First Day Assignment Fall 2020


Number Description Topic Instructor Name First Day Assignment
6000 Taxes and Justice Glogower,Ariel
6050 US Legal Systems TBD
6060 Anly Client Files Geigel, Henrique This course does not have a first day assignment.
6100 Cryptotransactions Oesterle,Dale A.
6101 LLM Anly Res & Wrt Bong,Katrina June Lee Welcome to LL.M. Legal Writing! The first-day assignment will be posted on the Carmen course site by August 19, 2020. It will take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Thank you! I am excited about our semester together!
6103 Law 1 Azyndar,Susan Elizabeth
6103 Law 1 Galanos,Christopher D
6103 Law 1 Kelly,Katherine Claire Silver I will post the first class assignment in early August and will contact students directly with this information.
6103 Law 1 MacGuidwin,Emma H
6103 Law 1 Ralph,Anne Elizabeth
6103 Law 1 Sampson,Sara Ann
6103 Law 1 Smith,Monte Glen
6103 Law 1 Smith,Monte Glen
6103 Law 1 Ziegler,Stephanie Anne
6103 Law 1 Cooper,Matthew Stephen
6103 Law 1 Enns,Terri Lynn
6109 Torts Carlarne,Cinnamon Pinon
6109 Torts Chamallas,Martha Elisabeth
6109 Torts Cole,Sarah Rudolph Please look for a first day assignment from me later in the summer. I have not yet received the 14th edition of the casebook, so cannot be sure of the assignment. The likely assignment is: Read pp. 1-19; 39-42; 31-39 (development of liability; assault; battery)
6109 Torts Northern,Kathy Nadine
6109 Torts Zettler,Patricia J
6115 Civil Procedure 1 Chow,Daniel Chee King
6115 Civil Procedure 1 Davies,Lincoln L
6115 Civil Procedure 1 Greenbaum,Arthur Franklin To be added at a later time
6118 Constitutional Law Colker,Ruth No first day assignment
6118 Constitutional Law Strasser, Mark Read Constitution xxxix-lv; Intro 1-2; Marbury, 2-8 notes 8-9; Martin, 10; Cohen, 10-11; Justiciability Limits 39-41; Opinion of the Justices 41; Standing 44-45; Allen, 45-52
6118 Constitutional Law Shane,Peter M. For the first day, please read the U.S. Constitution and attempt to answer, from that document alone, the questions I have posted on our class TWEN site as “First Day Discussion Questions.” A copy of the Constitution appears at pages xxxix-lv of the Chemerinsky text. Please also read with some care the syllabus I have posted for us, also on the TWEN site.
6127 Criminal Law Hill, Sean
6127 Criminal Law Hill, Sean
6127 Criminal Law Dressler,Joshua Welcome to Moritz! I look forward to getting to know you.

1. At Orientation, you will receive a “Westlaw” password. Please use it to go online to <> to register on The West Educational Network (TWEN) for our Criminal Law class. (You will see it there.) TWEN registration is an important required part of the class. Its importance will be explained at our first class. Also, on the “Dressler, Criminal Law” TWEN forum you will find a copy of the Syllabus for the entire semester.

2. For the first class, please read pages 1-8 in the assigned Dressler & Garvey casebook.

3. Once you are registered for the class on TWEN, please read the message on TWEN, in “Dressler’s Musings” (and respond accordingly), and also read the “Class 1” message on TWEN, in “Important Announcements”. Thanks!

6127 Criminal Law Simmons,Ric Lee
6200 Counsel Start-Ups Parasidis,Efthimios
6325 Professional Essen Cooke,Elizabeth Ilgen
6425 Crimn Law Practice Simmons,Ric Lee
6475 Contract Diligence Starker,Todd Anthony Hi, and welcome to Moritz and Contractual Due Diligence! Before the first class, please read Chapter 1 of the Working with Contracts book.
6550 Lawyers Eff Commun Conway,Olwyn C
6625 Advertising Law Johnson,Creola
6825 Law&Political Econ Parasidis,Efthimios
7000 Land Use Reg Law Oast Jr.,Robert W Will be furnished when I receive the new edition of the Mandelker text (due out June 2020)
7003 Appellate Advocacy Settineri,Colleen Mary
7003 Appellate Advocacy Settineri,Colleen Mary
7106 Lgl Negotiation Wheeler,Terrence Todd
7114 Franchise Agrmnts Limbert,George Brown Thank you for enrolling in Franchise Agreements for the fall semester, I look forward to working with you.

