice system also inflicts a significant volume of drug-related punishment through community supervision (probation, parole, and supervised release). Over one million people are under supervision due to a drug conviction, and drug activity is among the most common reasons for violations. In an age of “mass supervision,” community supervision is a major form of drug sentencing and drug policy...