Wireless Internet Access at Ohio State

All of Drinko Hall, including the Moritz Law Library, is covered by the OSU wireless network (osuwireless). To use the OSU wireless network, you will need to have your osu name.# and password..  For more information, visit

Computer Brands/Types

Moritz does not require students to use any specific type of personal computer.

Laptop Computer Use in the Classroom

Students’ use of laptop computers in Moritz classrooms or on law exams remains under the discretion of each professor. Please note that some professors allow the use of computers, others do not.

Moritz College of Law Computer Lab

Moritz maintains a computer lab for the exclusive use of its students. The lab is in the Moritz Law Library and is equipped with 25 computers. The lab also has two high-capacity laser printers to which the computers are networked. Printing costs are $0.06 a page and the printers operate on a card swipe system, using your Buck-ID card and debiting your Buck-ID account. Printing from Westlaw and Lexis is free as long as you send the print jobs to the designated Lexis and Westlaw printers.

Other Internet Access

Students who live in the South Campus Gateway Apartments have Internet access in their apartment. Students who live in an OSU dorm have access to the Internet through ResNet. For other Internet options, visit

OSU Software/Hardware Discounts

The OSU Bookstores and the Office of Information Technology offer a wide variety of site-licensed or educational discounted software. You can, for example, purchase popular Microsoft desktop software at significantly discounted prices. OSU provides all OSU students with a free download of McAfee’s Enterprise anti-virus software and other products. Ohio State students can also purchase computers from several vendors at a discount. You can find more information at