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Ohio State Law Journal

The Ohio State Law Journal is a generalist law review publishing legal scholarship in all areas.  The journal, which started publication in 1935, is edited by students and publishes eight issues each year. In April 2012, OSLJ launched Furthermore, an online supplement to the print version.  

Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

Founded in 1985, the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution (JDR) is a student-edited publication dedicated to the exploration of alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials, and mintrials.

Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law is a peer-evaluated, faculty-student cooperative venture.  Published semiannually, it provides useful, interesting, and provocative commentary on critical issues of interest to the national, and even international, criminal justice community.  

Ohio State Technology Law Journal

The Ohio State Technology Law Journal (OSTLJ) is an interdisciplinary journal of research and commentary concentrating on the intersection of law, policy, and information technology. Published semiannually, it is student-edited, in collaboration with faculty advisor/editors and an international editorial board. Volumes 1-15 were published under the name, I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society.  

Ohio State Business Law Journal

The Ohio State Business Law Journal (OSBLJ) is nationally renowned for its intersection of business and the law.  Created and managed by students, this semi-annual journal explores the legal issues facing entrepreneurs, small business owners, and venture capitalists.