Fall 2005 book list -- If a class is not listed, the professor has not yet submitted book information to the registrar.  Interested students should contact the professor directly about any materials required for the course.
503X -- Contracts -- Garvin
REQUIRED: E. Allan Farnsworth, William F. Young, & Carol Sanger, Contracts: Cases and Materials (Foundation Press, 6th ed. 2001). ISBN: 1-58778-057-7

REQUIRED: Steven J. Burton & Melvin A. Eisenberg, eds., Contract Law: Selected Source Materials (West Publishing, 2004 or current edition). ISBN for 2004 edition: 0-314-15323-3.

REQUIRED: Photocopied materials sold through the Copy Center.

RECOMMENDED: One of the following:

(a) Marvin A. Chirelstein, Concepts & Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts (Foundation Press 4th ed. 2001). ISBN: 1-58778-197-2.

(b) Robert A. Hillman, Principles of Contract Law (West 2004). ISBN: 0-314-14365-3.

(c) E. Allan Farnsworth, Contracts (Aspen, 4th ed. 2004). ISBN: 0-735-52642-7.

NOTE: I advise waiting until the first class to purchase a recommended book.
503Y -- Contracts -- Crandall
Text: Thomas Crandall & Douglas Whaley, Contracts: Cases, Problems & Materials (4th Edition, Aspen).
Supplement: Contract Law: Selected Source Materials (2005 Edition, Thomson/West)
503Z -- Contracts -- Travalio
CONTRACTS Cases and Comment (8th ed.) by Dawson Harvey and Henderson (Foundation Press)
Appendix to CONTRACTS Cases and Comment by Dawson Harvey and Henderson (Foundation Press)
504Y -- Torts -- Northern
Cases and Questions  2004, Farnsworth & Grady, Aspen Publishers , ISBN:  0-7355-2704-0
Duplicated Materials
504T & 504Z -- Torts -- Chamallas
Dan B. Dobbs& Paul T. Hayden, Torts and Compensation (Thomson, West 2005) (5th ed.)
ISBN: 0-314-15029-3  
504X -- Torts -- Lee
Schwartz, Kelly & Partlett, Prosser, Wade & Schwartz's Torts: Cases and Materials (11th ed. Foundation Press 2005).
ISBN 1-58778-874-8
507T -- Civil Procedure -- Fairman
Steven C. Yeazell, Civil Procedure, Aspen, 6th ed., 2004, ISBN # 0-7355-4511-1
Steven C. Yeazell, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure With Selected Statutes, Cases, and Other Materials, 2005, ISBN # 0-7355-5152-9.
507X -- Civil Procedure -- Grennbaum

 Friedenthal, Kane, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff, Civil Procedure (4th ed. WEST 2005)[ISBN 0-314-15231-8]

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Abridged Edition, 2005-2006 (WEST)[ISBN 0-314-15845-6]

Duplicated materials for the course will be sold in Room 146.

507Y -- Civil Procedure -- Caust-Ellenbogen
Cound, Friedenthal, Miller & Sexton, Civil Procedure (West Group 9th ed. 2005)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Foundation Press 2005) ISBN 1-58778-824-1. Note: You may use any 2005 edition of a Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Supplement. However, I prefer the Foundation Press version.
507Z -- Civil Procedure -- Tokaji

Steven C. Yeazell, Civil Procedure, Aspen, 6th ed., 2004, ISBN # 0-7355-4511-1, and Supplement, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure With Selected Statutes, 2005, ISBN # 0-7355-5152-9.

Gene R. Shreve & Peter Raven-Hansen, Understanding Civil Procedure, LexisNexis, 3d ed., 2002, ISBN # 0820553689 (optional).

