First Day Assignment Spring 2021

Number Title Instructor Name First Day Assignment
6055 Trans Pract-LLM Ali,Karim Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Working with Contracts in anticipation of a class discussion.
6075 Loving v. Virginia Colker,Ruth Please register with Carmen and see the assignments posted there for the course. We will meet for two hours for the first seven weeks of the semester.
6106 Law 2 Berman,Douglas In preparation for our first class on Thursday, January 14, you should:

1. Find our Carmen course and access a copy of the course description and the (tentative) schedule/syllabus.

2. Make sure you have a copy of Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization (ideally the 7th Edition), which is to be our primary text. Read the Introduction and Chapter 1.

3. Reflect on whether and when you think a person’s family obligations should impact on how they are sentenced for a crime.

4. Reflect on your favorite law-related movie and be prepared to discuss your choice in our first class.

6106 Law 2 Kelly,Katherine Claire Silver The first day assignment will be published on Carmen in early January.
6106 Law 2 Lee,Katrina Welcome to LAW 2! Our first-day assignment will be published on the Carmen site by January 7, 2021. I look forward to our first day of class!
6106 Law 2 Galanos, Christopher Read AAP Chapters 1, 2.

Read A Lawyer Writes, Chapter 19, Section I (available via the Lexis Nexis Digital Library: Chapter 19 of A Lawyer Writes is a lengthy chapter. Please note that I am only assigning Section I at this time.

6106 Law 2 Settineri,Colleen The professor will provide the first-day assignment to students by e-mail in early January.
6106 Law 2 Smith,Monte The professor will provide the first-day reading assignment to students by e-mail in early January.
6106 Law 2 Starker,Todd Welcome to LAW 2! Before the first day of class, please go to the Carmen site and review the syllabus.
6106 Law 2 Huefner,Steven Read and prepare the assignment in Module One of the course page in Carmen Canvas.
6112 Property Chow,Daniel For our first class, please read Pierson v Post and the notes on pp. 17-27.

Please make sure you look up the Latin phrases in Pierson.

Also we will be discussing the questions in the notes in detail.

6112 Property Hirsch,Dennis For the first class read, and be prepared to discuss, pp. 19-27 in the Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander, Schill & Strahilevitz case book. Pay particular attention to the notes that follow the case of Pierson v. Post. See if you can answer the questions that the authors raise in the notes.
6112 Property Whaley,Douglas Read pages 3-14 and be prepared to discuss the case of Johnson v. M’Intoch.
6121 Contracts 1 Garvin,Larry
6121 Contracts 1 Rub,Guy The first-day assignment will be posted on the course’s website in late December. Details, including the URL, will be emailed to the students no later than December.
6124 Leg & Reg Huefner,Steven Read the materials and respond to the questions in Module One of the course page in Carmen Canvas.
6124 Leg & Reg Walker,Christopher TBD included in syllabus available on our Carmen course page.
6124 Leg & Reg Zettler,Patricia I’m looking forward to our time together in Legislation and Regulation during the spring semester, and getting to know each of you! Our course website will be on Carmen Canvas. The course website is not yet available to you but it will be before our first day of class. For the first day of class, please read the syllabus that will be posted on Carmen Canvas and pages 2-33 in the casebook. Please also familiarize yourself with the technology that we will be using this semester including Carmen Canvas, Zoom, and TopHat.
6130 Legal Methods Johnson,Creola
6150 Trump and the Law Foley,Edward Andrew Weissmann, Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation, Intro & Chapters 1-2
6175 Law Practice Techn Galanos,Christopher The first-day assignment will be posted on our course in Carmen.
6300 Rschng Client Matr Ziegler, Stephanie  Reading Assignment:

• Philip Segal, The Art of Fact Investigation: Creative Thinking in the Age of Information Overload, 1–39 (2016).

