658 B Court and Constitution BEYTAGH,F A History of the American Constitution.  Authors: Farber and Sherry.   2nd edition 2005, Thompson/West.  ISBN: 0-314-15215-6
    Negotiations and Mediation LAWRENCE Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Roger Fisher, et al (2d Ed 1991) Penguin Books ISBN 0 14 015735-2
Mediation Representation, Harold I.Abramson (2004) NITA ISBN 1-55681-821-1
Exercises will be sold through the professor
503 X CONTRACTS GARVIN,L REQUIRED: Both of the following:
(1)  E. Allan Farnsworth, William F. Young & Carol Sanger, Contracts: Cases and Materials (Foundation Press, 6th ed. 2001), ISBN 1-58778-057-7
(2) Steven J. Burton & Melvin A. Eisenberg, eds., Contract Law: Selected Source Materials (West, current edition), [ISBN 0-314-16000-0 for 2005 ed.]
RECOMMENDED: One of the following:
(1) E. Allan Farnsworth, Contracts (Aspen, 4th ed. 2004) (paperback ed.) (ISBN 0-735-54540-5)
(2) Robert A. Hillman, Principles of Contract Law (West, 2006) (ISBN 0-314-14365-3)
(3) Marvin A. Chirelstein, Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts (Foundation Press, 5th ed. 2006) (ISBN 1-59941-027-3)
There will be duplicated materials available through Loraine Brannon's office.

(1) Farnsworth, Young and Sanger, Contracts: Cases and Materials (6th Ed. 2001), publisher University Casebook Series

(2) Selections for Contracts (2003, Foundation Press)
503 Z CONTRACTS TRAVALIO,G CONTRACTS Cases and Comment (8th ed.) by Dawson Harvey and Henderson (Foundation Press) Appendix to CONTRACTS Cases and Comment by Dawson Harvey and Henderson (Foundation Press)
504 T TORTS COLE,S Schwartz, Partlett and Kelly, Prosser, Wade and Schwartz's Torts (11th ed. 2005) Foundation Press.  I don't have the ISBN number because I don't have the book.
Recommended:  Diamond, Levine and Madden, Understanding Torts (Matthew Bender, 2d ed. 2000), ISBN: 0820552194
504 X TORTS LEE,E Schwartz, Kelly, & Partlett, Prosser, Wade & Schwartz's Torts: Cases and Materials (11th edition 2005).
504 Y TORTS NORTHERN,K nderson, Pearson, Siliciano, "The Torts Process," Aspen Publishers (6th Ed. 2003) ISBN:0-7355-2709-1
Duplicated Materials:  Lorraine Brannon


Franklin, Rabin & Green, Tort Law and Alternatives, 8th ed., 2006.  Foundation Press.  ISBN 978-1-59941-035-7.
Glannon, Examples & Explanations: Torts, 3rd ed., 2005, ISBN: 0735540241.


John Grisham, King of Torts, paperback, Dell edition, ISBN: 0440241537

507 T CIVIL PROCEDURE WILSON,C Stephen C. Yeazell, CIVIL PROCEDURE, 6th ed., Aspen Publishers (2004), ISBN: 0735545111.
FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, 2006 Statutory and Case Supplement, by Stephen C. Yeazell, Aspen Publishers, ISBN: 0735557829.
507 X CIVIL PROCEDURE GREENBAUM,A Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff, Civil Procedure (9th ed. - Thomson/West 2005) [ISBN 0-314-15231-8]

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (2006-2007 Abridged Educational Edition -Thomson/West)

Gerald M. Stern, The Buffalo Creek Disaster (First Vintage Books 1997) [ISBN 0-394-72343-0]

There also are duplicated materials for the course which are available at Moritz in room 146.

507 Y CIVIL PROCEDURE CAUST-ELLENB  Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff, Civil Procedure (9th ed. 2005) Thomson/West ISBN 0-314-15231-8.

2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Foundation Press.
511 LEGAL RESEARCH All Sections Basic Legal Research Workbook, Sloan, Amy  Second Edition.  ISBN 07355 5037 9
The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 18th ed. The Harvard Law Review Association.
533 H CRIMINAL LAW HERMAN,L Sanford H. Kadish & Stephen J. Schulhofer, "Criminal Law and its Processes - Cases and Materials," Aspen Law & Business Publisher, Seventh Edition, 2001, ISBN: 0-7355-1990-0.  There is no printed supplement, but there are duplicated materials.