511 ALL SECTIONS -- Legal Research
Kunz, Schmedemann... The Process of Legal Research, 6th ed. Aspen
The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 18th ed. The Harvard Law Review Association.
533T -- Criminal Law -- Berman
Kaplan, Weisberg & Binder, CRIMINAL LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS (Aspen Publishers, 5th edition 2004)

ISBN 0-7355-4036-5
533 X and 533 Z -- Criminal Law -- Michaels
Kaplan, Weisberg & Binder, Criminal Law Cases and Materials.  (Aspen  5th ed. 2004).  ISBN# 0-7355-4036-5
533 Y -- Criminal Law -- Dressler

Joshua Dressler, CASES AND MATERIALS ON CRIMINAL LAW, Thomson West, Third Edition, 2003,
ISBN 0-314-14560-5

Joshua Dressler, UNDERSTANDING CRIMINAL LAW, Lexis Publishing, Third Edition, 2001,
ISBN 0-8205-5027-2
600 -- App. Advocacy -- Beazley (all sections)
Mary Beth Beazley, A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy (Aspen 2002) ISBN # 0-7355-2406-8

Duplicated materials TBA.
603 -- Evidence -- Merritt
George Fisher, Evidence, Foundation Press University Casebook Series (1st edition 2002).  ISBN 1-58778-176-X
George Fisher, Federal Rules of Evidence:  Statutory and Case Supplement, Foundation Press (2005-2006 Edition).  ISBN 1-58778-837-3.  Note:  This is the ISBN for the 2005-2006 edition, which will be available in mid-July.
No duplicated materials anticipated at this time.

605 -- Commercial Paper -- Verdun

Whaley, Problems and Materials on Payment Law, Sixth Edition.
Commercial and Debtor Creditor Law, Selected Statutes, 2005 ed., Foundation Press
606 -- Fed. Tax -- Tobin

Federal Income Taxation, Schmalbeck and Zelenak, Aspen (1st Edition), ISBN 0-7355-3714-3.
One of the following:
Selected Federal Taxation, Statutes and Regulations, Daniel J. Lathrope, West (2005 Edition), ISBN 0-314-15357-8
Selected Sections, Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations, Klein and Stark, Foundation Press, (2005 Edition)
Highly recommended:
Posin and Tobin, Principles of Federal Income Taxation (West 2005)

607X01 -- Business Associations -- Oesterle

Casebook:   David G. Epstein, Richard D. Freer & Michael J. Roberts, Business Structures (West Group 2002) ISBN 0-314-26295-4


Statutory Supplement:   Jeffrey D. Bauman, Corporations and Other Business Associations:   Statutes, Rules and Forms 2005 Edition (West Group)   ISBN 0-314-16130-9

607Y01 -- Business Associations -- Jenkins
Klein, Ramseyer, & Bainbridge, BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS: AGENCY, PARTNERSHIPS AND CORPORATIONS (Foundation Press, 5th ed, 2003). ISBN: 1-58778-528-5

Klein, Ramseyer, & Bainbridge, 2005 STATUTES AND RULES (Foundation Press, 2005). ISBN: 1-58778-825-X
609X -- Sales -- Crandall
Text: Douglas Whaley, Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease Of Goods (4th Edition, Aspen)
Supplement: Comprehensive Commercial Law, Statutory Supplement (Latest Edition probably 2005, Aspen)
610x -- Secured Transactions -- Garvin
REQUIRED: John O. Honnold, Steven L. Harris, & Charles W. Mooney, Jr., Security Interests in Personal Property: Cases, Problems and Materials (Foundation Press, 3d ed. 2001).  ISBN: 1-56662-949-7. 
REQUIRED: Commercial and Debtor-Creditor Law: Selected Statutes (Foundation Press, 2005 edition).  ISBN for 2004 edition is 1-58778-681-8.

