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Book List

The following books have been submitted by professors. Please check back if your course books are not listed as faculty members are continuosly updating this list.

Spring 2013 Semester Courses and Books

6106 - Law 2 (Kelly)

  • Shapo, Walter, & Fajans: Writing & Analysis in the Law (same book you used in LAWI)
    ISBN: 978-1-59941-424-9
  • The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 19th Ed.
    ISBN: 9780615361161
  • These books are recommend and are available on reserve in the Library: Bryan A. Garner, The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style Antonin Scalia & Bryan A. Garner, Making Your Case: The Art of Pursuading Judges

6106 - Law 2 (Sherowski)

  • Richard K. Neumann, Jr. & Sheila Simon, Legal Writing (2d ed. 2011)
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-9994-9
  • The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010)
    ISBN: 978-0-615-36116-1
  • Additional materials will be provided on the class TWEN paqe

6106 - Law 2 (Ralph)

  • Louis J. Sirico, Jr. & Nancy L. Schultz, Persuasive Legal Writing (3d ed. 2011).
    ISBN: ISBN 9780735507463.
  • The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Columbia Law Review Ass’n et al. eds., 19th ed. 2010).
    ISBN: ISBN 9780615361161.
  • I plan to assign brief readings from the following three books: 1) Kamela Bridges & Wayne Schiess, Writing for Litigation (2011). ISBN 9781454802730. 2) James A. Gardner, Legal Argument: The Structure and Language of Effective Advocacy (2d ed. 2007). ISBN 9781422418208. 3) Antonin Scalia & Brian A. Garner, Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges (2008). ISBN 9780314184719. Copies of these books will be on reserve in the library; you may decide that you want to purchase these books for yourself. We will follow the style rules set forth in The Redbook, so you may wish to have your own copy: Bryan A. Garner, The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style (2d ed. 2006). ISBN 9780314168917. The Redbook will be available on reserve in the library.

6106 - Law 2 (Lee)

  • Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing and Analysis (Aspen, 3rd Ed. 2011)
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-9850-8
  • The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (19th Ed. 2010)
    ISBN: 9780615361161
  • Please note that these are the same books that you were assigned in your LAW I class with Professor Cooper.

6106 - Law 2 (Lee)

  • Edwards, Linda, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization (Aspen, 5th Ed., 2010)
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-8514-0
  • The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (19th Ed. 2010)
    ISBN: 9780615361161
  • Please note that these are the same books you were assigned in LAW 1 with Professor Berman.

6106 - Law 2 (Starker)

  • Ross Guberman, Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates (2011)
    ISBN: 978-0195394870
  • The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010)
    ISBN: 978-0-615-36116-1
  • In addition, please retain your LAW I textbook, Linda Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization (5th ed 2010).

6106 - Law 2 (Starker)

  • Ross Guberman, Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates (2011)
    ISBN: 978-0-195-39487-0
  • The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010)
    ISBN: 978-0-615-36116-1
  • In addition, please retain your LAW I textbook, Linda Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization (5th ed 2010).

6106 - Law 2 (Cole)

  • Legal Writing Process, Analysis, and Organization
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-8514-0

6106 - Law 2 (Smith)

  • Bluebook

6106 - Law 2 (Beazley)

  • No new textbook is required. You may consult whatever textbook and citation guide you used during the fall. I will be distributing course handouts throughout the semester.

6112 - Property (Cohen)

  • Joseph William Singer, Property Law: Rules, Policies, and Practices (Aspen publishers, Fifth Edition 2010)

6112 - Property (Johnson)

  • Dukeminier, Krier, et.al. Property (Aspen, 7th ed. 2011)
    ISBN: 1454815264
  • This is the looseleaf version of the casebook, and you may want to buy a 3-ring binder for it.

