Haydock, et al., Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation.    West Group is the publisher; the ISBN number is 0-314-25914-7.


Mueller & Kirkpatrick, EVIDENCE UNDER THE RULES (5th Edition Aspen)  ISBN 0-7355-4062-4.  Students should also have a copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Professional Responsibility

1.      Devine, Fisch, Easton, and Aronson, Problems, Cases and Materials in Professional Responsibility (3rd ed. 2004) (West) (ISBN# 0-314-14932-5).
2.      Martyn, Fox, and Wendel, The Law Governing Lawyers (2007-08 ed.) (Aspen) (Paperback) (ISBN# 978-07355-6412-1).
3.      Offset Materials

Trial Practice

MAUET, THOMAS Trial Techniques, 6th Edition, Boston:  Little, Brown & Co.
MAUET, THOMAS Materials in Trial Advocacy: Problems & Cases, 5th Edition, Boston:  Little Brown & Co.