Student Lockers

The Dinsmore & Shohl Student Commons was renovated in 2012 and is an area that provides not only a comfortable space for law students to gather, study, and interact, but also houses the student lockers and mailboxes.

Lockers are automatically assigned based on alphabetical order and class year.  Just prior to the start of fall semester, all incoming students will be notified of their locker assignments.

Built-in Locks

All of the lockers have built in locks, so students do not need to provide their own.  For instructions on how to use the built-in locks and for additional locker information, please follow the link below.

Lock Instructions and Information (login required)

Locker Care

Please do not place any stickers, signs, or other adhesive objects outside of or inside the lockers.  At the end of a student’s time at Moritz, his or her locker should be left as it was found, except for wear from basic use. Please also do not hang items from the locker doors, pull on the doors, or slam them shut. This will help ensure that the wooden lockers last for many years to come.