Below, please find links to various news articles regarding franchise law, the franchisor-franchisee relationship and some of the issues that can arise in franchise law. These articles are meant to provide an introduction to the area of franchise law and why it is important in today’s business world. Please review the articles and come to class ready to discuss some of your takeaways as well as any previous experience you may have in the area of franchise law.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself ( or my Teaching Assistant, Dan Sabol (, if you have any issues accessing the articles or need anything before the start of classes.—its-not-their-food/ar-AAD7Ato?ocid=spartanntp

7124 Intl Disp Resol Quigley Jr.,John Bernard Read pages 1 to 13 in International Dispute Resolution
7126 Digital DSD Froehlich,William Edward
7127 Design Dispute Sys Geyer, Catherine Setting the Stage
Chapters 1 and 2, pp. 3-46 (pay particular attention to the stories introduced, as we will refer to those throughout the semester).Review the Ohio Department of Health’s COVID-19 Commission on Dispute Resolution’s Advisory Opinions web page located at Read 1 Advisory Opinion of your choosing for Essential Businesses and 1 Advisory Opinion of your choosing for Non-essential Businesses.
7192 Pub/Gov Externship Watkins,Elizabeth McKinley
7200 Business Assoc Oesterle,Dale A.
7210 Bus Bankruptcy Hoffman,John E
7214 Contracts 2 Garvin,Larry Todd
7215 Securities Rose,Gary Paul
7222 Litigation Finance Hagale, Chris Jonathan T. Molot, A Market in Litigation Risk, 76 U. Chi. L. Rev. 367 (2009)
7228 Reg Compliance Garrity-Rokous,Edward Gates
7230 Intl Bus Trans Chow,Daniel Chee King
7280 Cannabiz Bodamer,Benton Brooks
7309 Secured Transactio Johnson,Creola
7310 Trans Practice Starker,Todd Anthony Please read Working with Contracts, Chapters 1 & 2, before the first class.
7406 Crim Pro Investiga Dressler,Joshua 1. Please register for our class on The West Educational Network (TWEN). It is a required part of the class. TWEN will be *actively* used in the class.
2. On TWEN, in our class, you will find a syllabus for the semester in the “Other Handouts” section.
3. On TWEN, as well, you will find a link to “Fourth Amendment Checklist”. You should print it out. It will be of use for the first seven weeks (or so) of class.
4. The reading assignment for class 1: Pages 1-4 of the assigned casebook. These pages consist of the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. As this is a course in constitutional law (criminal procedure style!), it seems like a suitable start. There is no other reading for our first class.
5. Be well. “See” you at our first class, one way or another!
7600 Children & the Law Federle,Katherine Hunt Please read pp. 3-34 in the casebook and be prepared to discuss.
7602 Fam Div Mediation Kolman,Marya C
7803 Trademark Wilson,Reid Martin Please read pages 3-18 in the text and §§1, 2, 3, 32, 43, 45 in the Lanham Act
7815 Intro to IP Choi,Bryan
8000 Trial Practice Sargus,Edmund Albert I will email it to the students
8000 Trial Practice Sargus,Jennifer L
8002 Depositions Vascura,Chelsey Marie
8100 Employment Law Roser-Jones,Courtlyn Gladys
8189.02 Civil Law Clinic Cooke,Elizabeth Ilgen
8189.03 Crim Pro Clinic Conway, Olwyn/Merritt,Deborah J Please sign into Carmen for this course and prepare the material assigned there for the first day.
8189.04 Justice Child Clin Jordan,Kimberly Payne
8189.05 Legislation Clinic Enns,Terri Lynn/Huefner, Steven
8189.07 Mediation Clinic Cole,Sarah Rudolph/Froehlich, William
8189.09 EBL Clinic Wilson,Paige L/Walton, Evan
8189.20 Judicial Extern Watkins,Elizabeth McKinley
8200 Evidence Michaels,Alan Charles Welcome to Evidence! I’m very much looking forward to teaching you this class. I will have a first day assignment, and I will convey it to you well in advance of the first day, but I don’t have it yet.
8211 Sentencing Law Berman,Douglas Aaron In preparation for our first week of classes you should:

