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First-Day Assignments

The following assignments have been submitted by professors. Please check back if your assignments are not listed as faculty members are continuosly updating this list.


Summer 2012 Semester Courses and Assignments

7194 - Depositions (Kemp)

There is no first day reading assignment.

7312 - Debtor & Creditor (Whaley)

Read the following pages in the casebook, and be prepared to discuss the Problems with me (I will explain the cases to you):

May 14 Introduction 1-21

May 15 Fraudulent Transfers 21-37

May 16 Commencement of Bankruptcy 39-54

May 17 Eligibility for Bankruptcy 65-76

8000 - Trial Practice (Krivoshey)

No first-day assignment.

8203 - Civil Procedure 2 (Caust-Ellenbogen)

The syllabus for this course is now available on the TWEN for the course.  Please sign onto the TWEN.  Our first class will cover pages 360-402.