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First-Day Assignments

The following assignments have been submitted by professors. Please check back if your assignments are not listed as faculty members are continuosly updating this list.


Spring 2014 Semester Courses and Assignments

6106 - Law 2 (Ralph)


Welcome to LAW II. In advance of our first day of class, you should read the Prologue, and Chapters 1, 2 &3 in Your Client’s StoryYou should sign up for the course website on TWEN (“LAW II” with Professor Ralph as the instructor).  The password is “advocate”. Finally, you should also complete the reading and prepare to discuss the questions in “The Literature of Persuasion” assignment, which is available on the course website under “Course Materials.”  

6106 - Law 2 (Kelly)

Enroll in the TWEN course (LAWII-Kelly), dowload the syllabus and complete the listed assignments.

6106 - Law 2 (Starker)

 Welcome to LAW 2!! Before the first class, please sign up for the course on TWEN, which should be live no later than January 1st. Also, read the introduction to Point Made, pages xxiii to xxvi.

6106 - Law 2 (Starker)

Welcome to LAW 2!! Before the first class, please sign up for the course on TWEN, which should be live no later than January 1st. Also, read the introduction to Point Made, pages xxiii to xxvi.

6106 - Law 2 (Smith)


6106 - Law 2 (Lee)

Welcome to LAW 2! As you already know, the TWEN site for this course will go "live" on December 20, 2013. Please register for the TWEN course site at any time between December 20 and New Year's Day. The password for the site will be "advocacy". On New Year's Day, a questionnaire in Word format will be posted on the TWEN course site under Course Materials. Please open the questionnaire, fill it out pursuant to the instructions on it, and submit the completed quesitonnaire via the TWEN Assignment Drop Box by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 (1 week after New Year's Day). Thank you very much, and I look forward to our first day of class!

6106 - Law 2 (Beazley)

The first homework assignment will be posted no later than January 3, 2014, and it will include any needed reading material. I will send it to you via your OSU email address, or whatever email address you have provided for the course registration system. If you have not received the assignment by January 4, you may contact me at beazley.1@osu.edu.

6106 - Law 2 (Sherowski)

1. Register for the class TWEN site.

2. Upload a clean copy (ungraded) of your final memo from LAW I to the Assignment Dropbox by 5pm Thursday, Jan. 9. Relax, it won't be graded!

3. Read "Statement of Alabama Clergy" and "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (available in the WebLinks section of TWEN). Bring a copy of "Letter from Birmingham Jail" to class.

4. Listen to the Prologue and Act I of This American Life: Poultry Slam (available in the WebLinks section of TWEN) and be prepared to discuss.

5. Enjoy the rest of your break!

6106 - Law 2 (Wilson)

Please read pages 305-311 in the book that you used last semester in Prof. Ralph's class, A Lawyer Writes.  Please feel free to skim as much of Chapter 19 as you wish, but focus on pp. 305-11. 

In addition, please write a short, preferably no more than two pages, paper on a lawyer that you would like to "emulate" because of his or her ethical conduct, professionalism, or wisdom.  Please offer examples of the lawyer's ethical conduct, professionalism, or wisdom.  You are free to choose among three categories of lawyers:  (1) historical; (2) fictional; or (3) someone you know or have worked with, including mom or dad).  Only faculty members are excluded.  Your focus should be on a lawyer "in practice." (So, not Lincoln the President or Thurgood Marshall the Associate Justice.)  You will not be graded upon the content of your paper.  You will be graded, however, upon the lack of writing, grammatical, proofreading, etc., mistakes in your paper.  Please submit your short paper on the TWEN website for this course.

Finally, please complete the questionnaire that should be posted on TWEN tomorrow by my Office Associate Allyson Hennelly, assuming that she can make it to work.  Please email to me at Wilson.49 your responses to the questionnaire at your earliest convenience.  Please spend some time thinking and writing about question 10.  I am extremely interested in what you want out of this course.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about this course.  Stay warm!

6112 - Property (Chow)

Read pp. 18-33 in the Dukeminier casebook.

6112 - Property (Sawers)

For Wednesday, January 8: Read Johnson v. MIntosh (starting on page 3), incl. note 5. Also, read Pierson v. Post (page 18), incl. notes 1, 2, and 4. Lastly, read Ghen v. Rich (page 26), incl. notes 1 and 2.

For Thursday, January 9: Read Jacque v. Steenburg Homes (page 89) and State v. Shack (page 90).

For Friday, January 10: Read Armory v. Delamirie (page 98), incl. note 4. Also, read Hannah v. Peel (page 101). Lastly, read McAvoy v. Medina (page 107), incl. notes 1, 5, and 8.

6112 - Property (Parasidis)

 I emailed the class an electronic copy of Chapters 1 and 2 of the Singer book. If you did not receive an email from me, please contact me at parasidis.1@osu.edu. The assignment for the first day of class is xxxi-xlvi of the casebook.



6118 - Constitutional Law (Colker)

Skim Chapter One in casebook, pp. 1-71. 

Please sign up for course on TWEN.  I post Powerpoint slides, syllabus and supplemental material on TWEN site.

6118 - Constitutional Law (Shane)

 The course books will be Stone, Seidman, et al., Constitutional Law (7th ed. 2013) and its 2013 supplement. For the first day, in addition to reading the Constitution (pp. xli-lvi), please download what I have posted as “First Day Questions” under “Course Materials” on the TWEN web site, and see what answers are suggested by your close reading of the constitutional text. 

6118 - Constitutional Law (Foley)

Please sign up for this course on TWEN, where you can download the syllabus (on the Syllabus & Assignments page).  For our first class session, please read the syllabus as well as the additional assignment contained therein (five short blog-type pieces about the current Court and its role in interpreting the Constitution).  I look forward to the semester and seeing you in class.

(Please note: make sure that you sign up for the correct TWEN site for this course.  For some unknown reason, an incorrect second copy of my Con Law class was created on TWEN.  If you signed up for that TWEN site, my apologies but you will need to sign up again for the correct one.)

6121 - Contracts 1 (Johnson)

Read pp. 1-20 and answer questions.

6121 - Contracts 1 (Garvin)

Welcome back! For the first class, please prepare pages 1-4 and 8-9 of the Farnsworth et al. casebook and the corresponding pages of the photocopied materials. In the second class, we will complete that assignment and begin the next, which is pages 14-24 of the casebook and the corresponding pages of the photocopied materials. This will occupy us through the third class. Be sure to consult any Restatement or U.C.C. provisions referred to in the text. These may be found in the Farnsworth et al. selections book. You should bring both to class every day.

6121 - Contracts 1 (Rub)

 Welcome back. I hope you had a great break.

Please sign up for the course’s TWEN website. On that site you will find the course’s syllabus. We will go over it in class.

For our first meeting please read the document and watch the two clips on the Socratic Method (all can be found on TWEN in the folder “Assignment I”). Please also read pages iii – iv in the textbook and pages 1-4 in the supplement.

Later in the week we will discuss the objective theory of contracts, which is covered on p. 1-14 in the textbook. 

6124 - Legislation (Tokaji)

For our first class session, please read:

  • pp. 1-23 in your casebook ("CB"), Eskridge, Frickey & Garrett, Cases and Materials on Legislation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy (4th ed. 2007),
  • pp. 1-3 of the 2012 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Legislation ("Supp."), and
  • pp. 1-10 of the Document Supplement ("DS") to Cases and Materials on Legislation

The casebook reading describes the legislative history of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It illustrates the process through which a bill becomes law, a process that we will discuss in our first few class sessions 

The Document Supplement reading contains excerpts from the early legislative history of the Civil RIghts Act of 1964.  Please pay special attention to the questions on DS 10.

Before our first class session, please sign up for this course on TWEN.  Enter an email address you use regularly, and check for messages before each class session.  Subsequent assignments will be posted on the "Course Materials" page.

6124 - Legislation (Walker)

For the first class please read pages 1-26 of the casebook. The second class will then cover pages 27-44. Please also register for the course on TWEN, where you can download the syllabus.

6124 - Legislation (Rudesill)

For the first day of class, spend 30 minutes of self-directed research on the website of the U.S. Congress.  Identify the U.S. Senators and Member of Congress who represent the area you call home.  In EFG read pp. 1-10, and pp. 1-20 in DS.

7006 - Advanced Legal Writing (Beazley)

Read chapters 1 & 3 in Beyond the Basics. In the Style book, read the Preface and Lessons 1 & 2, as well as the first 7-8 pages of Appendix I. You need not write out answers to any exercises you encounter, but you should review them in case we discuss them in class.

7009 - Business and Tax Legal Rsch (Azyndar)

The TWEN page for this course will be available by the afternoon of January 10.  Please register for the TWEN page, read the syllabus, and complete the assignment described on the syllabus.

I look forward to working with you in the coming semester!

7009 - Advanced Legal Research: Electronic (Cooper)

There is no assignment for the first day. Please register for the course (Ohio Legal Research) on TWEN.

7106 - Legal Negotiations and Settlements (Lee)

Welcome to Legal Negotiations and Settlements! 

1. By the first day of class, if you have not already, please read "Getting to Yes" by Fisher, Ury & Patton. If you have already read it, please be sure to re-review the book to refresh yourself. 

2. The TWEN site for this course will go "live" on December 20. Please register for this course on TWEN at your convenience by New Year's Day. The password for the TWEN course site will be "listening".

3. Information and instructions for our first simulation of the semester will be posted on TWEN by January 2, 2014. Please check the site for instructions at that time and come to class prepared to participate in our first simulation.

I look forward to our first day of class!  Thank you everyone. 

7112 - Dispute Resolution Processes: Theory & Practice (Deason)

Please read pages 1-23 in the Supplemental Materials, which are available for purchase in the copy center.  We will discuss problem 4 on pages 22-23.  A syllabus will be available on the shelf opposite the copy center. 

7124 - Intl Dispute Resolution (Quigley)

Mary Ellen O'Connell, INTERNATIONAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION (2D ED. 2012), pp. 3 to 23

7127 - Dispute System Design Workshop (Rogers)

Please read Chapters 1 and 2 in Designing Systems and Processes for Managing Disputes for the first class.  By the second class, please watch the DVD of "Endgame" that is included in the back of the book.  (You may want to watch the video over the break with family or friends as it is interesting in its own right, not just because of its focus on Michael Young as a "designer."  You may not want to include children, or at least you may want to watch the video before deciding to include them.)  As you read Chapter 2, pay special attention to the six examples that the publishers have shaded in blue as we will discuss these fact patterns throughout the semester.  A syllabus for the course is posted on the course TWEN site.

7200 - Business Associations (Rose)

 Please read the Introduction.

7212 - Banking Law (Anstaett)

For the first class please read in Bank Financial Service Activities:

History of Banking, pages 22-25, 30-40, 42-44;

Business of Banking, pages 132-142, 147-150, 169-173.

7213 - Drafting Business Contracts (Daley)

 You don't need to do anything for the first class other than show up,

7215 - Securities Regulation (Rose)

Pp. 1-25

7228 - Regulatory Compliance (Garrity-Rokous)

Please sign up for this course’s TWEN site. On TWEN, please find the reading assignment for our first class on Wednesday, January 8:

  • U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, Chapter 8: Sentencing of organizations. Closely read pages 488 and 493-501. Quickly skim the rest of the chapter for additional context.
  • The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations: A Decade of Promoting Compliance and Ethics, 878 Iowa L. Rev 697 (2002). Closely read the entire article.
  • Case study: OIG Corporate Integrity Agreement with Ensign Group. Read the following brief article to obtain an overview of the OIG investigation and settlement: http://www.bloomberg.com/article/2013-11-19/a0.Ehp0sOsvk.html. Then review the Ensign Group Corporate Integrity Agreement, focusing in particular on its structure and core requirements.

The first half of Wednesday’s class will be lecture-based. I will provide a course introduction and overview, and will then focus on the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and corresponding law review article. The second half of class will be more discussion-based, focusing on the Ensign Group settlement as a case study.

This class will not have a casebook. Future reading assignments will be posted on this course’s TWEN page.

I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

7236 - International Trade (Chow)

Please read pp. 1-18 in Chow and Schoenbaum, International Trade Law and be prepared to discuss Problems 1-3 and 1-4.