  1. Get a copy of the FOURTH edition of the casebook for the course, along with the course description/syllabus.
  2. Access the pre-class questionnaire and fill it out before our first class. In addition to being posted on the class blog — — the pre-class questionnaire and course description/syllabus are available on Carmen.
  3. Find/research on your own a real sentencing issue, case or story that is of significant interest to you, and come to our first week of classes prepared to explain this issue, case or story and why it is of significant interest
8212 Pretrial Litigatn Ralph,Anne Elizabeth
8218 Products Liability Northern,Kathy Nadine
8303 Immigration Law Bittner,Amy Elizabeth
8306 Administrative Law Shane,Peter M. As you will see from the syllabus available from the TWEN website, our course will involve both live and asynchronous sessions. The first “class” will actually be asynchronous. The reading for it is Chapter 1 of the Mashaw-Merrill-Shane, et al. casebook, pp. 1-40. I will post the video for that class the week prior to the start of the semester. Our first synchronous meeting will then be the second day of class for the fall semester. For that class, please read pp. 41-47 and 67-86 of the text.
8311 Climate Change Carlarne,Cinnamon Pinon
8409 Prof Resp: Ext Ball,David T. Read pages 1-16 of the Casebook
8609 Commercial Leasing Walent,Bradley J Read Introduction, Chapter 1 (Letter of Intent) and Chapter 2 (Premises).
8700 Fed Income Taxatn Glogower,Ariel The first day assignment will be distributed no later than 2 weeks in advance of our first class session
8706 State & Local Tax Hubbard,Barton Austin Read first chapter of Hellerstein State and Local Taxation textbook prior to class
8709 Wills Trusts Estat Segelken,Edward M
8806 Adv Constitutional Spindelman,Marc S.
8808 Hlth Care Agrmnts Grauer,David Wayne This course does not have a first day assignment.
8809 Health Law Parasidis,Efthimios
8813 E-Discovery Law Hern,Robert Matthew
8818 Sports Law McCarthy, Patrick
8896.08 Sem: Law,Hist,Phil Fink,Howard P
8896.11 Res Seminar In Law Sentencing Law & Policy Marbley,Algenon L. This course does not have a first day assignment.
8896.47 Sem: War Crimes Fernandez-Alvarez,Laura Please read Week 1 assigned readings, as indicated on the course’s syllabus. Readings will be available on the course’s Carmen page.
8896.52 Sem: US Sup Ct Dec Sutton,Jeffrey Stuart Stevens, The Bill of Rights:  A Century of Progress, 59 U. Chi. L. Rev. 13 (1992)

Scalia, A Matter of Interpretation, 3-14, 37-63

8896.54 Sem: Critic Theory Spindelman,Marc S.
8896.69 Sem:Ethnic Conflict Quigley Jr.,John Bernard Choose a conflict (contemporary or not) from anywhere in the world between two groups that is commonly regarded as being ethnic in character. Come to class prepared to describe (briefly) that conflict and to say why you think the two groups are (or were) at odds.
8950 Prof Prac Skills Intro Int’l Merger & Acq Simpson, Scott
8950 Prof Prac Skills Influences on Corporate Govern Placenti,Frank Michael
8950 Prof Prac Skills Int’l Petroleum Agreements Nadorff,Norman Jacob Read §§1-20 and 31-40 and peruse Appendix B (4) “Model Contract” of Legal Writing in Plain English (Bryan A. Garner) Second Edition (2013)
8950 Prof Prac Skills Corporate Governance Law Sandman,Dan David
8950 Prof Prac Skills Mediation of Commercial Dispute Sandman,Dan David/Ray, Frank This course does not have a first day assignment.
8953 Prof Practice Caps The China Connection Miller,Robert Judd Read the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act