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About Us

Over 80% of people’s legal needs go unmet because they cannot afford an attorney. The Pro Bono Research Group (PBRG) was established to meet some of these individuals’ needs.  Legal Aid attorneys throughout Ohio provide PBRG with legal work for individuals who cannot afford an attorney.  PBRG members complete this work and send it back to the attorney.

Members of PBRG have the opportunity to assist these people while earning valuable real-world experience.    The PBRG experience is similar to working on a law journal or a clinical assignment, but is less of a time commitment for Research Fellows.  First year members of PBRG are assigned one research project each semester which typically requires 8-10 hours to complete.  This project will allow the Research Fellow to gain valuable experience researching, writing, and solving problems.

If you have any questions regarding PBRG or if you are a practicing attorney and have an assignment for PBRG, please contact our Executive Director, Michelle Brunson at moritzpbrg@gmail.com.  Attorneys are asked to fill out the attached form detailing the work they want PBRG to perform.

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