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Amici Briefs  14.1 (Fall 2016): Symposium: The Civil Side of Criminal Procedure

Volume 13.2 (Spring 2016): Symposium: Rape Law Revisited

Volume 13.1 (Fall 2015): The Maturing Victim’s Rights Movement

Volume 12.2 (Spring 2015): Symposium: The Failures of Gideon and New Paths Forward

Volume 12.1 (Fall 2014): Symposium: Twenty-Plus Years of Critical Race Theory and Criminal Justice: Looking Backward, Looking Forward, Guest Editor: I. Bennet Capers

Volume 11:2 (Spring 2014): Symposium: Sexual Assault: Military Justice, Culture, and Expectations

Volume 11:1 (Fall 2013): Symposium: Youth Matters: Miller v. Alabama and the Future of Juvenile Sentencing

Volume 10:2 (Spring 2013): Symposium: The Exclusionary Rule

Volume 10:1 (Fall 2012): Symposium: Confidential Confessions

Volume 9:2 (Spring 2012): Symposium: Punishment and Culpability

Volume 9:1 (Fall 2011): Symposium: Mass Incarceration: Causes, Consequences, and Exit Strategies

Volume 8:2 (Spring 2011): Political Theory and Criminal Punishment

Volume 8:1 (Fall 2010): Symposium: Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and the Criminal Justice System

Volume 7:2 (Spring 2010): Symposium: What’s Wrong With the Criminal Justice System and How We Can Fix It Guest Editor(s): Andrew D. Leipold and Robert Batey

Volume 7:1 (Fall 2009): Symposium: What Criminal Law and Procedure Can Learn From Criminology Guest Editor(s): David A. Harris and Joshua Dressler

Volume 6:2 (Spring 2009): Symposium: Prosecutorial Discretion Guest Editor(s): Sara Sun Beale

Volume 6:1 (Fall 2008): Sex Offender Law and Policy/Legitimacy and Criminal Justice Symposia Guest Editor(s): Wayne A. Logan & Jeffrey Fagan

Volume 5:2 (Spring 2008): Toward a Just and Rational body of Substantive Criminal Law: A Symposium in Honor of Sanford H. Kadish Guest Editor(s): Stephen J. Schulhofer

Volume 5:1 (Fall 2007): Racial Blindsight and Criminal Justice Guest Editor(s): Andrew E. Taslitz

Volume 4:2 (Spring 2007): Mercy and Clemency Guest Editor(s): Stephen P. Garvey

Volume 4:1 (Fall 2006): Blakely and the States Guest Editor(s): Douglas A. Berman and Steven L. Chanenson

Volume 3:2 (Spring 2006): The Mind of a Child: The Relationship Between Brain Development, Cognitive Functioning, and Accountability Under the Law Guest Editor(s): Katherine Hunt Federle

Volume 3:1 (Fall 2005): The Warren Court Criminal Justice Revolution: Reflections a Generation Later Guest Editor(s): George C. Thomas, III

Volume 2:2 (Spring 2005): Criminal Responsibility Guest Editor(s): R.A. Duff

Volume 2:1 (Fall 2004): Capital Juries Guest Editor(s): Douglas A. Berman

Volume 1:2 (Spring 2004): Criminal Law and Policing Corporate Conduct Guest Editor(s): Douglas A. Berman and Alan C. Michaels

Volume 1:1 (Spring 2003): Reflections on the Criminal Justice System after September 11 Guest Editor(s): Sharon Davies and Joshua Dressler