Sidebar        Moritz Board Fellows Program enters second year

As the new academic year begins, the second year of the Moritz Board Fellows Program is starting, with 24 students participating. The program is aimed at helping students develop leadership skills to succeed in board member roles as they are often asked to serve the community in these positions as practicing attorneys. Additionally, a goal of the program is to familiarize students with the workings of nonprofit boards so they are inspired to serve throughout their careers as well as to help organizations develop young talent for the future while benefiting from the contributions students can make to the boards’ current work.

Students participate in the program for the academic year and are required to attend regularly scheduled board meetings as well as to volunteer on committees of their choice. They are assigned mentors on the boards who are responsible for their training and supervision, as necessary, and are the liaisons with the Moritz team. Students are matched with a board based on application materials submitted to our office.

If you have a relationship with a nonprofit board and would be interested in helping to connect a Moritz Board Fellow with that organization, please contact one of the following:

Linda Jones
Senior Director of Career Services

Trish Tweel
J.D.Career Advisor

Mary Rose Sullivan
Coordinator, Program on Law and Leadership