Duplicated materials will be available from the Copy Center
610 -- Secured Transactions -- C. Johnson

1. Lynn M. LoPucki & Elizabeth Warren, Secured Credit: A Systems Approach (4th ed., Aspen Law & Business 2003).

2. Selected Commercial Statutes (West 2005 ed.).

This list is subject to change.
611 -- Debtor Creditor -- C. Johnson

1. E. Warren & J. Westbrook, The Law of Debtors and Creditors (4th ed. 2001, Aspen)

2. Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms (2005 Law School ed., West Group)

3. Law of Debtors & Creditors 2005 Supplement, ISBN # 0735558035

4. Supplement A (available for purchase at the Copy Center)

This list is subject to change.
614 -- Labor Law -- Brudney
Cox,Bok,Gorman,Finkin, Labor Law: Cases and Materials, 13th ed (2001); ISBN 1-58778-060-7

Cox,Bok,Gorman,Finkin, Labor Law: Case and Statutory Supplement (2005)

Duplicated Materials will be attached to Syllabus; only 15-25 pages expected.
619 -- International Law -- Quigley
Janis & Noyes, International Law, West Group, 2d ed, 2001, ISBN 0-314-24651-7. No documentary supplement. No duplicated materials
623 -- Fed. Antitrust -- Meeks
Sullivan and Hovenkamp, Antitrust Law Policy and Procedure, Fifth Edition (Lexis/Nexis) and the most recent supplement. 
628 -- Accounting for Lawyers -- Shipman
1. Herwitz and Barrett, Accounting for Lawyers (3rd ed., 2001, unabridged), plus 2005 paperback supplement thereto. Foundation Press.
2. Meyer, Accounting and Finance for Lawyers In a Nutshell (2nd ed., 2002) (paperback). West.
636 -- Law of Disability Discrimination -- Colker
Ruth Colker & Adam Milani, The Law of Disability Discrimination, Lexis Publishing, Fifth Edition (2005)

Ruth Colker & Adam Milani, The Law of Disability Discrimination Handbook:  Statutes and Regulatory Guidance, Lexis Publishing, Fifth Edition (2005)
639 Criminal Procedure: Investigation -- Dressler

Joshua Dressler & George C. Thomas III, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: INVESTIGATING CRIME, Thomson West, 2003, ISBN: 0-314-14299-1

However, students who will be taking Criminal Procedure: Adjudication in Spring 2006 should purchase a different book instead, which they can use in BOTH classes:

Joshua Dressler & George C. Thomas III, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: PRINCIPLES, POLICIES AND PERSPECTIVES, Thomson West, Second Edition, 2003, ISBN 0-314-26257-1

Regardless of which casebook students purchase, ALL students should buy:

Joshua Dressler & George C. Thomas III, 2005 SUPPLEMENT to CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: PRINCIPLES, POLICIES AND PERSPECTIVES, Thomson West, 2005. (No ISBN Number currently available.)

This supplement will be published this Summer and hopefully be available before the first day of classes. DO NOT PURCHASE AN EARLIER SUPPLEMENT.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (but NOT required) book:
Joshua Dressler, UNDERSTANDING CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, LexisNexis, Third Edition, 2002 ISBN: 0-8205-5405-7

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (but not required):

Joshua Dressler & Alan C. Michaels, 2005 SUPPLEMENT to UNDERSTANDING CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, Lexis Nexis, 2005, ISBN: Not yet available.

This 2005 Supplement will be published this Summer and should be available before the first day of classes.

656 -- Wills, trusts, Estates -- Samansky
1) Vollmar, Hess, Whitman, An Introduction to Trusts and Estates, Thomson/West, 2003, ISBN 0-314-21152-7
694F -- Civil Procedure II -- Fink
Rowe, Sherry and Tidmarsh, Civil Procedure (Foundation Press 2004)

Cleremont, The Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts (Foundation Press 2005)
694Z -- Negotiations -- Lawrence -- Fall Break Course
1).   Roger Fisher and William Ury.  GETTING TO YES.  (2nd edition.  Penguin Books. Paperback.)

2)   Harold I. Abramson, MEDIATION REPRESENTATION: ADVOCATING IN A PROBLEM-SOLVING PROCESS.  (2004.  NITA [National Institute for Trial Advocacy]).