6112 - Property (Chow)

  • Property, Dukeminier et al ,7th Edition, Aspen
    ISBN: 9780735588998

6118 - Constitutional Law (Shane)

  • Stone, Seidman, et al., Constitutional Law (6th ed. 2009)
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-7719-0
  • 2012 Supplement to Stone, Seidman, et al., Constitutional Law (2012)
    ISBN: 978-1-4548-1086-5

6118 - Constitutional Law (Spindelman)

  • Constitutional Law: Cases Comments & Questions 11th Ed. by Choper Fallon Kamisar & Shifrin
    ISBN: 9780314904683
  • Constitutional Law: Cases Comments & Questions 11th Ed., 2012 Supplement
    ISBN: 9780314281197

6118 - Constitutional Law (Foley)

  • Chemerinsky, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (SMARTBOOK edition)
    ISBN: 9781454815310

6121 - Contracts 1 (Davidoff)

  • Cases and Materials on Contracts: Making and Doing Deals, 3d (American Casebooks 3d Edition), David Epstein et al.
    ISBN: 978-0314272386
  • Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks and Garvin's Selections for Contracts: Uniform Commercial Code, Restatement Second, 2012 By E. Allan Farnsworth, Carol Sanger, Neil B. Cohen, Richard R.W. Brooks, Larry T. Garvin
    ISBN: 9781609300791

6121 - Contracts 1 (Hoffer)

  • Studies in Contract Law, Ayres & Klas
    ISBN: 13: 9781609301170
  • Contract Law: Selected Sources, Burton & Eisenberg
    ISBN: 13: 9780314280756

6121 - Contracts 1 (Rub)

  • The Modern Law of Contracts, 3d, by Bruce Frier and James J. While
    ISBN: 978-0314265463
  • Selections for Contracts 2011 Edition: Uniform Commercial Code, Restatement 2nd , by Fransworth
    ISBN: 978-1609300791

6124 - Legislation (Walker)

  • John F. Manning & Matthew C. Stephenson, Legislation and Regulation (Foundation Press 2010)
    ISBN: 978-1-59941-726-4
  • Please register for the course on TWEN, where you can download the syllabus.

6124 - Legislation (Huefner)

  • •Eskridge, Frickey, & Garrett, Cases and Materials on Legislation (4th ed. 2007)
    ISBN: ISBN: 9780314172563
  • •Eskridge, Garrett, & Brudney, 2012 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Legislation
    ISBN: ISBN-13: 9780314280985
  • •Eskridge & Brudney, Documents Supplement to Cases and Materials on Legislation (2011)
    ISBN: ISBN: 9780314208163

6124 - Legislation (Tokaji)

  • Eskridge, Frickey & Garrett, Cases and Materials on Legislation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy (4th ed. 2007)
    ISBN: 9780314172563
  • Eskridge, Frickey, Garrett & Brudney, 2012 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Legislation
    ISBN: 9780314280985
  • Eskridge & Brudney, Document Supplement to Cases and Materials on Legislation (2011)
    ISBN: 9780314208163

7006 - Advanced Legal Writing (Beazley)

  • Mary Barnard Ray & Barbara J. Cox, Beyond the Basics: A Text for Advanced Legal Writing, (3d ed. 2012)
    ISBN: Read chapters 1 & 3 in Be
  • Joseph M. Williams & Gregory G. Colomb, Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace (10th ed. 2010)
    ISBN: 0205747469

7009 - Advanced Legal Research: Ohio (Hall)

  • There will be no required textbook for this course.

7106 - Legal Negotiations and Settlements (Stulberg)

  • Getting to Yes (3d ed)
    ISBN: 978-0-14-311875-6
  • Negotiation an Settlement Advocacy (2d ed)
    ISBN: 0-314-14728-4
  • Beyond Winning
    ISBN: 0-674-01231-3

7109 - Intl Business Arbitration (Deason)

  • Margaret L. Moses, The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration (Cambridge University Press, 2d edition, 2012) (paperback)
    ISBN: 978-1-107-40133-4
  • Documents Supplement to Tibor Varady & John J. Barcelo III, INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION: A TRANSNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE (West 5th Edition 2012) (paperback)
    ISBN: 978-0-314-28126-5
  • There will also be a supplement of cases and readings for purchase at the College Copy Center.

