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The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution is pleased to announce the 2018 JDR Symposium entitled:  Communication in Crisis: Implementing ADR Strategies in Times of Civil Unrest.

This topic will delve into the ways in which alternative dispute resolution techniques can be utilized during periods of civil unrest.  Since a peaceful resolution is the goal, ADR tactics from the fields of mediation, conflict resolution, and negotiation can help further the resolution process.  The Symposium will be Friday, November 9, 2018.

Registration & Accommodations

2018 Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Annual Symposium

Title: Communication in Crisis: Implementing ADR Strategies in Times of Civil Unrest

Location: Barrister Club, 25 West 11th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Conference Schedule: Please visit the Main Symposium Page for the schedule of speakers and locations.

CLE Credits: 4.5 credits total (2.5 APR credits and 2 general credits)

Accommodations: Please visit the University Hospitality District’s website to browse hotels. Please feel free to choose a hotel using the link below: http://www.uhdcolumbus.com/hotels.html

Preview of the symposium brochure to come at a later date.

General Information

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 This event will take place in a wheelchair accessible facility and real time captioning will be provided for the presentations. If you have questions about access or wish to request other accommodations please describe below or contact L. Scott Lissner (lissner.2@osu.edu).

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