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About Us

Beyond the Law was founded in 2015 and was created with the goal of formalizing the relationships that annually develop among students with a family unit. For Beyond the Law, family units are broadly defined, including, but not limited to, those students with fiances, partners, spouses, and/or children. Every year a new class of students arrives at the Moritz College of Law, and almost immediately, students with family units find one another. Operating under similar circumstances, these students are able to share with one another about the unique challenges that extend beyond the law school and beyond the practice of law. To formalize these relationships and to better share knowledge across the three class years, Beyond the Law hosts events that are devoted to the unique issues that face students with a family unit.

Beyond the Law does not stop there. We also host programming that is designed to bridge the gap between the Moritz College of Law and the home. We accomplish this by hosting events that include our family units and help them feel that they are a part of our law school journey.

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