700.03 -- Ethical Issues Common to the Helping Professions -- Laughlin
Course materials will be available on line. Accessing the materials will be explained at the first class. The course is interdisciplinary and therefore is on the quarter system. The first class will be on Tuesday, September 27th at 7:00PM, in a place to be announced in the medical college complex.
703 -- Legal Negotiations -- Stulberg

Roger Fisher and William Ury, GETTING TO YES, Penguin Books (2nd edition), 1991.  0-14-015735-2 (paperback book)

Robert Mnookin, S. Peppet, and A. Tulumello.  BEYOND WINNING. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.  2000.  PLEASE ORDER PAPERBACK EDITION.

NEGOTIATION AND SETTLEMENT ADVOCACY: A book of readings. 2nd edition.  Ed. C. Wiggins, L. Lowry.  Thompson/West. 2005.  0-314-14728-4

704 -- Trial Practice
Trial Techniques, 6th Ed., Thomas Mauet, Aspen (2002)[0-7355-3240-0]
Materials in Trial Advocacy, 5th Ed.,Thomas A. Mauet & Warren D.Wolfson, Aspen (2002)
704S -- Trial Practice -- SARGUS

Lubet, Modern Trial Advocacy, 6th ed.

NITA, Problems in Trial Advocacy, revised 6th ed.

710 -- Federal Courts -- Tokaji

Peter W. Low & John C. Jeffries, Jr., Federal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations, Foundation Press, 5th ed., 2004, ISBN #1-58778-574-9, plus 2005 Supplement.

Erwin Chemerinsky, Federal Jurisdiction, Aspen, 4th ed., 2003, ISBN # 0-7355-2718-0 (optional).

711 -- Health Law -- Spindelman
Furrow, Greaney, Johnson, Jost, and Schwartz, Health Law, West, 5th Ed. 2004 (or latest editionif available.  Students should also purchase the latest supplement.
715 -- Tax. of Bus. Ent. -- Samansky

1) Kwall, The Federal Income Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Their Owners, Foundation Press 3rd edition, 2005, ISBN 1-58778-559-5

2) A recent edition of Lathrope, Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations,Thomson/West, ISBN 0-314-15357-8

Additional book) Strongly recommended (although not required): Gunn and Repetti, Partnership Income Taxation, Foundation Press (Concepts and Insight Series), 4th edition, 2005, ISBN 1-58778-756-3

729 -- Administrative Law -- Shane
Jerry L. Mashaw, Richard A. Merrill, and Peter M. Shane, Administrative Law:  The American Public Law System (Thomson/West, 5th ed. 2003).

ISBN 0-314-14425-0
733 -- First Amd. -- Goldberger

Steven H. Shiffrin and Jesse H. Choper, "The First Amendment," Third (or current) Edition, 2001, ISBN 0-314-25201-0

Students should also purchase the supplement that accompanies the Shiffrin/Choper text.

No duplicated materials anticipated at this time.

736.01 -- Professional Responsibility -- Coughlan
(1)Susan Martyn & Lawrence Fox, TRAVERSING THE ETHICAL MINEFIELD, Aspen, 2004,

ISBN 0-7355-3345-8

(2) Jonathan Coughlan, OHIO'S PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT RULES (2005), These materials will be sold through Loraine Brannon's office.
737 -- Patent Law -- Mesher

Chisum, Nard, Schwartz, Newman, Kieff, PRINCIPLES OF PATENT LAW, Foundation, 2004, 3rd ed.



738.04 -- Justice for Children Practicum -- Federle/Lloyd
Binder, Bergman, Price, & Tremblay, Lawyers as Counselors (West 2d ed. 2004) ISBN # 0-314-23816-6

(Strongly Recommended)

Mauet, Trial Techniques (Aspen 6th ed. 2002)  ISBN # 0-7355-3240-0(Recommended)

Giannelli & Yeomans, Ohio Juvenile Law (West 2004 ed.) ISBN # 0-8322-1081-1(Required)

Hertz, Guggenheim, & Amsterdam, Trial Manual for Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Court(1991)(on reserve in law library)

Supplement (xeroxed materials available through Loraine Brannon's office)

All books will be on course reserve in the law library
738L20 -- Legislation Clinic -- Huefner/Enns
Duplicated materials will be available in Room 146.
738P20 -- Crim Pros. Practicum -- Simmons/Krivoshey
Anderson's 2005-1 Ohio Criminal Law Handbook LexisNexis Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. 2005. 

