Call# Hrs Crs# S Course_Name Instructor
800012 2 502 H Legal Writing Hebert

Neumann, Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing: Structure, Strategy, and Sytle (4th ed. 2001).

Syllabus available in assignment boxes across from Room 146.


Jan. 13     Neumann 15-40, 51-66

Look forward to seeing you in class.
800028 2 502 I Legal Writing Clovis
Assignment for first class (Thursday, January 13):

Garner, The Elements of Legal Style (2d Ed.):  Pages 1-34.  There will be a short quiz on this material.
800033 2 502 J Legal Writing Beazley
In Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, & Organization, please read the Introduction and chapters 1, 2, and 3.  Write out draft answers to exercise  4 at the end of chapter 2, and to exercise 4 at the end of chapter 3.  Bring your answers to class.
800049 2 502 K Legal Writing Colker
The course syllabus and fact pattern for the office memo are posted on TWEN.  You should read chapters 1-3 from Linda Edwards, Legal Writing (3rd edition 2002) for the first class. 
800054 2 502 L Legal Writing Lee
1st class: Linda Edwards book, Intro, Appendix A (395-400), Ch. 1-3.

Please be prepared to discuss Ex. 1 on p. 8 and Ex. 4 on p. 38.

Also, bring to class The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.
800060 2 502 P Legal Writing Cooke
For class on Friday, January 14, 2005, please read Legal Writing xxv-xxix, and Chapters 1 - 3.  Also read Just Writing pages 1-15.  Write out the answer to Exercise 2 on page 27 of Legal Writing .  Bring two copies of your answer to class, one to turn in and the other for your use in class.
800075 2 502 Q Legal Writing Enns
READING:  Edwards, Legal Writing pp. xxv-xxix and Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-38.

ASSIGNMENT: For class on January 14, prepare Chapter 2, Exercise 2, on page 27.  Bring your original plus one copy to class.
800081 2 502 R Legal Writing Fairman
For Friday, January 14, 2005, please read the Introduction (xxv-xxix) and Chapters 1-3 (pp. 1-38) in the text, Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing (3d ed. 2002).
800096 2 502 T Legal Writing Tokaji
For the first class, please read the Introduction and Chapters 1-3 in Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing:  Process, Analysis, and Organization (3d ed. 2003).  Please complete Exercise 2 at the end of Ch. 2 (p. 27) and Exercise 2 at the end of Ch. 3 (p. 37), and bring with you to class.  
800104 2 502 U Legal Writing Michaels
For our first class on January 14, please read Chapters 1-3 of the Edwards, Legal Writing.

   In addition, please register with the course web site at TWEN, as I will use TWEN to get information to you throughout the semester.
800110 2 502 Y Legal Writing Sampson

For our first class meeting, read the introduction and chapters 1-3 of our textbook and complete exercise 2 in chapters 2 and 3.  Be prepared to share your answers in class. 

I will post a syllabus and other introductory materials on our TWEN course during the first week of class. 
800125 2 502 Z Legal Writing Goldberger
Text: L. Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization, 3d. ed., 2002.

Reading Assignment: 1/14/05 - Edwards, Chapters 1-3.
800131 2 503 X Contracts Garvin
Welcome back!  For our first meeting, please read pages 573-578 and 580-585 of the casebook and pages 134-135 of your supplement from last semester.  For the next meeting, please read pages 290-295 and 298-302 of the casebook and pages 140-143 of the supplement.  The balance of the week will be spent on the Statute of Frauds. 

There is a new photocopied supplement.  You do not need the new supplement immediately, but we will need it either at the very end of the first week of classes or at the start of the second week.
800146 2 503 Y Contracts O'Connell
Jan. 10             What are the Defenses to Contract Formation?, cont'd
                        Unconscionability and Problems of Adhesion Contracts
                        Read pp. 366 – 379, 385-388
800151 2 503 Z Contracts Clovis
800167 4 505 X Property Chow
For our first class, please read pp. 19-31 in Dukeminier & Krier. Please make sure that you look up the latin phrases in Pierson v. Post and also be prepared to discuss the notes and problems.
800172 4 505 Y Property Shipman
For the first session (Tuesday, January 11, 2005) please read: (1) in the casebook, by Dukeminer and Krier, pages 745-59; and (2) in the Gilbert's (by Dukenminier), pages 353-59.
800188 4 505 Z Property Braunstein
Please read pages 802-815 for the first class. Pick up the class materials in Room 146 and prepare the assignment for Week 1.
800193 4 510 X Constitutional Law Goldberger
Text: R. Rotunda, Modern Constitutional Law, 7th ed., and suppl.

