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First-Day Assignments

The following assignments have been submitted by professors. Please check back if your assignments are not listed as faculty members are continuosly updating this list.


Summer 2013 Semester Courses and Assignments

7009 - Advanced Legal Research: Electronic (Cooper)

Welcome to the course! Read Chapters 1 and 2 of the following ebook: http://library.ohio-state.edu/record=b6989071~S7

Notice the download option, which allows you to obtain a PDF file of each chapter after registering for a free ebrary account. These chapters cover foreign and international law terminology, types of resources, and information on legal translations. I will supplement this material in class with lecture and discussion. I'm looking forward to the course. See you on Monday!

7194 - Depositions (Kemp)

No first-day assignment.

8000 - Trial Practice (Krivoshey)

No first-day assignment.

8200 - Evidence (Solomon II)

1st day assignment for may 13, 2013- Chapters 1-4, pages 1-39