7124 - Intl Dispute Resolution (Cohen)

  • Please also purchase the course supplement from the copy center.

7127 - Dispute System Design Workshop (Rogers)

  • Please pick up in the copy center the manuscript for the book, Rogers, Bordone, McEwen, and Sander, Designing Process and Systems for Managing Disputes. The book is scheduled for publication by Wolters Kluwer in February 2013, and we are using the page proofs.

7200 - Business Associations (Verdun)

  • Business Organizations, Cases Problems and Case Studies, Smith and Williams
    ISBN: 978-1-4548-0268-6
  • Business Associations, 2012 Statutes and Rules, Klein, Ramseyer and Bainbridge
    ISBN: 978-1-60930-148-4

7212 - Banking Law (Anstaett)

  • Broome and Markham, Bank Financial Service Activities:cases and materials, 4th edition, American Case Book Series, West Law School
    ISBN: ISBN: 9780314266088

7218 - Small Business Finance (Garvin)

  • The text will consist of photocopied materials to be made available at the Copy Center.

7221 - Corporate Finance (Rose)

  • Markham, Gabilondo & Hazen, Corporate Finance, 3rd ed.
    ISBN: 978-0-314-26510-4

7224 - Mergers & Acquisitions (Oesterle)

  • casebook The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions (4th ed) by Oesterle
    ISBN: 978-0-314-18488-7

7306 - Sales (Garvin)

  • Linda J. Rusch & Stephen L. Sepinuck, Sales & Leases: A Problem-Solving Approach (West 2009)
    ISBN: 978-0-314-19203-5
  • Commercial & Debtor-Creditor Law (Foundation 2012)
    ISBN: 978-1-609-30125-5
  • There will be periodic photocopied supplements. The 2011 edition of Commercial & Debtor-Creditor Law is for our purposes essentially identical to the 2012 version, so either is fine.

7309 - Secured Transactions (Johnson)

    ISBN: 9781454813590

7321 - Consumer Law (Johnson)

  • Pending book “Consumer Law in the 21st Century”, Professor Katherine Porter
  • We are using a pending text book written by Professor Katie Porter. Her profile is at http://www.law.uci.edu/faculty/page1_k_porter.html She is a well-respected scholar and a rock star in bankruptcy and consumer law. Because the book is not in print yet, I will have the Copy Center bind the first 8 chapters. They should be available by Jan. 3rd in the Copy Center

7403 - White Collar Crime (Squires)

  • Israel, Jerold H., et.al., White Collar Crime: Law and Practice (3d.Ed. West 2009).

7409 - Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Michaels)

  • Criminal Procedure, Prosecuting Crime 5th edition. Joshua Dressler and George C. Thomas III West
    ISBN: 978-0-314-27950-7
  • Criminal Procedure, Principles, Policies and Perspectives, 5th ed. West
    ISBN: 978-0-314-27948-4
  • You should purchase ONLY ONE of the first two books listed above. The first one listed is the cheaper, lighter, softback that covers only this course, Criminal Procedure: Adjudication. The second book (with identical page numbers for our purposes) covers this class AND Criminal Procedure: Investigation and is used by many of our Criminal Procedure instructors for that class. Thus, if you are taking both classes, the second book will probably be your choice. (Note: In both cases you need the Fifth Edition, which is new).

7509 - Spec Ed Advocacy (Colker)

  • Colker & Waterstone, Special Education Advocacy, LexisNexis, 1st edition (2011)
    ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-4224-7958-2
  • The syllabus for the course is posted on TWEN along with the assignment for the first class. There are required written assignments for nearly every class so it is important for students to download the syllabus in advance of the first class. The assignment must be emailed to Professor Colker in advance of the first class. The assignment is cut and pasted below and also found in the Syllabus.