Reading Assignments:

January 11 - Text, pp. liii-lxxvii (U.S. Constitution).
January 12 - Text, pp. 1-14.
January 13 - Text, pp. 14-30.
January 14 - Text, pp. 30-46.
800201 4 510 Y Constitutional Law Foley
Neal Devins and Davison M. Douglas (eds.), A YEAR AT THE SUPREME COURT 1-31 (2004)

Syllabus and Reading Materials for Assignment Number One can be retrieved from the Handout Box located across from the Printing Office (Rm. 146).  Please read the first assignment before our first class.  I look forward to seeing you in class.
800217 4 510 Z Constitutional Law Laughlin
Rotunda, Modern Constitutional Law

pp. Liii-Lxxvii: (The Constitution of the United States)

Also pp. 1-14
800222 3 529 X Legislation Brudney
For the first class, please read pp. 1-10 of the Eskridge, Frickey, & Garrett Casebook (3d ed. 2001), and pp. 1-17 of the duplicated Additional Materials, which are available in Room 146.  A syllabus for the course is included as part of the Additional Materials.
800238 3 529 Y Legislation Caust-Ellenbogen
Syllabi are available (or will be available soon) outside room 146.

First assignment is pp. 1022-36 in the Casebook.

Second assignment is pp. 24-38;47-81 in the Casebook.
800243 3 529 Z Legislation Huefner
Please read pages 1-10 of the Eskridge, Frickey, & Garrett casebook, and pages 1-17 of the Additional Materials volume available in room 146.
800259 3 590   Legal Methods Johnson, C.
800264 3 603 K Evidence Krivoshey
800270 4 603 X Evidence Simmons
No assignment for the first class.

Please pick up a syllabus from the handout box.

Every student must sign up on the TWEN website for this class.  Instructions are attached to the syllabus.
800285 3 605 X Commercial Paper Verdun

CASEBOOK:  PROBLEMS AND MATERIALS ON PAYMENT LAW - 6th Ed., Douglas Whaley, Aspen Law and Business (2003).

For our first class meeting please read Negotiability - Chapter 1

Read all related statutes.

Look forward to seeing you in class.
800291 3 605 Z Commercial Paper Ferriell

Introduction to Payment Law: Types of Instruments


For the first class, on Tuesday, Jan. 11th, read pp. 1-7 and prepare solutions to problems 1-3.

For the second class, on Wednesday, Jan 12, read pp. 7-19 and prepare solutions to propblems 4-7.

For the third class, on Friday, Jan. 14, read pp. 19-27 and prepare solutions to problems 8-11.

A copy of the syllabus is available at Http://
800309 4 606 X Federal Income Tax Tobin
Read handout and pages 1-2 in the text.
800314 4 606 Z Federal Income Tax Samansky
For first class on Tuesday, January 11, please read pages 1-14 and study the return on pages 16-17 in Schmalbeck and Zelenak text.

For class on Wednesday, January 12, please read pages 15-27.

An introductory memorandum for the course and a tentative syllabus will be available before the first class. 
800320 4 607.01   Business Associations Verdun

CASEBOOK: Cary and Eisenberg, Corporations and Other Business Organizations, 8th Edition, Unabridged, Foundation Press (2000) and 2003 Supplement.

STATUTES: Corporations and Other Business Organizations-Statutes, Rules, Materials and Forms, Foundation Press (2003).

RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTAL READING:  Fessler, Alternatives to Incorporation, WestGary, Partnership Planning, Foundation Press

For first class meeting (Monday, January 10, 2005)

I.  Agency



Agent's Duty of Loyalty

Introduction to Financial Stmts.  (Read for your enlightenment)
800335 2 609 T Sales Travalio
Please read pages 1-20 in the casebook:  Sales, A Systems Approach (2nd ed.) by Daniel Keating (Aspen 2003).  Also be prepared to answer Problems 1.2 through 1.4.
800341 3 610   Secured Transactions Johnson, C.
Pick up Syllabus

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005

Subject: Why Is There a Need for Secured Transactions?

Text: Read Basic Course Information, Introduction, pp. xxv - xxviii, and Assignment 1, pp. 3-20.  Do Problems 1.1 - 1.2.

Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005

Text: Review Assignment 1.  Do Problems 1.3 through 1.5.  In addition to the Wisconsin statute, use Ohio Rev. Code § 2329.66 to answer Problem 1.5.
800356 3 613   Employment Law Hebert
Mark A. Rothstein and Lance Liebman, Cases and Materials on Employment Law (5 th ed. 2003).
Mark A. Rothstein and Lance Liebman, Cases and Materials on Employment Law (2004 Supplement).
Mark A. Rothstein and Lance Liebman, Statutory Supplement to Cases and Materials on Employment Law (2003).

