Classes Beyond Moritz


Taking Non-Law Courses at Ohio State

Students can earn up to five semester hours by taking classes outside of the law school. This can include a variety of courses within the university, but requires approval before registration. Students need to find a full-time law faculty member who is willing to sponsor the non-law course. Complete the form below, obtain faculty signature, and turn the form into the registrar’s office for final approval. Once final approval is received, the registrar will add the course to your schedule.

See faculty rule 94.6(B) Credit, Non-curricular Courses.

Outside Course Approval form can be found here.

Taking Courses at Capital University Law School

Students can earn up to five semester hours at Capital University Law School.  Courses can be taken at Capital University as long as:

  1. Moritz does not offer the course during the academic year.
  2. There are seats available in the course.

Capital University courses are not represented in your final GPA, only the number of credit hours earned. Capital University course schedules can be found by clicking here.

Capital University does not register for an entire academic year. You will only see the available courses for the upcoming semester.

If interested in pursuing courses at Capital University, please contact the records and registration office by clicking here.