533 T CRIMINAL LAW DAVIES,S Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (Fifth Edition 2004)
by John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg and Guyora Binder

ISBN: 0735540365
533 X CRIMINAL LAW MICHAELS,A Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (Fifth Edition 2004)
by John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg and Guyora Binder

ISBN: 0735540365

Do not purchase supplement; no duplicated materials
533 Y CRIMINAL LAW DRESSLER,J 1.  Joshua Dressler, CASES AND MATERIALS ON CRIMINAL LAW (3rd edition: 2003).  Publisher: Thomson-West.  ISBN: 0-314-14560-5
2.  Joshua Dressler, UNDERSTANDING CRIMINAL LAW (4th edition 2006).  Publisher: LexisNexis.  ISBN: 0-8205-7001-X.
533 Z CRIMINAL LAW FEDERLE,K Joshua Dressler, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, 3d ed., Thomson West (2003).
ISBN 0-314-14560-5

Joshua Dressler, Understanding Criminal Law, 4th ed., LexisNexis (2006).
ISBN 0-8205-7001-X

Students will not be required to purchase any additional materials or supplements for this course.
600 T APPELAT ADVOCACY BEAZLEY,M Mary Beth Beazley, A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, (Aspen, 2d ed. 2006) ISBN 0-7355-5377-7
600 X APPELAT ADVOCACY BEAZLEY,M Mary Beth Beazley, A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, (Aspen, 2d ed. 2006) ISBN 0-7355-5377-7
600 Y APPELAT ADVOCACY BEAZLEY,M Mary Beth Beazley, A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, (Aspen, 2d ed. 2006) ISBN 0-7355-5377-7
600 Z APPELAT ADVOCACY BEAZLEY,M Mary Beth Beazley, A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, (Aspen, 2d ed. 2006) ISBN 0-7355-5377-7
603   EVIDENCE IMWINKELRIED Carlson, Imwinkelried, Kionka & Strachan, Evidence:  Teaching Materials for an Age of Science and Statutes (LEXIS 5th ed. 2001);
--the 2005 supplement to the above text; and
--Imwinkelried, Evidentiary Foundations (LEXIS 6th ed. 2005).
605   COMMERCIAL PAPER VERDUN,V Whaley, Douglas, "Problems and MAterials on Payment Law, seventh edition, Aspen (2006).
Commercial and Debtor-Creditor Law, Selected Statutes, 2006 Edition, Foundation Press.
606 X FED INCOME TAXATN SAMANSKY,A Schmalbeck & Zelenak, Federal Income Taxation, Aspen, 2004 (0-7355-3714-3)
Duplicated materials, which will include additional cases and the needed Code sections and regulations.
607 01 X BUSINESS ASSOCIATN OESTERLE,D William A. Klein, J. Mark Ramseyer, Stephen M. Bainbridge, Business Associations (6th edition, Foundation Press 2006).  ISBN-13: 978-1-59941-042-5; ISBN-10: 1-59941-042-7.  William A. Klein, J. Mark Ramseyer, Stephen M. Bainbridge, Business Associations, 2006 Statutes and Rules (Foundation Press 2006)  ISBN-13: 978-1-59941-095-1; ISBN-10: 1-59941-095-8.

