Grading Policy


What is the Grading System?

Anonymous Grading  Faculty Rule 7.11

All examinations shall be graded anonymously.  Papers and other assignments will be graded according to the guidelines announced by the instructors.  Anonymous grading means that the instructor will not learn the identity of the student submitting work until after having first turned in the grade for that work to the College Office.  Some classes, such as seminars and clinics, require that assessment of students’ work  be done on a name-identified basis. However, in most classes, and all of those with exams, assessment is made anonymously.

At the beginning of each semester, the administration sends exam numbers to each student. The first three (Alpha, Beta, Charlie) numbers are reserved for quizzes, papers or mid-term examinations and students will use those numbers as instructed by their professor. The last number, identified as the “FINAL” number is used for that semester’s final exams. Professors do not have access to exam number rosters until they submit exam grades. In some cases, professors may consider factors in computing a final grade that require the identity of the student, such as class participation or attendance. In such situations, the professor can turn in grade adjustments by name to the Registrar who then makes the change or the professor can make the adjustment after viewing a list of exam scores by name.

In rare situations, students who experience serious health problems immediately prior to or during an exam period find it necessary to delay taking an exam until after grades must be turned in. In these circumstances, anonymity may not be possible.

Grade Distribution Policy

In an effort to treat all students fairly, the Moritz College of Law has a long-standing grade distribution policy. The underlying reasons for the policy are to promote a common faculty-wide grading standard and to reduce instances in which different professors use different grading standards.

What Happens Between the Time My Professor Grades the Exam and I Receive My Grades?

Professor’s provide final grades to the Registrar.  Upon receiving the grades they are sent to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for final approval.  At this point, everything is still anonymous.  Final grades are then matched up with student names and posted.  Grades are available to students on-line by clicking here.