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Law and Other Disciplines

At Ohio State, we believe it important not to look at law in isolation of other fields. Law affects and is affected by other professions and disciplines. Accordingly, we offer multiple courses that study law in combination with other academic disciplinary methodologies.

Through interdisciplinary study, students can become familiar with core principles and foundations of another discipline, develop new insights into the nature of law, and learn new tools to apply to legal questions. Such courses are often attractive to both students with a strong interest or prior academic experience or specialized training in another field as well as those seeking to understand ways in which knowledge from other disciplines may explain or improve legal decisions.

The study of law through an interdisciplinary prism provides a deeper appreciation of the connections between formal legal institutions and social and cultural forces; the uses of the humanities in understanding legal theory and practice; and the role of law in economic, social, and political development.

Courses in this cluster are taught by law faculty with joint appointments, practitioners, and scholars from other fields. For example, Professor David Stebenne, who holds both a J.D. and a Ph.D. in history, teaches American Legal history at Moritz and modern U.S. political history in the Ohio State's history department. His research is focused on the history of American elections and in contemporary national politics. A regular commentator for local and national media, he serves as a fellow with the election Law @ Moritz project. Professor Stebenne co-chairs the Democracy Studies Speakers Series, which aims to stimulate discussion of interdisciplinary learning about democracy. The Democracy Studies series is a collaborative effort among The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, the Mershon Center for International Securities Studies, the departments of history and Political Science, and other units at the University.

Professor gregory Caldeira is a leading scholar in the fields of judicial processes in the United States and europe, organized interests, and American political institutions. his current research projects include studies of the impact of bush v. gore on public support for the U.S. Supreme Court, the legitimacy of the european Court of Justice, cross-national analysis of judicial power, the impact of organized interests on the formation of the Supreme Court's agenda, the rise and influence of organized conflict over the composition of the Supreme Court and federal courts, and the new Deal in the Supreme Court.

In addition to Ohio State law courses, J.D. students also may enroll in up to five credits of course work from more than 115 graduate programs at The Ohio State University.

Course Sampling for Law and Other Disciplines

  • American Legal History
  • Anthropology and the Law
  • Critical Race Narratives
  • Law and Economics
  • Law and Genetics
  • Law and Psychology
  • Law and Social Science
  • Law, History, and Philosophy