607 01 Y BUSINESS ASSOCIATN JENKINS,G   Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations by Klein, Ramseyer & Bainbridge, 6th edition, 2006 (ISBN 1-59941-042-7).  Published by Foundation Press.
Business Associations: Agency, Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations: 2006 Statutes and Rules by Klein, Ramseyer & Bainbridge  (ISBN 1-59941-095-8).  Published by Foundation Press.
609 X SALES WALT  Murray & Flechtner, Sales, Leases and Electronic Commerce  (2d ed. West)             Warren & Walt, Commercial law:  Selected Statutes 2006-2007 (Foundation 2006)
610   SECURD TRANSACTONS WALT Warren & Walt, Secured Transactions in Personal Property (6th ed. Foundation)         Warren & Walt, Commercial law:  Selected Statutes 2006-2007 (Foundation 2006)
International Law: Cases and Commentary
Thomson West
third editioin
ISBN-13: 978-0-314-14739-4 ISBN-10: 0-314-14739-X
no document supplement
no duplicated materials
621   REAL ESTATE FINANC BRAUNSTEIN,M Nelson and Whitman, Real Estate finance and Development (west latest edition)
623   FED ANTITRUST LAW MEEKS,J Antitrust Law, Policy, and Procedure:Cases, Materials, and Problems  By Sullivan and Hoverkamp,  Lexis/Nexis, 5th Ed. (2003) ISBN 0820561045  Plus the most recent supplement available, if there is one.
625   COPYRIGHT LAW LEE,E Joyce, Leaffer, Jaszi & Ochoa, Copyright Law (6th ed. 2003).
Cumulative Supplement (to Joyce casebook)(2006; most recent edition).

628   ACCT FOR LAWYERS SHIPMAN,M 1.  Herwitz and Barrett, Accounting for
Lawyers (3rd ed., 2001, unabridged), plus 2005 paperback supplement
thereto.  Foundation Press.

2.      Meyer, Accounting and Finance for Lawyers In a Nutshell (2nd ed.,
2002) (paperback). West.
635   FAMILY LAW SPINDELMAN,M the latest edition of Judith Areen & Milton Regan's Family Law  and supplement; students should also sign up for the cours TWEN site.
636   DISABILITY DISCRIM COLKER,R Ruth Colker & Adam A. Milani, The Law of Disability Discrimination, Lexis Nexis, 5th Edition, 2005, ISBN: 0-8205-6412-5
Ruth Colker & Adam A. Milani, The Law of Disability Discrimination Handbook:  Statutes and Regulatory Guidance, Lexis Nexis, 5th Edition, 2005, ISBN:  0820564141

639   CRIM PRO ADJUDICAT MICHAELS,A Criminal Procedures: Prosecution and Adjudication, Second Edition (Aspen 2005)

By Marc Miller and Ronald Wright
ISBN: 0735557403

This is the paperback.

Do not buy supplement; no duplicated materials
1. Joshua Dressler & George C. Thomas III, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: INVESTIGATING CRIME (2003). Publisher: Thomson West.  ISBN: 0-314-14299-1.
2. Joshua Dressler & George C. Thomas III, 2006 SUPPLEMENT to the casebook listed above.  Technically, the title to the supplement will read: 2006 SUPPLEMENT TO CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: PRINCIPLES, POLICIES AND PERSPECTIVES and CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: INVESTIGATING CRIME and CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: PROSECUTING CRIME.  But, this is one supplement for three books.
Publisher: Thomson West.  This softcover supplement is scheduled for publication in mid-August. No ISBN currently available.
Strongly recommended, but not required is the following:
1. Joshua Dressler & Alan C. Michaels, UNDERSTANDING CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, VOLUME 1: INVESTIGATION (4th edition 2006)  Publisher: Lexis Nexis. ISBN: 0-8205-6999-2 (soft cover) (Do not purchase or use earlier editions.)
656 S WILLS, TRUSTS, EST JOHNSON,B Dukeminier, Johanson, Lindgren & Sitkoff, WILLS, TRUST, AND ESTATES, 7th ed, (Aspen, 2005).  ISBN 0-7355-3695-3

