call number class_Name Instructor
80001 2 502 A Legal Writing Deason
LW (Edwards, Legal Writing) xxv-xxix, Chapters 1, 2, 3

Chapter 2, p.27, #2 ­ Formulate the rule.  Turn in one copy at the start of class; keep a copy to use in class.

In addition, please bring your BlueBook to class.
80002 8 502 E Legal Writing Beazley
In the Edwards text, please read the Introduction & Chs. 1-3.  In addition, please write up answers to Exercise 4 at the end of chapter 2, and Exercise 4 at the end of chapter 3.
80003 3 502 G Legal Writing Merritt
For our first class, please read pp. 89-139 in the textbook ("Writing and Analysis in the Law").  These pages encompass the chapters on Large-Scale Organization, Small-Scale Organization, and Thesis Paragraph.  You should also look carefully at exercises 4-A, 4-B, 4-D, 4-E, 4-G, 5-A, 5-B, and 6-A(1) and (2).  You do not need to prepare written answers to these exercises, but we will discuss them in class and you should be prepared to offer thoughts on them.

Before class, you should also register for the course on the LexisNexis website: .  This will allow you to read announcements related to the course, take part in the discussion forum, and download the syllabus and other handouts in electronic form.

A full syllabus for the course will be available soon, both on the LexisNexis website and in the boxes on the first floor of Drinko Hall.  Happy new year to all of you--I look forward to meeting you in class.  Debby
80004 9 502 H Legal Writing Berman
In preparation for our first class on Friday, January 13, you should:

1. Pick up a copy of the course description, the (tentative) schedule/syllabus.

2. Obtain a copy of Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis and Organization (3d ed. 2002), which is to be our primary text.  Read the Introduction and Chapters 1-3.
80005 4 502 I Legal Writing Shipman
For the first class meeting (Wednesday, January 11, 2006), please read Chapters 1 and 11 of Calleros, Legal Method and Writing (4th ed., 2002).
80006 0 502 J Legal Writing Chamallas
For the first class on January 10, please read the Introduction and chapters 1-3 of the Edwards text.
80007 5 502 L Legal Writing Enns
Please read the Introduction and Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-38 in Edwards, Legal Writing.

ASSIGNMENT: For class on Friday, January 13, prepare exercise 2, Chapter 2, on page 27.  Bring your original plus one copy to class.
80008 1 502 P Legal Writing Sampson
For our first class meeting: (1) read the introduction and chapters 1-3 of the Edwards book and complete Exercise 2 in chapters 2 and 3, (2) register for our TWEN course, and (3) review the syllabus, which I will post on our TWEN course during the first week of classes
80009 6 502 Q Legal Writing Fairman
  For Monday, January 9, 2006, please read the Introduction (xxv-xxix) and Chapters 1-3 (pp. 1-38) in the text, Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing (3d ed. 2002).
80010 4 502 R Legal Writing Beazley
In the Edwards text, please read the Introduction & Chs. 1-3.  In addition, please write up answers to Exercise 4 at the end of chapter 2, and Exercise 4 at the end of chapter 3.
80011 0 502 T Legal Writing Tobin
Read Ch. 1-3, in Edwards, Legal Writing. Read the first three pages of Hampton v. Mow Sun Wong in your Legislation text 391-393.  Write the rule of law that would be applied when considering whether a law that bars foreigners from civil service is Constitutional.  We will do exercise four on page 28 in class.
80012 5 503 X Contracts Garvin
For the first class, please read pp. 263-268 and 274-277 of the casebook and pp. 60-67 of the supplement.  For the second class, please read pp. 277-296 of the casebook and pp. 68-70 of the supplement, though this material will take us two classes to get through.  A new supplement should be available by the start of classes that will contain a syllabus and additional material for the next chapter or two of the casebook.
80013 1 503 Y Contracts Crandall
Prepare casebook materials to page 538.  Prepare for the reality of 9:00 a.m. Monday morning class.
80014 6 503 Z Contracts Travalio
80015 1 505 X Property Johnson
For our first class, please read pages 3 - 26 in Dukeminier & Krier PROPERTY, 5th edition.
80016 7 505 Y Property Shipman
For the first class session (Monday, January 9, 2006), please read: 1) in the casebook, pages 747-59, including the Morgan and the Estancias cases; and 2) in the Gilberts, pages 353-59.  If you wish to read ahead, you may read: 1) in casebook, pages 759-79, 1093 to 1116, 974-84, 1171-93, and 1117-32; and 2) in the Gilberts, pages 353-67, 399 to 410, and 373-82.  We will cover this material next week.
80017 2 505 Z Property Chow
For our first class, read 19-31 in Dukeminier & Krier. Please make sure that you look up the Latin terms in Pierson v. Post.
80018 8 510 X Constitutional Law Goldberger
David Goldberger