Syllabus available in assignment boxes across from Room 146.

Jan. 10   Casebook 2-13
Jan. 11   Casebook 14-31, Supp. 1
Jan. 12   Casebook 81-103
800361 4 623   Federal Antitrust Meeks
You should read and be ready to discuss chapters 1 & 2, pp. 1-63 and related material in the Supplement pp. 1-4.  This is a long assignment but is almost entirely textual, background material.
800377 3 625   Copyright Halpern
Halpern, Copyright Law: Protection of Original Expression (Carolina Academic Press 2002):  Chapter 1, Introduction
800382 3 628   Accounting for Lawyers Shipman
For our first class meeting (Tuesday, January 11, 2005) please read pages 250-73 of the casebook, including Bily.

800398 3 639   Crim Pro Investigation Dressler
1. All assignments are from: 

         A.  Dressler & Thomas, Criminal Procedure: Investigating Crime (2003) [soft-cover, less expensive, covers this class only]



         B.  Dressler & Thomas, Criminal Procedure: Principles, Policies and Perspectives (2d ed. 2003) [hard cover, more expensive, also covers materials I teach in Criminal Procedure: Adjudication]



         C.  You will also need the 2004 Supplement to the casebook. (It is the same supplement, regardless of which casebook you choose to purchase.]

2.  First class:   

     From the casebook, please read PP.51 (“Norms of the Criminal Process”) - 59 (Up to “Notes & Questions”) (This is important background material.  We will come back to this often during the semester, although I may not discuss it today.)

      Also, please look at pp. 1-3 of the Supplement.  It can prove helpful during the semester.
800406 2 652   Banking Law Ansteatt
The text for this course is Regulation of Bank Financial Service Activities, Broome and Markham.  You can use the 1st edition (published in 2001) and the 2004 supplement or the 2nd edition (published in 2004). In either edition for the first class please read Chapter 3 The Business of Banking and the questions in that chapter that can be answered from the text. Please review 12 USC 371a and 12 USC 1828(g) in the statutory supplement (either the 2001 or 2005 edition).
800411 3 656   Wills, Trusts & Estates Samansky
For class on Wed, Jan. 12, pages 1-11 in Vollmar et al. casebook

For class on Thurs, Jan. 13, pages 20-35

An introductory memorandum for the course and a syllabus will be available in the distribution shelves before the first class.
800427 3 658   14th Amendment Tokaji
For the first class, please read pp. 1083-1107 in the casebook, Jesse H. Choper, et al., Constitutional Rights and Liberties (2001).  Consider the following questions and be prepared to discuss them in class:

1.  Was Brown v. Board of Education correctly decided?

2.  What does "all deliberate speed," as used in Brown II, mean?

3.  Has Brown v. Board of Education been a success?   And if not (in whole or in part) why not?  
800432 1 694 K Break- Disp Res. Negotiation and Gender McKim
800448 3 694 L Landlord Tenant Choe
For the first day of case please read pp. 1-23 of the Course Packet.
800453 2 694 P Law & Social Science Poteet
For the first day of class please read:

Ch. 1, pp. 1 - 26

        25 Conn.L.Rev. 1067  "Social Science Contributions to the Law: Understanding and Predicting Behavior" by                 Sharon D. Herzberger
800469 3 694 Z Civil Procedure II Greenbaum
  A syllabus for the course, with day-by-day assignments, is included in the course supplement. The first week's assignments are repreated here. The first class will largely be an introduction to the course.

Class 1

Introduction to Pleading 

CB 6-9

FR 1, 2, 3, 7, 8(a), 8(e), 8(f),10,11,84;

Forms 2, 9, 10 & 20

SM 1

Notice Pleading:  Claim for Relief       

CB 518 n.3-21 n.6, 28 n.3

FR 8(a), Form 9

SM 2, 3

Classes 1-3

Rule 12 Motions  

CB 545-46, 553 n.7-555

FR 7(b), 10, 11, 12, Form 19

SM 4, 5

Class 3  

Beyond Notice Pleading:  Additional Common Law & Rule 9 Requirements

CB 531 n.2 - 532 n.1

FR 9(b), 9(f)

SM 6
800474 2 700.01   Interprofessional Care Kolman
800480 4 703   Legal Negotiations Wilson
Monday, Jan. 10, 2005, 1:00 to 2:50:

Read: Preface & Chapter 1 (pp. 1-31) in Negotiation Theory & Strategy

      by Russell Korobkin.  Answer & be prepared to discuss the

      Discussion Questions & Problems on pp. 30-31.
800495 4 704 K Trial Practice Marbley
800503 4 704 Y Trial Practice Anderson
800519 4 704 Z Trial Practice Phillips

There is no reading assignment for the first class.  We discuss what you want out of the class. Be prepared to discuss same and to answer some obvious questions about yourselves.  I may conduct something of a voir dire of the class.