• James H. Wittebols, Empowering Students to Make Sense of an Information-Saturated World, 10 Comm. Info. Literacy 1 (2016), available at

6450 Soc Just & Law Spindelman,Marc Hello! Welcome to 2021, to your second semester of law school, and to Social Justice and the Law! I’m looking forward to meeting you all very soon!
Before our first class, please:(1) Sign up on the TWEN site for the course;(2) Read the readings found in the “Unit 1” materials on TWEN (you’ll find them by clicking on the “Readings” tab); and(3) Write 1-2 pages (double-spaced) on why you came to law school and how you’re presently feeling about the decision. After you do that, please add a few words about your interest in Social Justice and the Law, and how, if at all, it relates to what you might hope or even dream about doing with your law school education. Please send this write-up to me by email ( no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, January 11, 2021.See you soon! And, if you have any questions in the meantime, be in touch.
All the best,
6725 Gender, Race  and Torts Chamallas,Martha Please read the Introduction in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Torts Opinions.

Please sign up for our course TWEN site and check the first-day assignment posted there.

6750 Serial, Season Three: Crmn Law in Action Jordan,Kimberly Happy New Year!
Reminder – this class will not begin meeting until January 22. You will be assigned 2-3 episodes of the podcast per week. You can listen here:, or another platform of your choice. I will have the syllabus and additional readings posted early in the semester.
6800 Gig Workers Roser-Jones,Courtlyn This course does not have a first day assignment
7001 Basics Elder Law Miles, Anne CANCELLED
7002 Legal Analysis Workshop Kelly,Katherine Claire Silver This is an asynchronous course so the first module will be available on Carmen in early January.
7005 Legal Operations Sellars, Amy Recommended (not required): Skim or read Richard Susskind, Tomorrow’s Lawyers (2013)

Article: What is Legal Operations (to be posted on course website)

Review the CLOC Core Competency Reference Model (on the CLOC website)

Article: The Legal Department of the Future (to be posted on course website)

7006 Adv Legal Writing Ralph,Anne I am looking forward to working together this semester in Advanced Legal Writing. I will post the first-day assignment on the course Carmen page no later than Monday, January 4, 2021.
7009 Adv Legal Research MacGuidwin,Emma I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you in Advanced Legal Research: Litigation & ADR! The course website (on CarmenCanvas) is not yet available, but it will be available before the first week of classes. For the first day of class, please do the following:

  • Read Olson, Kirschenfeld, & Mattson, Principles of Legal Research (3d ed. 2020), Chapter 1, § 1.1 (The Forms of Legal Information), e-book available at (You will need to log in with your OSU credentials when accessing this text off campus.)
  • Read Ware, Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution (3d ed. 2016), Chapter 1, §§ 1.1-1.5 (Overview – Definitions of Litigation and ADR), e-book available at
  • Skim through the syllabus that I will email to you and post on Carmen before the first day of class.
7009 Adv Legal Research Cooper,Matthew Read Harvard Law School Library, Legal Research Strategy,