658 T 14th AMENDMENT TOKAJI,D Choper, Fallon, Kamisar, and Shiffrin's Constitutional Law:  Cases - Comments - Questions, West, 10th ed., 2006, ISBN 0-314-16263-1.
2006 Supplement, ISBN 0-314-16819-2.
694 F CIV PRO II FINK,H For Civil Procedure II, I will be using Civil Procedure by Rowe, Sherry and Tidmarsh (Thompson/West) and the 2006 Federal Procedure and Rules Supplement to that book by the same publisher.
700 03 N INTERPRO ETH ISSUE LAUGHLIN,S Duplicated materials
703   LGL NEGOTIATION STULBERG,J 1) Fisher, Ury & Patton.  Getting to Yes (2nd edition).  Penguin Books (paperback).  1991.  ISBN: 0-14-015735-2
2)  C. Wiggins & L.R. Lowry, NEGOTIATION AND SETTLEMENT ADVOCACY (2nd edition)(paperback)  Thomson/West.  ISBN:0-314-14728-4.
3) R. Mnookin, S. Peppet, A. Tulumello, BEYOND WINNING (PAPERBACK VERSION).  The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 2000.  ISBN:  0-674-00335-7.
704 P TRIAL PRACTICE PHILLIPS,J MAUET, THOMAS Trial Techniques, 6th Edition, Boston:  Little, Brown & Co.
MAUET, THOMAS Materials in Trial Advocacy: Problems & Cases, 5th Edition, Boston:  Little Brown & Co.

Lubet, Modern Trial Advocacy, 6th ed.

NITA, Problems in Trial Advocacy, revised 6th ed.

704 X TRIAL PRACTICE RAY,F MAUET, THOMAS Trial Techniques, 6th Edition, Boston:  Little, Brown & Co.
MAUET, THOMAS Materials in Trial Advocacy: Problems & Cases, 5th Edition, Boston:  Little Brown & Co.
704 Z TRIAL PRACTICE WINTER MAUET, THOMAS Trial Techniques, 6th Edition, Boston:  Little, Brown & Co.
MAUET, THOMAS Materials in Trial Advocacy: Problems & Cases, 5th Edition, Boston:  Little Brown & Co.
710   FEDERAL COURTS CAUST-ELLENB Redish & Sherry, Federal Courts (5th ed. 2002) Thomson/West  ISBN 0-314-26010-2

715   TAX OF BUSINESS EN SAMANSKY,A Kwall, The Federal Income Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Their Owners, Foundation (3rd ed 2005) 1-58778-559-5. 
Any recent edition of Lathrope (ed), Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations, Thompson/West
729   ADMINISTRATIVE LAW SHANE,P   Jerry L. Mashaw, Richard A. Merrill, and Peter M. Shane, Administrative Law - The Public Law System:  Cases and Materials (Thomson-West, 5th. ed. 2003) - ISBN 0-314-14425-0
No duplicated materials need be purchased.

732 W ENVIRONMENTAL LAW WIERSEMA Students need 2 books for this course (and don't need to purchase any duplicated materials):
1.  Percival, Schroeder, Miller, Leape, Environmental Regulation: Law Science and Policy, Aspen Publishers, 4th ed., 2003, ISBN: 0735536562.  (Please note that although a newer edition of this book is coming out in August, there is a possibility that it will not be available in time for the new semester, so we will be using the 4th edition and I will update as necessary throughout the semester.)
2. Selected Environmental Law Statutes 2006-2007 Educational Edition, Thomson/West, 2006, ISBN: 0314163468.
733   FIRST AMENDMENT GOLDBERGER,D Stone, Seidman, Sunstein, and Tushnet, The First Amendment, Aspen Publishers, 2d edition, 2003, 0735529299 (and current supplement).

736 01 . PROF RESPONSIBILIT COUGHLAN,J Duplicated Materials

Authors: Donald S. Chisum, Craig Allen Nard, Herbert F. Schwartz, Paulene Newman, F. Scott Kieff
Title: Principles of Patent Law
Publisher: Foundation Press
Edition: Third
Year: 2004
ISBN: 1-58778-734-2

738 20 L LEGISLATION PRACTI BERMAN,D Duplicated Materials
738 20 P CRIM PROS PRACTICU KRIVOSHEY,R The required reading for the class and
the syllabus are all in the duplicated materials sold at the copy center.
738 20 Y MEDIATION PRACTICU COLE,S Goldberg, Sander, Rogers and Cole, Dispute Resolution:  Negotiation, Mediation and Other Processes, 4th ed. 2003, Aspen Publishers, ISBN: 0-7355-2910-8.
738 20 Z CIVIL LAW PRACTICU GOLDBERGER,D Thomas A. Mauet, Pretrial (6th ed., Aspen 2005) ISBN 0-7355-5102-2; and Thomas A. Mauet, Trial Techniques (6th ed., Aspen 2002) ISBN 0-7355-3240-0. Duplicated materials may be picked up from the clinic office the week before classes begin.