7610 - Sex, Sexuality, & the Law (Colker)

  • Sexuality, Gender, and the Law
    ISBN: 9781599414126

7700 - Human Rights (Quigley)

  • Alston & Goodman, International Human Rights
    ISBN: 978-0-19-957872-6

7800 - Copyright Law (Rub)

  • Copyright in A Global Information Economy by Cohen, Loren, Okediji, and O'rourke, 3rd Edition
    ISBN: 978-0735591967
  • Copyright in A Global Information Economy by Cohen, Loren, Okediji, and O'rourke, 3rd Edition (Looseleaf Version)
    ISBN: 978-1454830498
  • Copyright Global Information Economy 2012 Case & Statutory Supplement
    ISBN: 978-1454811039
  • Important note: The second book is the looseleaf version of the first book (and, as far as I know, also includes an electronic version). Of course you only need EITHER the first or second book and not both. Please also have the statutory supplement (the third item). I'm looking forward to this course.

7809 - Patent Law (Rogers)

  • Patent Law And Policy: Cases And Material (Fifth Edition): Merges and Duffy
    ISBN: 978-1-4224-8030-4
  • Each students should choose between the two forms in which the text is published: (1) hard cover and (2) looseleaf in a notebook. The looseleaf form is less expensive. A paper supplement (not discussed on the first day of class) covering two important cases decided in 2012 and some of the America Invents Act will be available at the copy center.

7816 - Investment Management Law (Rose)

  • Frankel, Investment Management Regulation, 4th ed.
    ISBN: 978-1-888215-14-4

8000 - Trial Practice (King)

  • Federal Rules of Evidence, 2011 Edition
    ISBN: 9781601561787
  • NITA: Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice (4th Ed.)
  • NITA: Problems in Trial Advocacy (2011 Ed.) NITA Civil Case File: Dixon v. Providential Life Insurance Company

8000 - Trial Practice (Anderson/Herlihy)

  • Modern Trial Advocacy: Law School Edition, 3rd Edition, by Lubet
    ISBN: 9781601561411
  • Jerry’s Wiring, Inc. v. Smith Construction Co., 2nd Edition, by Bocchino
    ISBN: 1556819633
  • See below
  • Book 3: Problems and Materials in Evidence and Trial Advocacy, 5th Edition, by Burns, Lubet & Seckinger. This is a two-volume set, sold only by NITA, at nita.org. Cases Volume I ISBN 9781422491976 Problems Volume II ISBN 9781422491690

8000 - Trial Practice (Marbley)

  • Lubet, Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice -Law School Edition (Fourth Ed.)
    ISBN: 978-1-60156-127-5
  • Problems in Trial Advocacy 2011 Edition
    ISBN: 978-1-60156-160-2
  • BMI v. Minicom Casefile (9th Ed.)
    ISBN: 978-1-60156-090-2
  • Federal Rules of Evidence w/objections (NITA Eighth Edition 2008)
    ISBN: 978-1-60156-078-8

8100 - Employment Law (Hébert)

  • Glynn, Arnow-Richman, Sullivan, Employment Law: Private Ordering and Its Limitations (2d ed. 2011).
    ISBN: ISBN 978-0-7355-9791-4
  • Duplicated materials

8103 - Labor Law (Wilson)

  • Henderson, Labor Law: Cases and Comments, 2nd Edition (Foundation Press 2005)
    ISBN: 1-58778-745-8
  • Henderson, Statutory Supplement: Labor Law Cases and Comments (Foundation Press 2005)
    ISBN: 1-58778-929-9

8106 - Employee Benefits (Hébert)

  • Medill, Introduction to Employee Benefits Law: Policy and Practice (3d ed. 2011).
    ISBN: 978-0-314-92701-9
  • David Pratt, Pension and Employee Benefit Statutes and Regulations, Selected Sections (Foundation Press 2013).
    ISBN: 1609301609
  • Duplicated materials

8109 - Employment Discrimination Law (Chamallas)

  • avery, ontiveros, corrada, selmi & hart, employment discrimination law, eighth edition
    ISBN: 978-0-314-19094-9
  • statutory supplement to avery, ontiveros, corrada, selmi & hart (8th ed.)
    ISBN: 978-0-314-26731-3
  • A small packet of duplicated materials will be available after the first week of class.

8189.01 - Criminal Defense Clinic (Merritt/Krivoshey)

  • All materials for this clinic will be available through the Moritz Copy Center.