Read Penny A. Hazelton et al., Develop the Habit: Note-Taking in Legal Research,

7106 Lgl Negotiation Lee,Katrina Welcome to Legal Negotiations! By the first day of class, if you have not already, please read Getting to Yes by Fisher, Ury, & Patton. If you have already read it, please be sure to re-review the book to refresh yourself. By January 6, the general instructions and facts for our first simulation of the semester will be posted on Carmen, and confidential instructions and facts will be emailed to each of you. Please check Carmen and your email for instructions and come to class prepared to participate in our first simulation. I look forward to our first day of class and an exciting semester together! Thank you everyone!
7109 Intl Com Arb & Med Deason,Ellen The first day assignment will be e-mailed to all students who are registered for the course at least one week before the first class meeting.
7113 DR in Employment Lawrence/Christian Check syllabus
7116 DR Survey Stulberg,Joseph Week “0”: read pages 1-66
For first class day, March 22: 465-509
7200 Business Assoc Rose,Paul Please read “Introduction to the Firm,” pp. 3-22. The syllabus will be posted on Carmen.
7209 Acct For Lawyers Starker,Todd Welcome! Before the first day of class, please check the Carmen page and read both the syllabus and the short PDF titled “SEC – Beginner’s Guide to Financial Statements.”
7212 Banking Law Anstaett,Elizabeth In REGULATION OF BANK FINANCIAL SERVICE ACTIVITIES, 5th edition, please read the following for the first class:
The Business of Banking, pp. 155-167, 189-195
History of Banking Regulation, pp. 24-26, 36-42, 45-47
7224 Merg & Acquisit Willbrand, David This course does not have a first day assignment
7228 Reg Compliance Garrity-Rokous, Gates Please read “US DOJ Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs,” and “Miller, The Compliance Function: an Overview.” These are the first two items in the Course Materials.
7234 Venture Capital Stencel,Lindsay This course does not have a first day assignment
7306 Sales Garvin,Larry
7312 Debtor & Creditor Johnson,Creola Chapter 1 – Problems 1.1 – 1.12
Note: this assignment includes problems that are NOT in your new TB. Skip the Grupo decision.
7401 Mental Health Law Stinson II,Bob This course does not have a first day assignment
7403 White Collar Crime Squires,Douglas/Kim, Jessica Class 1: Read
7409 Crim Pro Adjudica Michaels,Alan
7603 Family Law Spindelman,Marc Welcome to 2021—and to Family Law!
The required text for the course is the unabridged version of JUDITH AREEN, MARC SPINDELMAN, PHILOMILA TSOUKALA, & SOLANGEL MALDONADO, CASES AND MATERIALS ON FAMILY LAW (Unabridged 7th ed. 2019).Please sign up on the TWEN site for the course.The very first reading for our first class is on the TWEN site, under “course materials”: an edited article by Dean Spade. Please read it and give some thought to what classroom “agreements,” if any, you might like to put on the table for discussion. After you do that, please read CB pp. 1–25.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon!
All the best,
7700 Human Rights Quigley Jr.,John Alston & Goodman, International Human Rights (2013), pp. 90-99
7800 Copyright Law Rub,Guy The first-day assignment (which will be very light) will be posted on the course’s website at least 10 days before the semester starts. Details, including the URL, will be emailed to all students no later than late December
7804 Law of Cyberspace Ford, Jacklyn
  • GRIMMELMANN pp. 11 – 14 [Introduction]
  • City of Ontario v. Quon, 560 U.S. 746 (2010)
7812 Patent Pros Mescher,Richard This course does not have a first day assignment
8000 Trial Practice Judge Marbley,Algenon Reading Lubet, Chapters 1,2,3,4,5, and 9
8000 Trial Practice Judge Watson, Michael Read Chapters 1, 2, & 3 in Modern Trial Advocacy
8008 Appellate Pract Sutton,Jeffrey S
8103 Labor Law Hebert,L Camille Casebook: Harris, Slater, Lofaso, Garden, and Griffin, Modern Labor Law in the Private and Public Sectors, Casees and Materials (Carolina Academic Press 3d ed. 2021).


Jan. 11  Casebook lxvii-lxxi, 3-13, 39-53

Jan. 12  CB 53-63, 69-85

Jan. 13  CB 87-108

Jan. 14  CB 108-127

8106 Employee Benefits Hebert,L Camille Casebook:  Colleen E. Medill, Introduction to Employee Benefits Law: Policy and Practice (West 5th ed. 2018).

Sean M. Anderson, David A. Pratt and Andrew A. Stumpff, Selected Sections: Pension and Employee Benefits Statutes and Regulations (2017 edition).

First week assignment:

Jan.11  Casebook 1-28; ERISA sec. 2

Jan. 12  CB 29-46; ERISA secs. 3, 4

Jan. 13  CB 47-54

8109 Employ Discrim Law Chamallas,Martha Please read pp.1-17 in Chamallas, Principles of Employment Discrimination (Treatise) and pp.56-60 and pp. 263-274 in the Zimmer, Sullivan casebook
8189.01 Crim Defense Clin Merritt/Conway The first day assignment and other materials are all available on Carmen. We look forward to working with you this semester! Debby & Olwyn
8189.02 Civil Law Clinic Cooke,Elizabeth Please read through the syllabus.

Exercise: Think about a time when you faced something difficult, upsetting, challenging, frightening, new, unfamiliar, and/or potentially life altering, and you decided to (or were forced to) seek advice, counsel or help from someone you considered knowledgeable about this issue. All you have to do is give the scenario some thought before class.