Zimmer, Sullivan & White, Cases and
Materials on Employment Discrimination (6th ed) (2003) (Aspen
Publishers) ISBN: 0-7355-3648


Students should also purchase the latests case and statutory supplement to the text.

747   CIVIL RIGHTS POWELL,J Bell, Race, Racism & American Law

Bender & Braveman, Power, Privilege and Law:  A Civil Rights Reader

Black, A New Birth of Freedom

Andrew Barlow, Between Fear and Hope:  Globilization and Race in the United States.

781   INTL DISPUTE RESOL COHEN,AMY Mary Ellen O’Connell, International Dispute Resolution (Carolina Academic Press, Spring 2006)
I will have duplicated materials sold through Loraine Brannon's office.
794 E ELECTION LAW FOLEY,E Duplicated Materials
794 B IMMIGRATION BLOOMFIELD,D Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy 4th ed Legomsky Foundation Press ISBN 1-58778-896-9 and Immigration and Nationality Laws 2006 Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms by Alienikoff, Martin and Motomura.
794 D LAW & GENETICS DEASON,E 1) Lori B. Andrews, Maxwell Mehlman, & Mark A. Rothstein, Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy (Thomson/West 2d ed. 2006) 2) Duplicated Materials

794 G SMALL BUSINESS FIN GARVIN,L No books for this course.  Duplicated materials will be available through Loraine Brannon's office.
794 J LAWYERS LEADERS JENKINS,G Duplicated Materials
794 L LAWYERS IN DR DEASON,E Duplicated Materials
796 03 . SUPREME CT LIT SUTTON,J A Matter of Interpretation:  Federal Courts and the Law Author:  Antonin Scalia Publisher:  Princeton University Press Year:  1998 ISBN:  0691004005
Active Liberty:  Interpreting our Democratic Constitution Author:  Stephen Breyer Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf Year:  2005 ISBN:  0307263134
796 20 A SEM CRITIC RACE NA VERDUN,V Shapiro, Thomas M., The Hidden Cost of Being African American , Oxford University Press, 2004 (ISBN 0-19-515147X).

Brown, Dorothy A,  Critical Race Theory: Cases, Materials and Problems, Thompson West, 2003 (ISBN 0-314-14676-8)

Williams, Sherley Anne, Dessa Rose

Mills, Charles, The Racial Contract

Butler, Octavia, Kindred

Selected Readings – Posted on Web CT (Students will be given instructions for access.)

796 20 B SEM CHAPTER 11 BODOH,W Thomas Salerno et al.,The Executive Guide To Corporate Bankruptcy ISBN 1-58798-026-6 published by Beard Books, Washington,DC
Students should also have a current copy of Title 11, U.S.Code (the Bankruptcy Code)

796 20 F SEM FOSTER CARE LLOYD,A Hubner & Wolfson, eds., Somebody Else's Children: The Courts, The Kids, and The Struggle to Save America's Troubled Families, Crown Publishers (1996)ISBN 0-517-59941-4; Shirk & Strangler, eds., On Their Own: What Happens to Kids When They Age Out of the Foster Care System?, Westview Press(2004) ISBN 0-8133-4180-9; Printed Materials, available from Loraine in the Copy Center.
796 20 N SEM ANTHRO & LAW LAUGHLIN,S Duplicated materials
796 20 S SEM PRIVACY SWIRE,P Robert O'Harrow, "No Place to Hide", paperback,reprint edition 2006, ISBN:0743287053.
796 20 X SEM BIOETHICS SPINDELMAN,M A coursepack will be avilable in the copy
center. Also, please sign up for the course on TWEN.

(The reading assignment for the first class is pages 1-32 in the coursepack.)
796 20 Y SEM LAW,PHIL, HIST FINK,H Duplicated materials
796 63 . SEM CULTURAL TORTS CHAMALLAS,M Duplicated Materials
797 B CHNG BUSINESS CONT GARDINER,D Introductory Accounting and Finance for Lawyers, Fourth Edition, Lawrence A. Cunningham
Thompson West, 2004  ISBN 0-314-15165-6