8189.02 - Civil Law Clinic (Cooke/Akbar)

  • Trial Techniques, 8th Edition, Thomas Mauet
    ISBN: 9780735594418
  • Pre-Trial, 8th Edition, Thomas Mauet
    ISBN: 9781454803034

8189.05 - Legislation Clinic (Enns/Huefner)

  • Most of the course materials are either in the course binder (available from the Moritz bookstore), or on the course TWEN site. Please purchase the binder from the bookstore before the semester begins.

8189.06 - Multiparty Mediation Clinic (Stulberg/Archerd)

  • The Middle Voice
    ISBN: 978-1-59460-586-4
  • Mediation Theory and Practice (2nd ed)
    ISBN: 9781422425763

8200 - Evidence (Simmons)

  • Merritt & Simmons, Learning Evidence, 2nd Edition
    ISBN: 978-0-314-27540-0

8200 - Evidence (Krivoshey)

  • Goode,Wellborn Courtroom Evidence Handbook, 2012-2013
    ISBN: 978-0-314-28122-7
  • Leonard, David,Questions and Answers: Evidence 2nd Edition
    ISBN: ,9781422473528

8203 - Civil Procedure 2 (Greenbaum)

  • Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff, Civil Procedure Cases and Materials (10th ed. WEST 2009)
    ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-314-18402-3
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 2011-2012 Educational Edition (WEST)
    ISBN: ISBN-13-978-0-314-94986-8
  • 1. You need not buy the supplement to the Friedenthal casebook. 2. Any up-to-date version of the Federal Rules with the advisory committee notes is fine. 3. Duplicated materials will be available in the Moritz Copy Center.

8206 - Conflict Of Laws (Caust-Ellenbogen)

  • Brilmayer, Goldsmith & O'Hara O'Connor, Conflict of Laws (6th ed. Aspen)
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-5745-1

8209 - Federal Courts (Tokaji)

  • Low, Jeffries & Bradley, Federal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations (7th ed. 2011)
    ISBN: 9781599419206
  • Low, Jeffries & Bradley, 2012 Supplement to Federal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations
    ISBN: 9781609301491
  • Chemerinsky, Federal Jurisdiction (6th ed. 2012)
    ISBN: 9781454804024
  • The Low, Jeffries & Bradley casebook and its supplement are required. The Chemerinsky treatise isn't required, but you may find it helpful because it provides a very clear description of most of the material covered in the course.

8212 - Pretrial Litigation (Ralph)

  • Thomas A. Mauet, Pretrial (8th Ed. 2012).
    ISBN: 9781454803034.
  • We will follow citation rules set out in The Bluebook and style rules set out in The Redbook, so you may wish to have your own copies of these items, if you do not already. Copies will be available on reserve in the library. The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Columbia Law Review Ass’n et al. eds., 19th ed. 2010). ISBN 9780615361161. Bryan A. Garner, The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style (2d ed. 2006). ISBN 9780314168917.

8309 - Environmental Law (Carlarne)

  • Environmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy (6th Ed.)
    ISBN: 9780735584624

8310 - Energy Law (Carlarne)

  • Energy, Economics and the Environment: Cases and Materials (3d Ed.)
    ISBN: 9781599417226

8315 - Education Law (Wilson)

  • Education Law: A Problem-Based Approach, by Johnson & Redfield (2nd ed., 2012, LexisNexis)
    ISBN: 978-0-7698-5765-7

8406 - Professional Responsibility (Coughlan)

  • There are two sets of materials that are available for purchase in the copy room at the law school.

8409 - Professional Responsibility (Greenbaum)

  • Lerman & Schrag, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law (3d ed. 2012) [Aspen Publishers]
    ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-4548-0301-0
  • Martyn, Fox and Wendel, The Law Governing Lawyers (2011-2012 ed.) [Aspen Publishers]
    ISBN: ISBN 978-14548-1218-0
  • (1) Duplicated materials will be available at the Moritz Copy Center. (2) While the Martyn, et. al book is the recommended compilation of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, any up-to-date version of the Model Rules will do.

