Exam Information


Autumn 2020 Exam Schedule

We have gathered information regarding Autumn 2020 exams and have prepared a schedule which you can review here at the Autumn 2020 Exams sway. We recommend bookmarking or saving this link; it will be updated as new information becomes available.


Post-Exam: Information regarding the grading curve, if applicable, will come from your professor. The Registrar’s office will not give out that information. You must obtain permission from your professor if you would like to view your exam after the final exam period.

Honor Code: With each in-class and take-home exam, you will be asked to sign the honor pledge using your final exam number. By signing the honor pledge (if you may honestly do so),  you agree to “have not been guilty of cheating or assisting others to cheat” or “observed any cheating” during the course of the exam. If you wish to view the Moritz College of Law Honor Code, please click here.


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