In class we will cover the structure and format for the clinic coursework and casework and discuss procedures and expectations. We will walk through key features and documents on Carmen. We will do a short introductory exercise to start to get to know one another.

8189.04 Justice Child Clin Jordan,Kimberly Watch: Overview of Juvenile Delinquency (posted on Carmen)
Watch: Overview of Child Welfare (posted on Carmen)
Watch: Overview of Immigration System (posted on Carmen)
Read: Syllabus
Read: “The Challenges of Defending Juveniles in Delinquency Court,” Tamar Birckhead
8189.05 Legislation Clinic Enns/Rudesill Welcome to the Legislation Clinic! We look forward to seeing you on Monday, January 11, at 4:00. We meet via Zoom. You can access the Zoom link via the “Zoom” tab in the left menu of the OSU Carmen site for the course.
The course webpage on OSU Carmen, divided into four modules, will go live by January 4. The first module is “Processes and Procedures,” and the reading for the first day of class is the “Introduction: Logistics, Confidentiality, and Pedagogy” material found in that first module. Also, please read Chapter 2 of the Legislative Service Commission’s “Guidebook for Ohio Legislators.”
8189.07 Mediation Clinic Froehlich/Cole To be determined
8189.09 EBL Clinic Wilson,Paige/Walton, Darryl Please register with Carmen and see the assignments posted there for the course. The first day assignment will be posted in late December.
8200 Evidence Michaels,Alan Welcome! Before our first meeting:

1. Sign up for the class on TWEN

2. Download the Syllyabus (under Syllabus on TWEN)

3. Signup for Tophat (instructions on the last page of the Syllabus). Join code: 033681

4. Read the first assignment (Introduction to the Rules) (We will cover the second assignment, introduction to the trial, on day 2).

5. Virtual Participants: Zoom invitation and passcode will be emailed to all students.

8200 Evidence Simmons,Ric L Read the Foreword, Study Guide, Chapters 1 & 3 in the textbook.
8203 Civil Procedure 2 Greenbaum,Arthur Please sign-up for the TWEN page for this course. There you will find the syllabus, supplement, and Zoom information for the course.

1 – Introduction to Pleading

Casebook [CB] 10-13 (##3 & 4)

Federal Rule [FR] 1, 2, 3, 7, 8(a), 8(d), 8(e), 10, 11; Forms 7, 11, 12 & 30

Supplementary Material [SM] 1

1 – Notice Pleading:  Claim for Relief

CB 568 (Conley) – 570

FR 8(a), Form 11

SM 2-4

2 – Beyond Notice Pleading:  Additional Common Law & Rule 9 Requirements

FR 9(b)

SM 5

2 – Notice Pleading Revisited

CB 627-32 n.1

SM 6

3-4 – Prayer for Relief

CB 618 nn. 1 & 2, 614-17

FR 8(a)(3), 9(g), 54(c), Form 11

8203 Civil Procedure 2 Young,Mary Beth Please sign up for the course TWEN page.  For the first day, read Chapter 1 of the casebook, Rules 1-3, 7, 64-66, and the Reading “Forms of Action and Equity” posted in Course Materials on the TWEN page.  Zoom information will be provided by email and TWEN in early January.
8212 Pretrial Litigation Ralph, Anne Welcome to Pretrial Litigation! I look forward to working with you this semester. Will post the first-day assignment on our class Carmen page by Monday, January 4.
8300 Fed Antitrust Law Lipscomb-Jackson, Tiffany Introduction to Antitrust Law and Class Structure, Pages 3-18
8309 Environmental Law Carlarne,Cinnamon Assignment 1: What is Environmental Law?

