J.D. First Year

At Moritz, faculty and staff are dedicated to making the first year of law school one that combines academic rigor and community spirit. Students will be challenged while gaining a solid foundation in law and be exposed to an array of legal practice areas. Faculty advisors ensure unmatched personalized attention and small class sizes provide students unlimited access to leading scholar-educators.

The Section Experience

Upon arrival at Moritz, first-year students are assigned to a section of approximately 70 people. 1Ls share nearly every first-year class with these same students, providing easy access to professors and the benefits of close interaction with fellow section mates. Every student will have two first-year courses that will meet in “small sections” – one with approximately 35-40 students and another with 18-21 students. At Ohio State, faculty members typically are able to develop enough familiarity with the quality of a student’s work that a letter of recommendation can be written by the faculty member at the end of the academic year.


New Moritz students are acclimated to the College through a two-day Orientation immediately before the start of the school year. This event includes panel discussions with current Moritz students and professors, introductory meetings of small sections, and tips for making the law school experience a success.

Faculty Advisors

Each Moritz student is assigned a faculty advisor upon entering the law school. Students often call upon their advisors for advice regarding their first-year classes and legal careers. Advisors provide students a member of the Moritz faculty who is available to help them transition to life in law school.

Career Development 101

During the  first semester at Moritz, students are invited to attend Career Development 101. During this lunchtime program, students learn the basics of the legal profession, various career options, and how to enter the profession. These events are popular among first-year students and have proven valuable throughout students’ three years at Moritz.