Moritz College of Law Honor Code

As adopted by the faculty May 17, 1972 and amended December 6, 1972, June 6, 1973, April 26, 1978, April 18, 1990, August 29, 1990, May 7, 2003, and June 2, 2007.]

Preamble: In the interest of promoting adherence to the high standards of both the legal profession and the academic community of the Moritz College of Law, this Honor Code has been adopted.

Article I: Organization

Article II: Functions

Article III: Jurisdiction

Article IV: Violations

Article V: Procedure for Handling Violations

Article VI: Charges Brought After the Academic Year

Article VII: Confidentiality

Article VIII: Course Grade

Article IX: Honor Pledge

Honor Code Appendix A

Honor Code Appendix B

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