  Text: Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law, 2d ed.
Jan. 9. pp. xxxix-liv (U.S. Constitution); 1-10.
Jan. 10. pp. 10-30.
Jan. 11. pp. 30-34, 77-92.
Jan. 12. pp. 92-112.
(The supplement will also be used at appropriate points in the course.)
80019 3 510 Y Constitutional Law Foley
Please register for this course on TWEN, where a copy of the syllabus is posted, along with the readings for Monday, the first day of class.

Please carefully read the syllabus itself, along with the assigned readings, as the syllabus contains introductory information that will be relevant to our first class discussion.

Also, please check TWEN and/or email on Monday for possible additional information concerning the Alito hearings, scheduled to begin on Monday.

The group of students who will be on call during the first week of class, including Monday, will also be posted on TWEN.

I look forward to an exciting week and an interesting semester!
80020 1 510 Z Constitutional Law Laughlin
"Crump, Gressman, & Day, Cases and Materials on Constitutional Law, Fourth Edition and 2005 Supplement.

For the first class please read as follows:
Read for background,  pp.xxxvii-lxxi.  (You will not be asked to recite on this material.)
Read pages 1-17 (You should be prepared to recite on this material)
Read for background, pp. 71- 87"
80115 8 529 C Legislation Colker
80021 7 529 X Legislation Tobin
  Text pages 22-38
My supplement pages 3-25
80022 2 529 Y Legislation Huefner
For our first class, read pages 1-10 of our casebook and pages 1-17 of the bound set of photocopied "Additional Materials," available from room 146.  To help you get the most out of the Additional Materials, note that page 17 consists of several questions to focus your reading.

You also should carefully read the first page of the course syllabus, available in the boxes across from the bookstore and reproduced at the front of the Additional Materials.
80023 8 529 Z Legislation Caust-Ellenbogen
January 9:  Casebook pp.1022-36.
January 10: Casebook pp.24-38;47-81

The syllabus should be available outside room 146 on or about January 9.
80024 3 590   Legal Methods C. Johnson
80025 9 601   Advanced Legal Writing Judge
Students should bring to the first class two copies of their current resume and, if they have applied for a law-related job, two copies of the cover letter that they used.
80026 4 603 X Evidence Simmons
  Ric Simmons

  The textbook for the class is Evidence, by George Fisher (along with the 2005-2006 supplement.)

The assignment for the first class is to read pages 1-4 of the textbook, and to pick up and read the syllabus from the mailbox across the hall from the copy center. 

All students must also register for the class on TWEN; instructions for the registration are attached to the syllabus.
80027 0 603 Z Evidence Krivoshey
Read pp. 1-18 in Gold, Evidence: A Structured Approach
80028 5 605   Commercial Paper Ferriell
Prof. Jeff Ferriell

  Study pp. 1-7 and develop answers to problems 1-3. Be sure to carefully read the provisions of the UCC cited in connection with these materials, their accompanying comments, and any relevant definitions necessary to fully understand these provisions.  Definitions (or citations to definitions) relevant to UCC Article 3 can usually be found in UCC §§ 1-201 & 3-103.
80029 1 606   Fed. Tax Samansky
1/9: Pages 1-14 and form on 16-17 in Schmalbeck & Zelenak casebook.

