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About Us

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the representative body of the law students at the Moritz College of Law. Every student enrolled in Moritz is a member of the SBA. As a result, the SBA serves as the collective representative voice of law students, serving as an intermediary to the faculty and administration.

The Senate is the governing body of the SBA. The executive board is made up of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, all of whom are elected by the student body at large. The Executive Board oversees the day to day operation of the SBA and the implementation of the Senate’s policies. In addition to the Executive Board, some Senators serve as representatives to various Moritz Committees, comprised of faculty, staff, and students. Finally, the first-year class elects six first-year representatives, who speak for the unique needs of first-year students.

The SBA is responsible for enhancing the quality of life of students by sponsoring social activities and organizing community service events, as well as other events to help enhance the law school experience, such as the annual golf outing with faculty members. Also, the SBA helps organize first-year orientation and hooding. Moreover, the SBA is responsible for overseeing the student lounge and providing office space and funding for student organizations at the college.

For more information contact kriwinsky.4@osu.edu