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International & Comparative Law

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Thy Nguyen

"Before arriving at Moritz I had already decided that I wanted to work in international law. In my 2L year, I took four international law classes and found them to be extremely useful and quite relevant in terms of the kind of work that I wanted to pursue after graduation. Two of the classes, International Business Transactions and International Intellectual Property, were taught by Professor Chow. The remaining two classes were both week-long courses taught by visiting practitioners as part of the Distinguished Practitioners in Residence Program in Business Law.

After my 2L year, I landed a position with an Australian law firm, working in their Ho Chi Minh City office in Vietnam. The knowledge that I gained in my international law classes proved invaluable.

After law school I hope to return to Asia and work as a corporate attorney for one of the many corporate law firms in the region. I'm confident that with the knowledge and experience I've gained at Moritz that I will achieve this goal."

Thy Nguyen
Hometown: Jackson, N.J.

International law consists of two distinct parts, First, public international law includes the rules
that govern the relations among nation-states to create order, prevent war, and facilitate
cooperation. It also includes the study of several organizations that help govern the international
community, e.g. the United Nations.

The second focus of the area is on international business law, which concerns the rights and
obligations associated with international exchanges of goods, services, and capital. It, too,
includes the study of several organizations that help govern international business and trade, e.g.
the World Trade Organization.

The College's international faculty have studied and practiced across countless borders, and are experts in a vast number of legal fields. Professor John Quigley, who was a research scholar at Moscow State University and a research associate in comparative law at Harvard Law School, teaches International Law and Comparative Law. His focus is international human rights. His seminar, Inter-Ethnic Conflict Resolution, examines dispute resolution issues in the context of ethnic conflicts. His numerous publications include books and articles on human rights, the United Nations, war and peace, east European law, African law, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

On the international business side, Professor Daniel Chow teaches International Business
Transactions, International Trade, and Doing Business in China, among others. Students
interested in practicing international business law will find there are multiple courses related to
international taxes, joint ventures, and mergers.

Professor Chow also was instrumental in launching Ohio State’s China Gateway in Shanghai. The Gateway is the result of the University’s global initiative to expand the reach and impact of its many resources with a physical presence in strategic areas of the world. Other Gateways are expected in India, Brazil, Turkey, sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe.

Students can pursue a Certificate in Legal Issues in International Trade and Development.

Moritz students also have a valuable opportunity to take several courses whether related to international law or not alongside international attorneys. Students in Moritz's LL.M. program, designed for foreign attorneys, take classes with juris doctor candidates. The learning environment allows Moritz students to hear and discuss the law with professionals from other countries.

Students can learn about international law as a member of the International Law Society, which strives to cultivate discussion and study of international and comparative law. Members of the International Law Society have worked across the globe, in places like England, Egypt, and Switzerland. Additionally, the organization provides global-thinking students with information about obtaining internships and careers with organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank.

Moritz offers two study abroad programs for law students. The Semester Program at Oxford runs for 15 weeks, from January to April. The University of Oxford-Ohio State University Summer Law Program is conducted at the University of Oxford from July through August.

Course Sampling

 China Problem
 Comparative Dispute Resolution
 Conflict of Laws
 Doing Business in China
 European Union Law
 Foreign Relations Law
 Human Rights
 International Business Arbitration
 International Business Transactions
 International Criminal Law
 International Dispute Resolution
 International Environmental Law

 International Intellectual Property
 International Joint Ventures
 International Law
 International Legal Research
 International Mergers and Acquisitions
 International Tax Law
 International Trade
 Law and Development
 Law of Africa
 Law of War
 Middle East Conflict Seminar