8600 - Real Estate Finance (Weiler)

  • Real Estate Transactions & Supplement. 5th ed. 2009. Paul Goldstein and Gerald Korngold

8609 - Commercial Leasing (Daley)

  • Martin I. Zankel, Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases, ISBN 0-940352-14-1

8700 - Federal Income Tax (Grauer)

  • Bankman, Shaviro, and Stark, Federal Income Taxation, Sixteenth Edition, 2012, Wolters, Kluwer
    ISBN: 978-1-4548-0996-8
  • Dickinson, ed., Federal Income Taxation: Code and Regulations, Selected Sections, 2012-2013 Edition, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business
    ISBN: 978-0-8080-2977-9

8706 - State and Local Tax (Hubbard)

  • State and Local Taxation Cases and Materials, 9th Edition, authored by Walter Hellerstein, Kirk J. Stark, John M. Youngman
  • State and Local Taxation and Finance in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, by M. David Gelfand, Joel A. Mintz and Peter W. Salsich, Jr.
  • The course materials for my State and Local Taxation course will include two text books (both West ,Thomson Reuters publications). The first book is hardback and (as indicated by being the 9th Edition) is a long-standing standard law school text covering the subject of state and local taxation. The second book is paperback and part of the longstanding “Nutshell” series.

8709 - Wills Trusts & Estates (TBA)

  • Dukeminier, Sitkoff & Lindgren, Wills, Trusts and Estates, 8th Ed. (Aspen, 2009)
  • Will also be using relevant statutes from Ohio.

8815 - Law and Social Science (Poteet)

  • An Introduction to Social Science in Law
    ISBN: 1-58778-987-6
  • Copy center materials

8818 - Sports Law (Kirstein)

  • Sports and the Law (Text, Cases and Problems) – 4th Edition – by Weiler, Roberts, Abrams and Ross. The publisher is West. 2011 edition.
  • The Supplement to the text book is optional for students. It’s titled “Documents and Statutory Supplement to Sports and the Law”. It is also the 2011 edition.

8896.03 - Law & Genetics (Deason)

  • Andrews, Mehlman, & Rothstein, Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy (West 3d edition, 2012)
    ISBN: 978-0-314-91186-5
  • There will also be Supplementary Materials with additional readings, available for purchase from the College Copy Center.

8896.04 - Sem: Food & Drug Law (Guttman)

  • Food and Drug Law, Cases and Materials, Third Edition, by Hutt, Merrill and Grossman
    ISBN: 978-1-58778-068-4

8896.06 - Sem: Ethics & ADR (Fairman)

  • There is no book required for this seminar.

8896.14 - Sem: Tax Policy (Hoffer)

  • Course materials will be posted on TWEN or assigned by email.

8896.18 - Sem: Disputed Elections (Foley)

  • Robert Zelnick, WINNING FLORIDA: How the Bush Team Fought the Battle
    ISBN: 0-8179-2882-0

8896.19 - Sem: Evidence in Trial Practice (Sargus Jr.)

  • No book to purchase. We will be looking at different cases.

8896.24 - Sem: Constitutional Interpretations (Sutton)

  • State Constitutional Law (West), Holland, McAllister, Shaman, Sutton
    ISBN: 978-0314264497

8896.27 - Sem: Middle East Conflict (Quigley)

  • Duplicated Materials: Middle East Conflict

8896.34 - Sem: Doing Business in China (Chow)

  • Doing Business in China by Chow and Han, West
    ISBN: 9780314904799

8896.36 - Sem: Public Utilities (Porter)

  • No book to purchase

8896.41 - Sem: Civil Rights (Davies)

  • There is no book. Reading materials will be posted weekly on TWEN. Students should sign up for the course on TWEN prior to the first class and consult the syllabus posted there for first day readings.

8953 - Capstone: The Employment Litigation Problem (Davidson)

  • No book.

8964 - Lawyers as Leaders (Jenkins)

  • Reading Packet I and Reading Packet II will be available for sale in the Moritz Copy Center.