ISBN 1-59345-278-0

duplicated materials

738X20 -- Multiparty Mediation Pracitcum -- Deason
Duplicated Materials
738Y20 -- Mediation Practicum -- Cole
Goldberg, Sander, Rogers and Cole, Dispute Resolution:  Negotiation, Mediation, and Other Processes (4th ed. 2003), Aspen, ISBN 0-7355-2910-8
738Z20 -- Civil Law Practicum -- Goldberger/Cooke
Mauet, Trial Techniques (Aspen 6th ed. 2002) ISBN # 0-7355-3240-0;
Mauet, Pretrial (Aspen 6th ed. 2005) ISBN # 0-7355-5102-2;
Duplicated materials will be available through Loraine Brannon's office.
747 -- Civil Rights -- powell
Bell, Race, Racism & American Law

Bender & Braveman, Power, Privilege and Law:  A Civil Rights Reader

Black, A New Birth of Freedom

Andrew Barlow, Between Fear and Hope:  Globilization and Race in the United States.

781 -- Comparative Dispute Resolution -- Deason
Duplicated Materials
794L -- Intro. Intel  Prop -- Lee
(1) Merges, Menell & Lemley, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (3d ed. Aspen 2003). ISBN 0-7355-3652-X

(2) Unfair Competition, Trademark, Copyright, and Patent: Selected Statutes and International Agreements (Foundation Press 2005).
ISBN 1-58778-682-6
794X -- Int'l Intellectual Property -- Chow
We will use the following duplicated materials sold through Loraine Brannon's office:

(1) Daniel C.K. Chow and Edward S. Lee, International Intellectual Property (2005)

(2) Documents Supplement
796A20 --  Critical Race Theory -- Verdun

Shapiro, Thomas, The Hidden Cost of Being African American, Oxford University Press, 2004 (ISBN 0-19-515147x)

Massey, American Apartheid, Harvard University press, 1993 (ISBN 0-674-01821-4)

Cashin, Sheryl, The Failures of Integration, Public Affairs, 2004 9ISBN 1-58648-124-X)

Salzberger and Turck, Reparations for Slavery, Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, 2004 (ISBN 0-7425-1476-5)

Roediger, David, Black on White, Shocken Books, 1998 (ISBN 0-8052-4146-9)

Lipsitz, George, The Possessive Investment in Whiteness, Temple University Press, 1998 (ISBN 1-56639-635-2)

All should be paperback

796H20 -- ADR in the WOrkplace -- Hebert
Cooper, Nolan & Bales, ADR in the Workplace (Thompson-West, 2d edition 2005), ISBN 0-314-14785-9.
796L20 -- Anthropology and the Law -- Laughlin
The course will use handouts, law library reserve assignments and material on line.    The course is interdisciplinary and therefore is on the quarter system.   The first class will be on Wednesday, September 21th at 7:00 PM,  in Room 347, Drinko Hall.  For the first class read  “What is Anthropology?” online at   http://www.aaanet.org/anthbroc.htm
796Q20 -- Middle East Conflict -- Quigley
Duplicated Materials
796Y20 Law, History and Philosophy -- Fink
Duplicated Materials
796Z20 -- Feminist Legal Theory -- Chamallas

Martha Chamallas, Introduction to Feminist Legal Theory (2d ed.) (Aspen Publishers 2003)
ISBN: 0-7355-2648-6

Alice Sebold, Lucky (Little, Brown & Company) (1999)
ISBN: 0-316-09619-9

Robin West, Caring for Justice (New York University Press) (1997)
ISBN: 0-8147-9291-X


Duplicated materials

797B -- Change of Business Control
Introductory Accounting and Finance for Lawyers, Fourth Edition, Lawrence A. Cunningham

Thompson West, 2004  ISBN 0-314-15165-6