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About Us

The purpose of the Real Estate Law Association (RELA) is to promote student interest and discussion at the cross-section of real estate law, finance, and development.

We are also the law school branch of The Ohio State Center for Real Estate. The Ohio State Center for Real Estate serves as a hub that connects the Fisher College of Business, the Knowlton School of Architecture, the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, and the Moritz College of Law to facilitate interaction and learning among students, university faculty, alumni, policymakers, and professionals from the various parts of the real estate industry, creating a vibrant community touching all aspects of real estate.

RELA offers many opportunities to become involved, starting as a 1L. During the fall semester, RELA hosts a local project case study that serves as a long-term look at what a career as an attorney in real estate law could be. During the spring semester, RELA hosts a young attorney panel that focuses more on the near-term practice of real estate law following graduation.

RELA also encourages members to take a leadership role in organizing any event of interest, at any time, and at any place.

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