James E. Phillips
Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease LLP
P.O. Box 1008
52 East Gay Street
Columbus, Ohio 43216

800524 3 708   Securities Regulation Oesterle
800530 3 710   Federal Courts Caust-Ellenbogen
Syllabi are available (or will be available soon)outside room 146.

First assignment is pp. 1-16;262-78 in the Casebook.

Second assignment is pp. 106-19 in the Casebook.

Third assignment is pp. 119-47 in the Casebook.
800545 1 713   R Herman Competition Doyle
800551 1 713 X Moot Court -- Board Doyle
800566 1 713 Y Moot Court -- Team Doyle
800571 1 713 Z Moot Court -- Comp. Credit Doyle
800587 4 733   First Amendment Foley
Please obtain and read the syllabus and the first assignment.  I look forward to seeing you in class.
800637 2 736.01   Legal Profession Kettlewell
Read Chapter 1 - Dilemmas of an Attorney.
800642 2 736.02   Professional Responsibility Fairman
For Thursday, January 13, 2005, please read the Preface (xxiii-xxvi) and Chapter 1 (pp. 1-14) in the casebook, Stephen Gillers, Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics (6th ed. 2002).
800658 2 737Z   Patent Litigation Prior
Read in "Patent Litigation" book pgs. 1-14, 18-32 & 35-62
800663 4 738.01   Criminal Defense Practicum Krivoshey/Snyder
800679 4 738.04   Justice for Children Practicum Federle/Lloyd
For class on Monday, January 10, please read in your supplemental materials the Course Information, Operating Procedures, (Supplement, Section B, pp. 1-24), and Sup. Ct. R. II (Supplement, Section A, pp. 1-2).
800684 4 738.20 L Legislation Practicum Brudney/Enns
Please pick up course materials, consisting of a three-ring binder of readings (the "Clinic Binder") and a coil-bound guidebook to the Ohio General Assembly prepared by the Legislative Service Commission (the "LSC Guidebook").

For our first class, please read the material behind Tab 1 of the Clinic Binder and Chapters 1 and 2 of the LSC Guidebook. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, January 10, at 4:00 p.m. in room 455.
800690 4 738.20 R Mediation Practicum Rogers

Reading material is available in the handout box.

Monday, January 10, Goldberg, Sander, Rogers & Cole, pp. 17-23, 33-54

Tuesday, January 11, Goldberg, Sander, Rogers & Cole, pp. 55-59, 83-89
800708 4 738.20 T Multi Party Mediation Practicum Stulberg
801030 4 738.20 Z Civil Law Practicum Travalio/Cooke
Pick up and read the Civil Law Practicum duplicated coursepack prior to the first class.
800713 3 739   Pre-Trial Litigation Chester

Reading Assignments:

1/11/05 - Mauet xxiii-xxv - pages 3 to 17

1/13/05 - Mauet - pages 19 to 40

Book Title: Mauet, Pretrial

Author: Thomas A. Mauet

Publisher: Aspen Law & Business

Edition: 5th

Year: 2002

ISBN: 0-7355-2711-3
800729 3 782   Products Liability Northern
For the first class please read pages 1-33 of the text:  Products Liability: Problems and Process, James A. Henderson, Jr. and Aaron D. Twerski, Fifth Edition.   We will be discussing problem 1 in Class.
800740 3 793 J Judicial Externs Kapur
800755   793 L Capital Law Class  
800761 1 794 H Advanced Electronic Research Hall
800776 3 794 I Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution Deason
Assignment for Thursday, January 13, 2005

Please read the handout that will be available on the shelf by the copy center.  It contains material from Goldberg, Sander, Rogers, & Cole, Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, and Other Processes 306-22 (4th ed. 2003), consisting of excerpts from Goldberg, Brett, & Ury, Designing an Effective Dispute Resolution Systems, and Costantino & Merchant, Designing Conflict Management Systems.  Be prepared to discuss your ideas in response to Questions 5.12 & 5.13. 
800781 4 794 J International Intellectual Property Chow
For our first class please read pages 1-16 in Chow & Lee, International Intellectual Property, which can be purchased from the copy center on the first floor of the law school. Please be prepared to discuss the problems and questions in the notes.
800797 2 794 K Lawyers and the Media Weaver
800805 3 794 L Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Lee
1.  1st class - pp. 1-26 in Merges, Menell & Lemley casebook;

be prepared to discuss why and in what circumstances intellectual property should be recognized

2.  2nd class - pp. 27-53 and sign up for TWEN
800811 3 794 P Non Profit Organizations Jenkins
800826 4 794 Q International Human Rights Quigley
Steiner & Alston, International Human Rights in Context: Law, Politics, Morals (2d ed., 2000), pp. 1-17.


Course syllabus is available in the syllabus box in the basement.
800831 2 794 R Eminent Domain Braunstein
800847 2 794 T White Collar Crime Michaels/Sutton
All students must sign up for the course on TWEN.  From TWEN, you will be able to download the Syllabus (look under "Syllabus") and the Statutory Supplement (look under "Course Materials").

    For the first class meeting on Thursday, January 13, the reading assignment is pages 1-7, 801-817, 824 (note 1)- 829 (note 3) from the O'Sullivan casebook, and 18 U.S.C. Sections 371 and 1001 from the Statutory Supplement.

    We only have 14 meetings, so we will be diving right into the substantive material.
800868 3 794 X Telecommunications Law Shane
Please acquire Stuart Minor Benjamin, Douglas Gary Lichtman, and Howard A. Shelanski, Telecommunications Law and Policy (Carolina Academic Press (2001), together with the 2004 Supplement.

For the first day, please read pages 3-34 of the text.
800873 1 794 Y Appellate Advocacy III Sutton
800889 1 794 Z Spring Break-Estate & Gift Taxation Rose
800902 2 796.20 H Seminar- Sexual Orientation, Gender and the Law Colker
Please read pages 44-112 from Eskridge & Hunter, Sexuality, Gender and the Law for the first class.  The syllabus will be posted on TWEN.
800918 2 796.20 I Seminar-Chapter 11 Bodoh
The course book is available at the copy center at the College of Law @ $30. There are also copies of additional course materials available in the first floor boxes where course materials are distributed.
For the first class, please read the Ayer & Bernstein handouts and Chapters 1 & 2  of  Salerno, et al, The Executive Guide to Corporate Bankruptcy (the course book). A course schedule will be available at the first class meeting.
800923 2 796.20 J Seminar-Issues in Arbitration Cole
Read pp. 2-12 in duplicated materials.
800939 2 796.20 K Seminar-Civil Liberties powell
Week I  Enemy Alien by David Cole  pp 1-14, 17-22, 88-115

         Supplemental Material: Posner article  pp1-9

The book is for the course.  The supplemental material for the first course can be picked up from my assistant Carol Peirano in Rm. 326.
800944 2 796.20 L Seminar- Professional Responsibility Greenbaum
For the first class, please review the Course Requirements memorandum which will be distributed in the boxes across from the copy center [room 146].
800950 2 796.20 P Seminar-Public Utilities Porter
800965 2 796.20 Q Seminar-Law & Religion Laughlin
For the first class, read:

Kreshik v. St. Nicholas Cathedral, 363 U.S. 190, 4 L. Ed. 2d 1140, 80 S. Ct. 1037 (1960).

Kedroff v. St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, 344 U.S. 94 (1952). 

800971 2 796.20 R Seminar-Jurisprudence Huefner
Please read Lon Fuller's essay "The Case of the Speluncean Explorers," 62 Harv. L. Rev. 616 (1949), also available in the boxes across from the syllabus board, and pages 1-39 of the Christie & Martin textbook.
800986 2 796.20 T Seminar-Tax Policy Tobin
Read Chapter 1 and 2 of "Taxing Ourselves."  The book is available through regular bookstores (Amazon and others have it in stock), and should be at Long's and College Town.  (I ordered it late. If it doesn't arrive, I will copy chapter 1 and 2).
800991 2 796.20 U Seminar-State Constitutional Law Sutton
801003   796.20 Y Seminar- Foster Care Lloyd
There are course materials on sale at the copy center in the law school.  The syllabus, including the first day's assignment, is included in the course materials.
801019 2 796.20 Z History of American Law and Society Stebenne
Michael Kent Curtis, No State Shall Abridge: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights ,
introduction, chaps. 1-4.
801024 3 797   Mergers & Acquisitions Oesterle