7306 - Sales (Garvin)

Welcome back! For the first day, please prepare pages 1-20 of the Benfield & Greenfield casebook, except for notes 2 and 3 on pp. 17-19, and the corresponding pages of the photocopied supplement. For the second day, please prepare pages 20-28 of the casebook, except for note 4 on pp. 25-26, and the corresponding pages of the photocopied supplement. As part of your preparation, be sure to do all problems in the assigned materials. Bring the casebook, the statutory volume, and the photocopied supplement to all class sessions.

7309 - Secured Transactions (Johnson)

Read pp. xxiii to xxvii AND pp. 1-25 and DO
ALL the problems. Make sure to read the all of the code sections cited in chapter.

7403 - White Collar Crime (Squires)

Class 1: Read pages 1-6; 89-106

7409 - Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Michaels)

Happy New Year everyone.  Welcome back and welcome to Crim. Pro.:  For our first class:

·Sign up for the class on TWEN!

·Access the Syllabus from under "Syllabus" on the course TWEN site.

·For the first class on Thursday, Jan 9, do the reading for Topic A, Introduction and Topic B.1, The Ethics of Defense.  At twenty-seven pages of reading, this is one of the longest assignments of the smester, but it is mostly engaging stuff.  We will have a guest for part of the first class, and he calls on people and tends to be provocative, so be prepared!

 There will also be a statutory supplement posted on TWEN, but you do not need that for the first class.

7509 - Spec Ed Advocacy (Colker)

You should have received an email with the syllabus, which includes the first assignment.  The first assignment is due at least two hours before the first class.

7600 - Children & the Law (Federle)

 For class on Wednesday, January 8, please read pp. xi-xv, 3-63 in casebook.

7606 - Adoption Law (Federle)

 For class on Wednesday, January 8, please read pp. 1-18, 29 n.2 - end of n.4, and 56-66 in the casebook.

7611 - Gender & the Law (Chamallas)

For the first day of class, please read pp. 1-32 in Chamallas, Introduction to Feminist Legal Theory (3d ed).

7800 - Copyright Law (Rub)

Welcome back. I hope you had a great break.

Please sign up for the course’s TWEN website. On that site you will find the course’s syllabus and the first list of reading assignments.

Please read and be prepared to discuss Assignment #1. We will not get to the second assignment during the first week. 

7809 - Patent Law (Rogers)

Pages 1-6 and 16-29 of the casebook:  Nard, The Law of Patents (third edition).

8000 - Trial Practice (King)

Prior to the first day of class, students should have read Chapters 1 and 2, Modern Trial Advocacy.

8000 - Trial Practice (Marbley)

Class I.          Introduction to Course                                                

        A.                Methodology

        B.                Necessity for Preparation and Participation
        C.                Discussion: Theory of the Case and Its Importance

       Techniques of Direct Examination

       Techniques of Cross-Examination

       Assignments for Class 2

                1.        Problem 1:  As conduct direct examination of Officer Bier.  Bs conduct         cross-examination of Officer Bier.

                2.        Students should also be prepared to discuss theory of the case as it relates to the assigned problem.

                3.        Reading: Lubet, Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9

8100 - Employment Law (Hébert)


January 8       Casebook xxv-xxxviii, 3-17

January 9       CB 17-43; Duplicated Materials 1-3

8103 - Labor Law (Wilson)

Please read pages iii to xi and 1-30 in the Henderson Casebook.  Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc. about this course.  Thanks.  --charlie wilson

8189.01 - Criminal Defense Clinic (Krivoshey/Merritt)

Please sign up for the TWEN site and purchase the two volumes for sale in the Moritz Copy Center. The syllabus appears both in the bound materials and on the TWEN site. Please read the designated materials for the first day of class. If you are unable to obtain the bound materials before class, you will find the first day's reading on the TWEN site along with the syllabus. We look forward to seeing you in class.

8189.05 - Legislation Clinic (Huefner/Enns)

For our first class on Thursday January 9, please purchase the Clinic binder from the first floor copy center, and read the introductory material at Tab 1 of the binder.

8189.07 - Mediation Clinic (Deason)

Welcome to the Mediation Clinic and Seminar!

Please read pages 1-29 in the Supplemental Materials.  We will prepare for the weekend training session on January 10-12 by looking at basic principles of negotiation.

Please sign up for the course on TWEN.

8200 - Evidence (Simmons)

Welcome back!  For the first day, please read (in the casebook) the Foreword, Study Guide, Chapters 1 & 3.  Also, all students must register on the course's TWEN page by the first day of class--look for "Evidence--Spring 2014 Simmons.  A copy of the syllabus can be downloaded from the TWEN site or is available in the mailboxes across from the copy center.

8203 - Civil Procedure 2 (Greenbaum)



1 Introduction to Pleading

Casebook [CB] 10-13 (#3 & 4)

Federal Rule [FR] 1, 2, 3, 7, 8(a), 8(d), 8(e), 10, 11, 84; Forms 7, 11, 12 & 30

Supplementary Material [SM] 1

1 Notice Pleading: Claim for Relief

CB 562 (Conley) - 565 n.4

FR 8(a), Form 11

SM 2, 3

1 Beyond Notice Pleading: Additional Common Law & Rule 9 Requirements

CB 565 - 568

FR 9(b)

SM 4


2 Notice Pleading Revisited

SM 5

3-4 Prayer for Relief

CB 610 nn. 1 & 2, 606(#7)-609 n.2

FR 8(a)(3), 9(g), 54(c), Form 11

8209 - Federal Courts (Caust-Ellenbogen)

There will be a syllabus made available on TWEN shortly before the course begins.

First day's assignment will be pp. 1-18; 274-92 of the casebook, which sets out the themes of the course.

8211 - Sentencing Law & Policy (Berman)

In preparation for our first class on Wenesday, January 8, 2014 you should:

1.  Make sure you have a copy of the new THIRD edition of the casebook for the course

2.  Find/research on your own an on-going real sentencing issue, case or story that is of significant interest to you, and come to our first class prepared to explain this issue, case or story and why it is of significant issue to you 

I will hand out the syllabus and other course information during our first class.

8212 - Pretrial Litigation (Ralph)

Welcome to Pretrial Litigation. I look forward to a productive semester together. Our first class will meet on Thursday, January 9 from 2:30 – 3:45 pm (regular Thursday class time).

For the first class, you should do the following:

  1. Review Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 1 (Cornell’s Legal Information Institute is a good source for the Federal Rules).
  2. Read Chapter I in Mauet, Pretrial. This introduces the concept of litigation planning.
  3. Read two articles that will give you a sense of the current landscape of pretrial litigation: 
  • Arthur Pearlstein, Foreword: Pretrial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and the Rarity of Trial, 40 Creighton L. Rev. 651 (2007). This piece is very short.
  • Kevin M. Clermont, Litigation Realities Redux, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1919 (2009). This is a longer piece, so you only need to read the Introduction, Section II (“Pretrial”) and Section III (“Settlement”). You can skim or skip the rest.

I will distribute the syllabus at the first class meeting.

8312 - Election Law (Tokaji)

Welcome to Election Law! This class is jointly offered by the law schools at Ohio State and the University of Iowa. Students from Iowa will participate remotely, via videoconference. Because Iowa's spring semester starts January 13, 2014, our first class will meet on that date.
For Monday, January 13, please read pages 3-11, and 25-47 in our casebook, Lowenstein, Hasen & Tokaji, Election Law: Cases and Materials (5th ed. 2012) ("ELCM"). Think about the following questions before class:
1. What is "faction"? Is it necessarily a bad thing? What features of the U.S. system of government help manage faction?

2. Was Harper correct in its understanding of the Equal Protection Clause to prohibit certain burdens on voting?
3. Are all burdens on voting subject to strict scrutiny under Harper? Think about whether its reasoning applies to voting rules -- such as a photo ID requirement -- that may have a disparate impact on poor, minority, or less-educated voters.
You should also register for this course on TWEN, where subsequent assignments, questions, and other course materials will be posted.

8409 - Professional Responsibility (Greenbaum)

First Week’s Class Assignments:

Introduction to the course and institutions and legal rules that affect lawyers: CB 1-51 [background only]

Admission to Practice: CB 52-78 & MR 8.1

Professional Discipline: CB 79-134, MR 8.4

8609 - Commercial Leasing (Daley)

 You don't need to do anything for the first class other than show up.

