International Business Litigation

New 2004 Fall Break Class!!!

Excellent news - we've just added a new class to the fall schedule. The class is a 1 credit mini-course that will meet over fall break October 4-8.

Professor Chow will be teaching International Business Litigation. The class will meet 9:30-12:30 M-F over fall break. The class is open to all second and third years, except those students who took Professor Chow's International Business Transactions course during the winter 2004 semester (due to overlapping course content). Students enrolled in International Business Transactions for fall 2004 semester are NOT preempted from enrolling and, indeed, are encouraged to enroll because the mini-course will complement ad add to material they will learn in the fall transactions course.

The call number is 800993. The course number is 694Y (a description, however, can be found under 794Z at the very end of the Course Descriptions document. We had to change the course number when we moved this class from summer to fall). Although students can try to add the class themselves, most will have to ask for my help because the system thinks there is a time conflict due to the fact that the system does not appreciate that other law classes are no in session from 10/04 through 10/8. Just email me at and I will add the class to your schedule.