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First-Day Assignments

The following assignments have been submitted by professors. Please check back if your assignments are not listed as faculty members are continuosly updating this list.


Summer 2009 Semester Courses and Assignments

603 - Evidence (Solomon II)

May 18 pp. 1-48 Overview

May 19 pp. 49-79 Relevance

May 20 pp. 80-102 Relevance

May 21 pp. 403-458 Relevance Revisited (10:00am-noon)

Beginning on Tuesday, May 19, each student will have problem assignments for each day.  For each assignment, one student will be the proponenent of the evidence, another will oppose the offering of the evidence and a third will serve as a judge to rule on the offering of the evidence.  Problem assignments will be made weekly.

604 - Civil Procedure II (Smith)

  • For 5/18 - In Babcock text, read from bottom two lines of page 261 to page 315. (pages 261 through 281 are background; you may read them cursorily.)
  • For 5/20 - pages 315 to 357.
  • For 5/22 - pages 357 to 406.

707 - Depositions (Kemp)

No first day assignment

707 - Jury Selections (Krivoshey)

Pick up duplicated materials and read the rules of civil and criminal procedure that are included in the materials.