8700 - Federal Income Tax (Tobin)

Please read pages 1-17 in the text.

8707 - State & Local Government (Walker)

Please read pages 1-21 of the casebook for the first day.  Reading for the second day of class will be pp. 22-61, but I will provide further instructions on which part of that reading you should read closely and which part you can skim.

8709 - Wills Trusts & Estates (Segelken)

Read pages 1-26 in the text.

8715 - International Tax (Hoffer)

Welcome to international tax!  Before we learn about international issues worth billions of dollars, we need to review some basics of United States domestic taxation.  For our first class, please review the computation of taxable income from your basic federal income taxation course, and read pages 3 - 10 of Decoding the U.S. Corporate Tax from Dan Shaviro, which is available as an e-book here: http://site.ebrary.com.proxy.lib.ohio-state.edu/lib/ohiostatelaw/docDetail.action?docID=10552194. 

8800 - Jurisprudence (Stulberg)

 1)  There is no required reading assignment for the first day of class.

2)  Sign onto course TWEN site.

8806 - Advanced Constitutional Law (Spindelman)


Hi, everyone! Welcome back, hope you had a great break! Also: Welcome to Advanced Constitutional Law! Please sign up on the TWEN site for the course, and pick up the first course pack from the Copy Center. The assignment for the first class is to read Brown, Bolling, and Brown II. Please be in touch with any questions. Otherwise, look forward to seeing you soon! Best, M.S.

8810 - Public Health Law (TBA)

 For the first class, please read Chapter 1 in Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint (pp. 3-41).

8815 - Law and Social Science (Poteet)

Enroll in TWEN course (Social Science (Law 8815, Spring 2014) - Poteet).

The first assignment for class on Mon. Jan. 13 is posted under "Course Materials" along with additional reading materials.

8816 - Lawyer in the Community (Parasidis)

 I emailed the syllabus and first assignment to all those registered for the course (as of Jan. 5, 2014). If you did not receive the email, or registered after Jan. 5th, please contact me at parasidis.1@osu.edu. 

8818 - Sports Law (Kirstein)

Text, read pp. 1-21.

Students with surnames A-H should be prepared to discuss the cases.

8896.06 - Sem: Ethics & ADR (Fairman)

There is no first-day assignment.

8896.18 - Sem: Disputed Elections (Foley)

 Please sign up for this seminar on TWEN, download the Syllabus there, and do the first assignment.  The assigned readings for all sessions, including the first, are posted on TWEN.

I am very much looking forward to this semester.  

8896.24 - Sem: Constitutional Interpretations (Sutton)

Reading:  Introduction and Chapter 4.

8896.32 - Sem: 14th Amendment (Cole Jr.)

Class One - Overview of the Fourteenth Amendment

U.S. Const. amend. XIV

Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies 491-507

Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886) (skim syllabus for facts but read the opinion)

Bruce A. Ackerman, We the People, Vol. 2, Transformations, 100-117, 162-66, 174-85 (1998)

8896.35 - Sem: Workplace Bias: Theories & Debates (Chamallas)

For the first day of class, please read the edited versions of the following in Volume 1 of our duplicated class materials (available for purchase on Jan. 2, 2014):

1. Thomas v. Eastman Kodak Co., 183 F.3d 38 (1st Cir. 1999).

2. Linda Hamilton Krieger, The Content of Our Categories: A Cognitive Bias Approach to Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity, 47 Stan. L. Rev. 1161 (1995).


8896.41 - Sem: Civil Rights (Davies)

 Welcome back!  And Happy New Year!

Please sign up for the Civil Rights Seminar on TWEN and download or print off the Syllabus.  The syllabus will give you a sense of the structure of the semester, although it will be amended later to incorporate the dates for student presentations.  You will also find a more detailed Course Description on TWEN.  For the first class please review the text of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments for our discussion in class.  All readings for the seminar will be posted on TWEN, there is no book that you need to purchase.  See you all in Rm. 347 on Wednesday at 3:55 p.m.

Prof. Davies

8964 - Lawyers as Leaders (Jenkins)


Please read Learning by the Case Method in Reading Packet I

8990 - American Legal History (Stebenne)

Hall, et al., American Legal History, read the preface and pp. 1-6.