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Legal Profession and Ethics

Lawyers are bound by a code of professional responsibility. every lawyer in the country must take a written exam on professional responsibility, in addition to the bar exam, before he or she can be admitted to the bar. but ethical lawyering about more than just the code. Ohio State offers an outstanding place to study the law and principles of the practice of law.

In many of these courses, students explore issues such as conflicts of interest, duties of confidentiality, unauthorized practice of law, attorney-client privilege, work product immunity, and fraud. As part of the requirements for a J.D., students must pass a professional responsibility course.

Because many students have limited exposure to the legal field before entering law school, we strive to develop programs that help students understand the different types of legal sectors, what lawyers do on a daily basis, and what ethical dilemmas they are likely to encounter over the course of their careers.

Mentoring and More @ Moritz serves as a bridge between the theory and practice of law and helps students develop professional judgment. Students learn by example from mentors who care deeply about improving law and its administration, have high expectations for themselves and their colleagues in the profession, and are willing to help guide those who follow them into the profession. Students participating in the mentoring program are placed in mentoring groups comprised of three to five students with at least two mentors. Mentoring assignments are made over the summer, and each mentoring group is based on student interest and mentor background/practice area. Throughout the academic year, mentoring groups are invited to luncheons held at the barrister Club featuring a prominent speaker addressing pressing issues and current trends in the law, followed by discussion between mentors, students, faculty, and guests. During this discussion, mentors and mentees discuss the ethical issues that arose and the possible solutions.

Course Sampling for Legal Profession and Ethics

  • The Business of Law
  • Civil Law Clinic
  • Criminal Defense Clinic
  • Criminal Prosecution Clinic
  • ethical Issues
  • ethics and Alternative Dispute resolution
  • ethics of Washington Lawyering
  • Justice for Children Clinic
  • Legal Profession/Professional Responsibility
  • Tax Ethics