Insights from Ecology and Economics 1-1 to 1-22

8312 Election Law Foley,Edward Please sign up for the course on TWEN.  Our casebook is Foley, Pitts & Douglas, Election Law and Litigation (revised edition under development; posted on TWEN): Baker v. Carr (the political question doctrine), pp 1-13
8318 Law and Presidency Shane,Peter There is a substantial, but not very technical bit of reading our first day. After familiarizing yourself with the syllabus, please:

  •    Peruse pages 1-32 of the Shane, Bruff and Kinkopf text.
  •    Read 32-41 of the Shane, Bruff and Kinkopf text.
  •    Read Articles I-III of the U.S. Constitution, at pp. 1473-1480 of the text, focusing especially on Article II.
  •    Read the Dellinger memo under Class Materials on TWEN.
  •    Read pages 1-20 of Bauer-Goldsmith, After Trump.

This will enable us to, as they say, hit the ground running in terms of a common foundation for the rest of the semester.

8400 Patient Client Car Kolman,Marya This course does not have a first day assignment
8406 Prof Resp Coughlan,Jonathan
8409 Prof Resp: Ext Greenbaum,Arthur Introduction to the course and institutions and legal rules that regulate lawyers: CB 1-16, 65-86 [background only]

Admission to Practice: CB 17-39 & MR 8.1

Professional Discipline: CB 86-109 (background), MR 8.4, 109-130

We will cover the introductory material on Monday and we may get started on Admission to Practice as well.

Also, a TWEN site has been created for this course. Be sure to sign up. You will find the syllabus and Zoom information there.

8600 Real Estate Financ Weiler Sr.,Robert Peruse Textbook and Supplement. Read Supplement Pgs. 275-303
8603 Real Est Devel Geiger/Walent Reading assignment for first class:

  • What is Real Estate Development Law — Chapter 1 of text;
  • The Ten Stages of a Real Estate Development Project – Chapter 2 of text; and
  • The Heathrow International Business Center: A Case Study — Chapter 4 of text.

Introduction to Course/ Introduction to Ten Stages of a Real Estate Development Project (Geiger)

  • Topics to be covered in class:
    • Teacher’s background;
    • Course philosophy and perspective;
    • Course syllabus;
    • “Thinking like a business lawyer.”
    • Business overview;
    • Lawyer’s role in representing a developer;
    • Ten stages of a real estate development project.

Reading assignment for next class:

  • HIBC/CBIS business plan (first document posted behind “Course Documents” tab on CARMEN).
  • What the Real Estate Development Lawyer Needs to Know about Project Economics – Chapter 3 of text.
8707 State Local Gov’t Walker,Christopher Reading will be posted in the syllabus on the Carmen course page
8712 Tax of Bus. Ent. Glogower,Ariel
8803 Law and Religion Ball,David Read pages 1-11 of the Casebook.
8811 FDA Law & Policy Zettler,Patricia Welcome to Food and Drug Law! I’m looking forward to our semester together. Our course website will be on Carmen Canvas. The course website is not yet available to you but it will be before our first day of class. For the first day of class, please read the syllabus that will be posted on Carmen Canvas, pages 3-27 in the required book, and the (short) supplemental reading that will be posed on the Carmen Canvas. If needed, please also familiarize yourself with the technology that we will be using this semester including Carmen Canvas, Zoom, and TopHat.
8821 Nonprofit Organiza Ball, David Read pages 3-39 of the Casebook
8896.02 Sem:Supreme Ct Lit Caldeira,Gregory
8896.19 Sem: Evid & Trial Sargus,Edmund You will be receiving an email from your instructor with the first day assignment
8896.27 Sem: Mideast Confl Quigley Jr.,John Middle East Conflict (duplicated materials), pp. 1 to 42
8896.36 Sem: Pub Utilities Conway,Daniel This course does not have a first day assignment
8896.40 Sem: Hot Money Oesterle,Dale Check the course syllabus in TWEN
8896.44 Sem: Education Law Wilson,Charles Think about and be prepared to discuss the following questions:
1. What is the fundamental purpose of education?
2. What should our educational goals be?
3. What are the key attributes of a good school?
4. Does American education law facilitate or hinder the development of good schools?
5. Does it matter whether K-12 education is privatized or we retain a public education system that currently educates more than 50 million public school children?Please read the following article that will be posted on TWEN: “Why Schools Alone Can’t Close Achievement Gaps”
8896.45 Sem: Business Law Lee,Katrina The first-day assignment will be posted on the Carmen course site by January 6, 2021.
8896.46 Sem: Soc Movements Akbar,Amna
8896.56 Sem: State Con Law Sutton,Jeffrey Introduction; Principles of Federalism

Reading: Introduction to casebook; Chapter 2 (pp. 8–32, 35–72); 51 Imperfect Solutions (pp. 7–21).

