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First-Day Assignments

The following assignments have been submitted by professors. Please check back if your assignments are not listed as faculty members are continuosly updating this list.


Winter 2012 Semester Courses and Assignments

503 - Contracts (Garvin)

Welcome!  For your first assignment, which will occupy the first two classes and probably part of the third, please read pages 1-4, 8-9, 13-23, and 12-13 of your casebook and the corresponding pages of your photocopied supplement., to be made available for purchase in the Copy Center. (Note that the supplement contains a different version of Hawkins v. McGee than that on p. 2 of your casebook.)  The supplement will contain a detailed syllabus for the bulk of the semester.  In addition, please join our course TWEN site.  That is where I will post questions, materials, quizzes, exam preparation materials, and the like.  See you Monday, if not before!

503 - Contracts (Hoffer)

Please register for our TWEN page and review the syllabus.  We will begin with pages 1 - 36 of the text.  Happy hunting--

503 - Contracts (Davidoff)

The reading for the first week shall be as follows:

1. What is a “contract”?

pp. 1-4, 18-32

RST § 1

Document Posted to TWEN: "A Bedtime Story.”


2. The nature of assent

pp. 36-55


2. The nature of assent

pp. 55-66

3. Offers verses preliminaries

pp. 66-70

Page numbers refer to Epstein, Markell, and Ponoroff's Cases and Materials on Contracts: Making and Doing Deals, 3d.  RST refers to Restatement 2d. Contracts

505 - Property (Johnson)

Welcome to Property!  Please register on the TWEN webpage I have created for your section.  You will find there the syllabus and the reading assignments for the first two weeks of the course.  I look forward to seeing you on January 11th. 

505 - Property (Beyer)

Pages 1-18 of the Cribbet text.

505 - Property (Braunstein)

Sign-up for TWEN site. Read Armory v. Delamirie.

510 - Constitutional Law (Colker)

Students should download the syllabus from TWEN.  It appears as an option in the "Forums" tab on TWEN.  The first assignment, which includes some supplementary material, is on the syllabus. The Supplemental Material can be found on the "Supplement" tab on TWEN.

510 - Constitutional Law (Foley)

 Please sign on to the TWEN site for this course, where the syllabus has been posted.  For our first class session, please read the syllabus and the articles listed there (by using the internet links indicated).  Also, during the week before our first class, a list of students who are "on call" for the first week of classes will also be posted on TWEN.  I look forward to seeing you in class!

510 - Constitutional Law (Spindelman)


Happy New Year! Welcome to Constitutional Law!

1. Please purchase a copy of Choper, Fallon, Kamisar & Shiffrin, Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions (11th ed. 2011).

2. Please pick up a copy of the U.S. Constitution from Ms. Susan Edwards in Drinko Hall Room 326.

First class assignment: Please read the U.S. Constitution start to end, including all the Amendments. Based on that reading, please answer the questions found on “Handout 1,” available on the TWEN site for the course.

See you soon!!

511 - LAW II (Starker)

Please sign up for the appropriate TWEN course and read the syllabus when available (closer to the start of the semester); please read Making Your Case - Foreword and Introduction.

511 - LAW II (Sherowski)

For class 1/13/12:

  1. Read "Statement of Alabama Clergy" and "Letter from Birmingham Jail," available in the Course Materials section of the class TWEN page. Bring a copy of each document to class.
  2.  Listen to the Prologue and Episode 1 ("Witness for the Bar-B-Q-tion") from the 2011 Poultry Slam edition of This American Life, available in the Web Links section of the class TWEN page.

511 - LAW II (Lee)

Welcome! Please do the following prior to the first day of class:

1.  Please register for my LAW II course on TWEN. The Thursday class password is: concise. The Friday class password is: plainlanguage.

2.  Please read Chapter 14 of the Edwards text.

3. A Questionnaire has been posted on the TWEN sites for my LAW II sections. Please complete the Questionnaire and submit the completed Questionnaire as a Word document via TWEN by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, January 11. Also, please read and follow the instructions on the Questionnaire.

4. Please sign up for a One-on-One Conference #1 appointment on TWEN. A sign-up sheet has been posted on the TWEN course site under Sign-Up Sheets.

A syllabus will be distributed during the first class. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing all of you during the first week of the semester!

511 - LAW II (Beazley)

The first assignment will be posted no later than January 3, 2012.  If I cannot post it here, I will send it to you via the OSU email address that is in the course registration system.

511 - LAW II (Huefner)

For our first class on Thursday Jan. 12, you should print (from the course TWEN site) and read a copy of the syllabus; read the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 14 of the Edwards book; and complete the four exercises included in Chapter 14. For exercise 4, bring a typed copy of your response to turn in at the beginning of class.

511 - LAW II (Smith)

None.  That's right.  None.

511 - LAW II (Ralph)

Welcome to LAW II!

For the first class, please read Chapters 27 & 28 in the Neumann & Simon text.

Before the first class, please also register for this course on TWEN. Select the section to which you have been assigned: either Thursday/LAW 511L-120/Class 26683 or Friday/LAW 511L-150/Class 26689. When you register for TWEN, be sure to use your preferred e-mail address, because this is the address that I will use for course announcements.

Prior to the first class, the course syllabus will be posted on TWEN. Please check for it to be posted and review it before the first class.

For the second class, you will read Chapter 32 in Neumann & Simon, as well as pages 3-34 in Legal Analysis (available on reserve in the library). You will also read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” (available on TWEN) and follow instructions that will be posted on TWEN.

511 - LAW II (Berman)

  In preparation for our first class on Friday, January 13, you should:

  • Pick up a copy of the course description and the (tentative) schedule/syllabus.
  • Make sure you have a copy of Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization (5th Edition), which is to be our primary text.  Read the Introduction and Chapters 1-2 & 16.
  • Reflect on whether and when you think a person's family obligations should impact on how they are sentenced for a crime.

529 - Legislation (Tokaji)

For our first class on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, please read pp. 1-38 in your casebook ("CB"), Eskridge, Frickey & Garrett, Cases and Materials on Legislation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy (4th ed. 2007).   Make sure you understand the basic process by which a bill becomes law (CB 24-38). 

529 - Legislation (Zipkin)

For our first class, please read pages 1-23 and 38-47 of the casebook.

See you on the 12th!

529 - Legislation (Huefner)

First Week Assignments:

For Monday January 9: Read pp. 1-10 of the casebook (Eskridge, Frickey, & Garrett, Cases and Materials on Legislation), and also pp. 1-20 of the Eskridge & Brudney Documents Supplement.

For Tuesday January 10: Read pp. 10-23 of the casebook, and also pp. 21-39 of the Documents Supplement.

For Wednesday January 11: Read pp. 24-38 of the casebook.

Please note that the Documents Supplement consists of lots of primary source materials from Congress.  These materials can be dense, especially if you have not worked with comparable documents before.  Your task is not to master all the content in these primary source documents, but to learn to read them quickly yet carefully to find relevant information.  We will spend time in class talking about what is relevant, but in the meantime do your best  to glean what you think matters in these materials and don't despair if this seems difficult at first.

601 - Advanced Legal Writing (Beazley)

Read chapters 1 & 3 in Beyond the Basics.  In the Style book, read the Preface and Lessons 1 & 2, as well as the first 7-8 pages of the Appendix.  You need not write out answers to any exercises you encounter, but you should review them in case we discuss them in class.

603 - Evidence (Krivoshey)

No first day assignment

603 - Evidence (Simmons)

For the first day, please read the Foreword, Study Guide, and Chapters 1 and 3 in the textbook.  Also, please sign up on the course TWEN page by the first day of class.

604 - Civil Procedure II (Fairman)

For Monday, January 9, 2012, pleae read the Preface and pages 261-68 in the casebook, Stephen Yeazell, Civil Procedure (7th ed. 2008).

606 - Federal Income Taxation (Tobin)

Please read pages 1-17 in the packet purchased from the copy center

607.01 - Business Associations (Verdun)

Read Chapter 1 of Smith/Williams. The material in that chapter  will be covered in the first week of class.  Please pay particular attention to the  Problems, since a great deal of class time will be devoted to discussing them.  Read all referenced statutes and/or other sources of law (i.e. Restatement of Agency, Federal Regulations, etc.).

614 - Labor Law (Wilson)

Assignment for Monday, Jan. 9:

Please read pages iii to xi and 1-30 in the Henderson Casebook.  See you bright and early on Monday morning.

620 - Jurisprudence (Stulberg)

There is no advanced reading assignment for the first day of class. 

For the week beginning January 17(the College is closed on 1/16 for MLK, JR. Day), we will be closely examining Chapters I-IV of HLA Hart, The Concept of Law, so I encourage you to begin to read those pages in advance. 

621 - Real Estate Finance (Weiler)


Conveyancing Industry, Lawyers, Brokers

Mark v. Long, 180 Ohio App.3d 832, 2009-Ohio-581

625 - Copyright Law (Rub)

The course has a TWEN website. Please sign up to it.

For the first class please read and be prepared to discuss assignments 1 and 2, which include pages 3-7 from the casebook, the piece by Landes and Posner (posted on TWEN), and pages 13-15 from the casebook If you are registered to this course you should have received an email from me. If you haven’t, please let me know. Future emails, if any, will be sent via TWEN.

639 - White Collar Crime (Squires)

Class I - Introduction

Reading: WCC 1-6; 89-106

640 - Criminal Procedure: Investigations (Simmons)

Please read pages 31-33 (start at “Range of Choices Facing Judges”) and 34-49 (start at Section B) in the casebook. Also, please sign up on the course TWEN page.

652 - Banking Law (Anstaett)


For the first class, please reading the following in Broome and Markham, Regulation of Bank Financial Service Activities, 4th edition:

·The Business of Banking, pp. 132-142, 147-150, 163-173

·The History of Banking Regulation, pp. 22-40 (skip Veazie case), 42-44, 61-67

659 - Commercial Law (Whaley)

Monday, January 9th: pgs. 3-34, Definitions and Scope
Tuesday, January 10th: pgs. 35-51, Statute of Frauds and Parol Evidence Rule
Wednesday, January 11th: pgs. 51-81, The Battle of the Forms (Please ignore the segment starting at the bottom of page 81 and continuing through the end of the chapter.)
Thursday, January 12th: pgs. 85-106, Warranties Part I

704 - Trial Practice (Marbley)

 I. Introduction 

A. Methodology

B. Necessity for Preparation and Participation

C. Discussion: Theory of the Case and Its Importance

D. Techniques of Direct Examination

E. Techniques of Cross-Examination

F. Assignments for Class 2

1. Problem 1: As conduct direct examination of Officer Bier. Bs conduct cross-examination of Officer Bier.

2. Students should also be prepared to discuss theory of the case as it relates to the assigned problem.

3. Reading: Lubet, Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9

704 - Trial Practice (Anderson)

No first day assignment.

707.01 - The Hospital Problem (Shumate)

No first day assignment.

708 - Regulation of Security Distributions (Rose)

Chapter 1 (Introduction).

710 - Federal Courts (Caust-Ellenbogen)

Syllabus available on TWEN

711 - Health Law (Guttman)

In preparation for the first class, please read and be prepared to discuss the following sections in Chapter 1, Introduction to Health Law and Policy, in Health Law: Cases, Materials & Problems.

Pps. 1-3    Defining Sickness

Pp. 3   Katskee v. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska 245 Neb. 808

Pps. 10-14   Alain Einthoven, ‘What Medical Care Is and Isn’t.’

Pps. 15–19  Quality in Health Care, including the notes on pps. 16-19.

Pp.  28-33   Berry v. Cardiology Consultants 909 A.2d 611.

Pps. 33-35   Notes on Quality in Health Care.

Pps. 95-99   Introduction to Public Health

Pp. 99      Jacobson v. Massachusetts 197 U.S. 11

Pps. 105-106   Problem - Opting out of childhood immunizations


716 - International Tax (Hoffer)

Hello darling troopers.  Please register for our TWEN site, where you will find the syllabus.

719 - Corporate Finance (Rose)

Introduction; Accounting and Valuation, pp. 1-19.

721 - Mergers and Acquisitions (Oesterle)

Re: “Law of Mergers and Acquisitions”

From: Professor Oesterle

Date: Prior to the First Day of Class, which is Monday 1/9/2012@11:10AM 12:00PM (Mon Tues Wed)

Please read the syllabus on my TWEN site for the class and note that there is a reading assignment for the first day of class. I look forward to seeing you there.

722 - Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice (Rogers)

You may pick up the duplicated materials for the class at the printing office on First Floor.  There is no other textbook.  For Monday, January 9, please read pp. 1-22 in the duplicated text.  In class we will focus on the history of the dispute resolution field in the U.S. and overarching theories about what processes are appropriate – the so-called “fitting the forum to the fuss”  discussion.  Be prepared to discuss the approach you might take to the following problem:  Your law firm represents a tool manufacturing corporation that sells tools through franchisees.  Several other tool manufacturing companies also use a franchise system for distribution.  One such company was sued by a franchisee over the structure of the franchise relationship (a structure much like your client’s relationship with franchisees), and the jury awarded the plaintiff $2 million.  After that verdict, plaintiffs’ lawyers began advertising for prospective plaintiffs among the franchisees of other tool companies.  Your client was just sued by one of its franchisees.  That franchisee was represented by one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers who placed the ads.  Potentially 200 others could sue your client using the same approach.  What would you counsel your client about the appropriate dispute resolution possibilities?  The course syllabus is posted on the course TWEN site.

722 - Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice (Deason)

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  Please purchase course materials at the copy center.  There are two packets:  (1) a three-hole punch Interim manuscript with an orange cover that is labeled "722 Dispute Resolution -- Professor Deason" and (2) a coil bound set of "Supplemental Materials" with a yellow cover.

For the first class please read pages 1-23 in the Supplemental Materials.  Take a special look at Problem 4 on pages 22-23.


724 - Comparative Dispute Resolution (Deason)

Happy New Year!  Please purchase the xeroxed materials for the Comparative Dispute Resolution course at the Copy Center.  The assignment for the first class is on Justice in Dispute Resolution.  Please read pages 1-17 in the materials. 

732 - Environmental Law (Carlarne)

Please read pages 2-18 in your textbook for the first day of class.

736.02 - Legal Profession (Greenbaum)

Required Material: 
Lerman & Schrag, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law (2d ed. 2008)
Model Rules of Professional Conduct - Martyn, Fox and Wendel, The Law Governing Lawyers (2011-2012 ed.)[recommended compilation]

First Week’s Class Assignments:
Introduction to the course and institutions and legal rules that affect lawyers: CB 1-45 [background only]
Admission to Practice: CB 45-71 & MR 8.1
Professional Discipline: CB 81-86, 96-128, MR 8.4

737 - Patent Law (Cole)

738.01 - Criminal Defense Practicum (Merritt/Krivoshey)

Please purchase (a) the Rule Book, and (b) Class Materials volume from the Copy Center.  You will find the syllabus, including the first-day assignment, at the beginning of the Class Materials volume.  Please read the assigned material and sign up for the course TWEN site before our first class on Monday, January 9.  If you have trouble obtaining the bound materials before the first class, you will also find the syllabus and first-day readings on the TWEN site.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

738.04 - Justice for Children Practicum (Jordan)


Read: Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio – Rule II:

R.C. 2151.23(A);

In re: J.J. (May 7, 1990), 64 Ohio App.3d 806, 582 N.E.2d 1138;

Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v. Danforth (1976), 428 U.S. 52, 96 S.Ct. 2831, 49 L.Ed.2d 788;

Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925), 268 U.S. 510, 45 S.Ct. 571, 69 L.Ed. 1070;

Prince v. Massachusetts (1944), 321 U.S. 158, 64 S.Ct. 438, 88 L.Ed. 645.

738.06 - Legislation Clinic (Berman/Enns)

Welcome to the Legislation Clinic! We look forward to an exciting semester. The reading for the first day is Tab 1 of the Clinic Binder, as well as the Ohio Legislative Service Commission's, A Guidebook for Ohio Legislators (2011), chapters 1 and  2.


Unfortunately, the binder is not yet available at the Copy Center (our fault, not the Copy Center's). The reading is quick and easy, so if the binders are not available by Monday morning,  we will send you the reading as email attachments. We look forward to seeing all of you on Monday at 3:55 in Room 455.

738.09 - Mediation Practicum (Rogers)

On January 9, we will discuss negotiation from the mediator's perspective.  Please pick up the duplicated materials for the class and read pp. 23-40, 55-65.  Come prepared to role play the negotiation approach described by (1) Meltsner & Schrag, (2) Fisher & Ury, or (3) Lax & Sebenius in the “Neighborhood Spat.”  Instructions for the “Neighborhood Spat” are on pp. 148-149 (Exercise 3.1).  Please sign in at the course TWEN site.  A syllabus is posted there.


738.09 - Mediation Practicum (Cole)

Please read pp. 103-11 in the duplicated materials before the first day of class.

739 - Pretrial Litigation (Carpenter)

No first day assignment.

739 - Pretrial Litigation (TBA)

No assignment for first day of classes. 

752 - Election Law (Tokaji)

For our first class on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, please read pp. 27-48 in the casebook, Lowenstein, Hasen & Tokaji, Election Law: Cases and Materials (4th ed. 2008)("ELCM"). You should also read the 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which you may find online or in any Con Law casebook.  Consider the following questions:

1.  Was the Harper Court correct in its understanding of the Equal Protection Clause to prohibit certain burdens on voting?

2.  Are all burdens on voting subject to strict scrutiny under Harper’s reasoning? Think about how this ruling should apply to voting rules -- such as a photo ID requirement -- that may have a disparate impact on poor, minority, or less-educated voters



753 - Education Law (Wilson)

Assignment for Monday, Jan. 9:

Please read pages 1-11 in the Casebook, and please be prepared to discuss Problem 1 on page 10.

In addition, please begin researching (or at least thinking about beginning to research) statutes and case law in the state that you anticipate practicing or residing in after graduation governing selection of school board members, qualifications of school board members, the composition of school boards, conflicts of interest, the powers of a local school board, and the conducting of an official school board meeting.

You are free to do this research individually or in a group.  I do not expect anyone to spend more than 3 hours on this research.  Most of you will probably finish it in 2 hours.  The report of your research will be due on Monday, Jan. 16.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about the course.  I will distribute a Tentative Syllabus at our first class on Monday.

755 - Law and Social Science (Poteet)

Law and Social Science

Required Textbook: Social Science in Law, 7th edition, 2010. Monahan and Walker. Foundation Press. ISBN #978-1-59941-669-4

Packet of materials from the copy center

Assignment for the first class on Tuesday, January 10:

Topic: Origins of Social Science in Law

There are three reading assignments for the first day:

1) Textbook: Read Ch. 1 pp. 1-2 and 16-32; examine the elements of formal jurisprudence and Legal Realism, understand how legal realism contributed to the use of social science in the law, and examine how this has impacted recent Supreme Court confirmations.

2) Read Article: Herzberger, “Social Science Contributions to the Law,” 25 Connecticut Law Review 1067 (1993). [First article in the copy packet]; examine the similarities and differences between scientific methods and legal reasoning, and the various ways in which social science is used to contribute to the law.