1/10: Pages 15-27. 
80031 4 609   Sales Garvin
Welcome back!  Our casebook is Murray & Flechtner, Sales, Leases & Electronic Commerce (2d ed. 2003).  You will also need Foundation's Commercial and Debtor-Creditor Law: Selected Statutes, though you may use the West edition if you already own that.  There is also a photocopied supplement available in the boxes outside the Copy Center.  For the first class, please skim pp. 1-6 and 8-10 and prepare carefully pp. 10-20 of the casebook, including all problems except 1(b,l,m,p), 3, and 4, and page 1 of the supplement.  For the second class, please prepare pp. 22-26 of the casebook and pp. 1-6 of the supplement.
80033 5 613   Employment Law Hebert
Jan.    9       Casebook 2-13

Jan.   10         CB 14-31, Supp 1-2

Jan.   11         CB 81-103

Jan.   12         CB 104-115, 132-143, Supp. 2, Stat. 13-26 (Immigration Reform and Control Act, 8 U.S. C. §§ 1324a, 1324b).
80034 1 622   State & Local Tax R. Maier
Please acquire Volume I of the materials from Loraine Brannon's office.  Then read the first seven cases, and the Notes on pages 117-118. 
Read especially thoroughly the first four cases:  International Shoe, Shafer v. Carter, Interational Harvester, and Tennessee Student Assistance Corp.  In Shoe, Shafer, and Harvester, pay careful attention to the tax at issue and the precise questions the court is addressing, and prepared to "recite" the cases in class.  In preparing, pay special attention to the Notes 1-6, pages 117-118 of the materials.
80035 6 625   Copyright Lee
Class 1 (The Future of Copyright): read pp. 1-3, 44-48, 52-66 of casebook, and 2 web posts:

Google Takes on Copyright Laws,,1367,68901,00.html

about Google Book Search,

Think about whether Google Book Search should be legal or illegal if you were creating a copyright system.

Class 2 (The History of Copyright): read pp. 15-27, and pp. 67-85 (fixation)
80036 1 634   Children & the Law Federle
JANUARY 10: Please read and be prepared to discuss pp.  v-vii; 1-20 in the Casebook.

JANUARY 12: Please read and be prepared to discuss pp. 20-34; 62-79 n.3 in the Casebook.
80037 7 635   Family Law Spindelman
For our first class, please read pages 1-28 in Judith Areen, Family Law: Cases and Materials (4th ed. 1999).  Plus latest supplement.
80038 2 641   Crim Pro -- Adjudication Dressler
80039 8 652   Banking Law Anstaett
Please read in Regulation of Bank Financial Service Activities 2nd edition, Broome & Markham pp.1-17, 151-161, 169-172, 183-194.
Review in the accompanying statute book 12 USC 371a, 1464(b)(1)(B), 1828(g), 1832
80040 6 656   Wills, Trusts, Estates Segelken
From Dukeminier and Johansen, Wills, Trusts and Estates

1/9/06    Pp 1-20

1/10/06   Pp 20-40, 48-54, 57(beginning with A. v. B.) -58
80042 7 694 T Civ Pro II Fairman
For Monday, January 9, 2006, please read the Preface (xxv-xxvii) and pages 255-65 in the casebook, Stephen Yeazell, Civil Procedure (6th ed. 2004).
80043 2 694 X Law & Social Science Poteet
Happy New Year!
For our first class, please read the first two articles in the duplicated materials.  These articles are:
1)  Ch. 2, Section I: Legal Research from Social Science in Law, 6th ed. Monahan and Walker.
2)  Sharon D. Herzberger, "Social Science Contributions to the Law: Understanding and Predicting Behavior" 25 Conn.L.Rev. 1067 (1993).
80044 8 694 Y Landlord Tenant Choe
80045 3 694 Z Civ Pro II Greenbaum
80116 3 697 B Comparative Legislation Brudney
80118 4 697 H Legal processes Hawkins
80117 9 697 L Comparative Labor and Employment Brudney
80119 0 697 S Suprevised Research various
80046 9 700.01   Interprofessional Care Kolman
80047 4 703   Legal Negotiations Stulberg
80048 0 704 K Trial practice Marbley
Read Lubet, Modern Trial Advocacy, Chapters 1,2,4,5 and 9
80049 5 704 Y Trial Practice Weiner

Class:   Introduction to Course; Preliminary Assignment of Simulation Roles; Jury Selection

                            Reading :   MAUET, Fundamentals of Trial Techniques , Chapters 1 & 2


80050 3 704 Z Trial Practice Phillips
If you are taking this class, please identify yourself to me by sending me an email at:

I will then send you some materials relevant to the class, assignments generally and the first class.
80051 9 708   Securities Reg. Oesterle
80056 6 728   Int'l Bus. Transactions Chow
For our first class, please read pp. 1-14 in Chow & Schoenbaum.
80057 1 732   Environmental Law Wetzler
Environmental Law
  Andrew Wetzler

  Textbook pp. 9 ­ 14; 24 ­ 30; 40 ­ 50; 111 ­ 116

80062 1 736.01 X Professional Responsibility Coughlin
80063 7 736.02 Z Professional Responsibility Greenbaum
80106 6 737   Patent Law Mesher
80064 2 738.01   Criminal Def. Prac Krivoshey/Snyder
80065 8 738.04   Justice for Children Prac. Federle/Lloyd
80066 3 738.20 A Special Ed. Prac. Colker
80067 9 738.20 L Legislation Clinic Huefner/Enns
Please pick up course materials, consisting of a three-ring binder of readings (the "Clinic Binder") and a coil-bound guidebook to the Ohio General Assembly prepared by the Legislative Service Commission (the "LSC Guidebook"), from room 146.

For our first class, please read the material behind Tab 1 of the Clinic Binder and Chapters 1 and 2 of the LSC Guidebook. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, January 9, at 4:00 p.m. in room 455.
80068 4 738.20 R Mediation Practicum Cohen
80070 8 738.20 Z Civil Law Prac. Travalio/Cooke
Please pick up and review the duplicated coursepack prior to our first class.
80071 3 739   Pretrial Lit. Chester
1/10/06 - Mauet xxiii-xxv - pages 3-17

1/12/06 - Mauet - pages 19-40
80072 9 744   Employ. Discrim. Hebert
Jan.  9 Casebook 31-59, Supplement 4-5
Jan. 10   CB 60-73, Supp 5-7
Jan. 11   CB 77-97, Supp 8-10
Jan. 12   CB 97-122, Supp 14-25
80077 6 794 A Nonprofit Organizations Jenkins
80107 1 794 B European Union Law Domrin
80112 1 794 C Fiduciary Resp of Corporate Board Members Chandler
80078 1 794 D Adv. Issues Disp. Reso. Rogers
The syllabus for the course was emailed to all registered students, posted on the course TWEN page, and is available as a handout.  Please pickup the handout and read it for the first class.
80079 7 794 E Law of Presidential Power Shane
80076 1 794 F Estate & Gift Tax Rose
80080 5 794 H Foreign, Int'l and Comp. Legal Research Hinchcliff
80081 1 794 I Sports Law Michaels
1.  Register for Sports Law on TWEN, if you have not done so already.

2.  Download the "Course Description" from Course Materials on TWEN.

3.  Read pp. 5-25 of the casebook, paying attention (i.e., preparing to answer)the questions on pp. 11-12 with regard to the Rose, Johnson, Landis and Kuhn cases.
80082 6 794 J Adv. Electronic Research Hall
80083 1 794 K Lawyers as Leaders Jenkins
80084 7 794 L Crim. Punish and Sentencing Berman
In preparation for our first class on Monday, January 9, you should:

1. Pick up a copy of the course description and course outline handout, to which a Questionnaire should also be attached;

2. Obtain a copy of our text, Sentencing Law and Policy: Cases, Statutes and Guidelines (2004);

3. Read pp. 1-28, and pp. 56-57 in the textbook, complete the Questionnaire, and bring both to our first class.
80085 2 794 P Law & Psychology Merritt
For our first class, please read pp. 11-37 ("Investigative Interviewing") in Psychology and Law:  An Empirical Perspective, edited by Neil Brewer and Kipling D. Williams.

You should also register for this course on the LexisNexis website: .  That will allow you to download electronic versions of handouts, read announcements about the course, and (if you wish) participate in the discussion forum.

A syllabus for the first part of the course will be available soon, both in electronic form on the LexisNexis website and in hard copy in the boxes on the first floor of Drinko Hall.

I look forward to seeing you in class; happy new year!  Debby
80086 8 794 Q Int'l Human Rights Quigley
For International Human Rights Law, the first assignment is pp. 1-17 in Steiner & Alston, International Human Rights in Context: Law, Politics, Morals (2d ed. 2000).

80087 3 794 R App Ad III (Moot Court) Sutton
80111 6 794 V Intro to Issues Associated with Int'l Joint ventur Harris
80110 1 794 Y Adoption Law Federle
JANUARY 11: Please read and be prepared to discuss pp. 1-32 in Families By Law: An Adoption Reader.

JANUARY 12: Please read and be prepared to discuss pp. 659-678 in the Casebook and pp. 63-74 in Families By Law: An Adoption Reader.
80089 4 794 Z Lawyers & the Media Weaver
80090 2 796.03 Z SEM-Frankforter & Warren Court Stebenne
Michael Parrish, "The Great Depression, the New Deal, and the American Legal Order," and Mark Tushnet, "The New Deal Constitutional Order Revolution: Law, Politics, or What?" both in course packet available at 146 Drinko.
80091 8 796.20 A SEM-State Const. Law Sutton
80108 7 796.20 B SEM -Comparative Law in Post Communist Countires Domrin
801092 796.20 C SEM -- Criminal Law in the Boardroom Axelrod
For our first class, in the course text, "White Collar Crime - Law and Practice," please read:
-Chapter 1, pp. 1-12
-p. 20, note 4 ("Corporate Criminality")
-p. 25, note 4 (Dual Sovereignty Rule")
-Chapter 3, pp. 43-65
80092 3 796.20 J SEM-Feminist Legal Theory Chamallas
For the first class, please read the book Lucky by Alice Sebold. I realize it is a long assignment, but it is a spellbinding memoir that should be a quick read. I hope to have a lively discussion on Tuesday, January 10.
80093 9 796.20 K SEM-Dem.Theory & Law powell
There is a short handout titled "Defining Democracy" outside of my office in a box.  Read that handout for the first class.  Also give some thought about what is meant by democracy and well as what is the problem democracy(s) is trying to solve.
80094 4 796.20 L SEM-IP/Internet Lee
Go to class blog for assignment:
80095 0 796.20 P SEM-Public Utilities Porter
80096 5 796.20 Q SEM-Law in Africa Quigley
80097 1 796.20 R SEM-Race & Criminal Law Davies
Welcome to Race and the Criminal Law, an advanced study seminar!

Please purchase the coursepack of materials for the seminar in Room 146 of the law school and read the materials in Part I for the first class (pages 1-44).  Our class will meet on Thursdays, in Room 345 from 2:00 to 4:00.  Attendance is mandatory.

Also before the first class, please go to and take the Implicit Association Test.  Just follow the prompts to the demonstration test and choose the test for Race Implicit Associations (RIA)  This test is taken anonymously and is designed to help each of us see our hidden biases.  It takes about 10 minutes.

See you all on Thursday!
Prof. Davies
80098 6 796.20 U SEM-Topics in Sex Equality Spindelman
80105 1 796.20 X SEM-Law & Economics D. Cole
80100 3 796.20 Y SEM-Foreign Relations Law Laughlin
"For the first class read The Case of the Flying Fish,  Little v. Barreme,   6 U.S. 170,  2 Cranch 170, 2 L. Ed. 243.  The case can be found on either Lexis or Westlaw."


80101 9 796.20 Z SEM-Supreme Court Caldeira
80102 4 796.55   SEM-Consumer Law Crandall
80103 0 796.58   SEM-Election Law Foley
Please register for this seminar on TWEN, where a copy of the syllabus is posted.  Please read the syllabus and complete the assignment for the first session (Monday, January 9).  I look forward to seeing you there.
80104 5 797   M&A Oesterle