*Raich (pp. 8–20)

*NFIB (pp. 21–25)

Boerne (pp. 26–32)

Lopez (pp. 35–38)

*Printz (pp. 39–44)

Alden (pp. 44–51)

*Franchise Tax Board (pp. 52–57)

U.S. Term Limits (pp. 58–63)

*Gregory (pp. 63–68)

Coyle (pp. 68–72)

8896.64 Disability Access Colker,Ruth Please register for this course on Carmen. The syllabus and first day assignment is listed there.
8896.67 SEM: Serv & Secrec Rudesill,Dakota Welcome to Secrecy & Surveillance! There is no textbook. There will be readings posted on Carmen starting week 1 and links to read on the syllabus.

To start getting comfortable with secrecy and surveillance issues, I have a fun assignment for you before class.

Do some thinking about and come read to discuss the following hypo. Tomorrow, credible news stories report that for the last three years the National Security Agency (NSA) has been running secretly-emplaced software on cell towers on both sides of the US-Mexico border. This software has allowed the interception by NSA of all wireless communications (cell phone calls, texts, and internet data flows to phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices) in a band roughly extending 20 miles into Mexico and one mile into the United States. The program is classified Top Secret, with the code-name SANDSTONE. It has not before been revealed to the public. A US government official who requested anonymity is quoted saying that the program is necessary to identify and monitor Mexican drug smugglers, human traffickers, and foreign terrorists operating in the border region. For our first class session, and without doing any research, (a) see if you can identify reasons why you think secrecy was appropriate here, and why it is potentially problematic, and (b) think about reasons the program might be legal, and why it might be legally problematic based on what you already know of US law. We will dive deeply into secrecy and surveillance this term, and talking through this hypo will get us going.

Stay safe, do your part to keep others safe, and see you in January!
Prof. Rudesill

8896.71 Sem:Drug Law&Rghts Siff, Sarah Before the first day of class, please read the syllabus and jot down any questions you’d like to ask. In particular, look over the reading list and think about which weeks’ topics appeal to you most. Finally, please be prepared to introduce yourself to me and your classmates during our first session. I look forward to meeting you then!
8950 Prof Prac Skills-Resolving Community Civil Rights Disputes Monroe,Becky Please read the following materials before class.

(The packet with all of these excerpts will be in the class packet available online.)

  • Warfield, “What We Need to Know: Factors of Race, Culture, and Ethnicity in Dispute Resolution”, From Conflict Resolution to Social Justice pp 107-122.
  • Warfield, “Is Maintaining Peace Always Right.” From Conflict Resolution to Social Justice pp 3-12.
  • Rogers, Lum and Froehlich, “Planning in Advance of Civil Unrest” in ABA Dispute Resolution Magazine Summer 2016 pp 11-17.
  • Nancy H. Rogers, When Conflicts Polarize Communities: Designing Localized Offices That Intervene Collaboratively, 30 OHIO ST. J. ON DISPUTE RESOL. (2015), pp 8-16.

 Brief Videos:
Interests vs Positions
Harvard Principles of Negotiation:

8950 Prof Prac Skills-Stockholder Litigation Duffy, Marjorie To be provided
8950 Prof Prac Skills-Business & Human Rights for Business Lawyers Shemberg, Andrea Read:
1. International Human Rights Law, Daniel Moeckli, et al.:
Chapter 1 History, Ed Bates
Chapter 2 Justifications, Samantha Besson
Chapter 4: Sources, Christine Chinkin

2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

8953 Prof Practice Caps-Adv. Communication Skills for Lawyers Failor,Scott Pre-reads for class #1 will be posted in Carmen in advance of the first class
8964 Lawyers as Leaders Stewart,Carter First set of readings attached, except for Democracy in America, which I will send separately: