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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

Welcome to the online edition of the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. From this section of the web site you will be able to view all of the articles written by talented scholars for the journal. If you find the materials useful, we recommend subscribing to the journal to stay as current as possible with the scholarship produced every issue.

Issue Title
Volume 11:2 (Spring 2014)                       Symposium: Sexual Assault: Military Justice, Culture, and Expectations
Volume 11:1 (Fall 2013)                       Symposium: Youth Matters: Miller v. Alabama and the Future of Juvenile Sentencing
Volume 10:2 (Spring 2013)                       Symposium: The Exclusionary Rule: Is It on Its Way Out? Should it Be?
Volume 10:1 (Fall 2012)                            Symposium: McCleskey at 25
Volume 9:2 (Spring 2012)                            Symposium: Punishment and Culpability
Volume 9:1 (Fall 2011)                            Symposium: Mass Incarceration: Causes, Consequences, and Exit Strategies
Volume 8:2 (Spring 2011)                                  Political Theory and Criminal Punishment
Volume 8:1 (Fall 2010) Symposium: Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and the Criminal Justice System
Volume 7:2 (Spring 2010) Symposium: What’s Wrong With the Criminal Justice System and How We Can Fix It
Guest Editor(s): Andrew D. Leipold and Robert Batey
Volume 7:1 (Fall 2009) Symposium: What Criminal Law and Procedure Can Learn From Criminology
Guest Editor(s): David A. Harris and Joshua Dressler
Volume 6:2 (Spring 2009) Symposium: Prosecutorial Discretion
Guest Editor(s): Sara Sun Beale
Volume 6:1 (Fall 2008) Sex Offender Law and Policy/Legitimacy and Criminal Justice Symposia
Guest Editor(s): Wayne A. Logan & Jeffrey Fagan
Volume 5:2 (Spring 2008) Toward a Just and Rational body of Substantive Criminal Law: A Symposium in Honor of Sanford H. Kadish
Guest Editor(s): Stephen J. Schulhofer
Volume 5:1 (Fall 2007) Racial Blindsight and Criminal Justice
Guest Editor(s): Andrew E. Taslitz
Volume 4:2 (Spring 2007) Mercy and Clemency
Guest Editor(s): Stephen P. Garvey
Volume 4:1 (Fall 2006) Blakely and the States
Guest Editor(s): Douglas A. Berman and Steven L. Chanenson
Volume 3:2 (Spring 2006) The Mind of a Child: The Relationship Between Brain Development, Cognitive Functioning, and Accountability Under the Law
Guest Editor(s): Katherine Hunt Federle
Volume 3:1 (Fall 2005) The Warren Court Criminal Justice Revolution: Reflections a Generation Later
Guest Editor(s): George C. Thomas, III
Volume 2:2 (Spring 2005) Criminal Responsibility
Guest Editor(s): R.A. Duff
Volume 2:1 (Fall 2004) Capital Juries
Guest Editor(s): Douglas A. Berman
Volume 1:2 (Spring 2004) Criminal Law and Policing Corporate Conduct
Guest Editor(s): Douglas A. Berman and Alan C. Michaels
Volume 1:1 (Spring 2003) Reflections on the Criminal Justice System after September 11
Guest Editor(s): Sharon Davies and Joshua Dressler