3) Textbook: Read Ch. 2 pp. 35-56 on Legal Methods. Review the evidentiary rules on expert scientific testimony.

758 - Sports Law (Kirstein)

First Assignment – Week 1

Text: Sports and the Law (4th Ed) Weiler, Roberts, Abrams and Ross

Chapter 1: Moral Integrity of the Sport: The Role of the Commissioner and the Law

All Students: Read pp. 1-30

Additional Reading:

Last Names A-I, pp. 30-37

Last Names J-Q, pp. 54-59

Last Names R-Z, pp. 74-81

Assignment for Week #2 of class (class of January 17, 2012):

All Students

Please read the following pages in Chapter Two of the text, “Constructing a Players Market from Contract to Antitrust Law”:

Pages 91-104

Pages 128-150

Pages 157-161

764 - Commercial Leasing (Daley)

There is no assignment for the first day of class.  You might, however, want to take an advance look at the course syllabus, which will be sent to you via email and also posted on TWEN in advance of our first class.

771 - Lawyers and the Media (Weaver)

No first day assignment. See you at first class meeting.

794 - International Trade (2 credits) (Miller)

Initial reading assignment is pp. 1-44

794 - International Trade (2 credits) (Miller)

Initial reading assignment is pp. 1-44

794 - Introduction to Intellectual Property (Rogers)

Please read pp. 1-31 of casebook, except Table 1-1.  The course syllabus can be found on the course website on TWEN.  Thanks.


794 - International Environmental Law (Carlarne)

Please read pages 1-39 in your textbook for the first day of class.

794 - Lawyers as Leaders (Jenkins)

Please read "Learning by the Case Method" in Reading Packet I

796.03 - Seminar State Constitutional Law (Sutton)

Read Introduction and Chapter 4 for first class meeting.

The first class meeting is Monday, Jan. 23

796.10 - Hot Money (Oesterle)

Re: “Hot Money”

From: Professor Oesterle

Date: Prior to the First Day of Class, which is Tuesday 1/10/12@ 3:55PM -5:45PM

Please read the syllabus on my TWEN site for the class and note that there is a reading assignment for the first day of class. I look forward to seeing you there.

796.19 - Criminal Law Defenses (Dressler)

All students must register for the class on TWEN, as well as with the registrar.  Please do so well before the first day of classes.  When you go on TWEN you will find three handouts that you should download, read, and bring to the first class.  I urge you to read these materials before the first class for two reasons: (a) it may help you decide if you wish to remain in this seminar; if you do not find the seminar is what you are after, you can withdraw before the first day and find a different course; and (b) you should read over the various paper topics described in the handouts and begin the process of selecting a topic.  

796.20 - The Business of Law (Merritt)

Please sign up for the seminar's TWEN site, "Seminar on the Business of Law."  No password is required for access.  You will find the course syllabus on that site.  Please prepare the readings for our first class on January 11.  All readings are in the bound volume of duplicated materials, available from the Moritz copy center.  For your convenience, the readings for the first class are also available on the TWEN site (under "Required Course Materials."  I look forward to seeing you on January 11.

796.20L - Race and the Criminal Law (Davies)


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

In lieu of a book or course pack for this seminar, I will post the reading materials for each of our sessions one week before we meet on TWEN.  Therefore, prior to our first meeting, please sign up for TWEN, retrieve the materials for Week One (posted on Jan. 4) and come prepared to discuss them at our first class.  We only meet once a week, for two hours, so the readings will be substantial.  Be sure to leave yourself time to digest them.

You will also find on TWEN a syllabus and a course description which you may find helpful to print out as they will have important dates that you will want to keep track of.

I am looking forward to an engaging semester with you all.

Prof. Davies


796.58 - Disputed Elections (Foley)

 Please sign up for this seminar on TWEN and download a copy of the syllabus and the readings for our first session (which are listed in the syllabus).  I look forward to seeing you soon and to our discussions during the semester.  2012 should be an interesting year for anyone interested in elections.  Happy New Year!