Au 2004 Exam Schedule





Monday December 6

Constructive Thursday

Constructive Thursday Last day of 2&3L classes




Tuesday December 7

Constructive Friday

Reading Day




Wednesday December 8

Wednesday Classes

Reading Day




Thursday December 9

Constructive Monday; last day of 1L classes

1:30 PM Exams

606X Federal Income Taxation

728 International Business Transactions

794L Immigration Law




Friday December 10

1L Reading Day

1:30 PM Exams

706 Conflicts of Law

729 Administrative Law

732 Environmental Law

744 Employment Discrimination

794X Taxation of Business Enterprises




Monday December 13

9:00AM Exams

Civil Procedure All Sections

1:30 PM Exams

641      Crim Pro Adjudication






Tuesday December 14

Reading Day

1:30 PM Exams

609X Sales

610 Secured Transactions

619 International Law

634 Children and the Law

694X Civ Pro II

694Z Civ Pro II




Wednesday December 15

Reading Day

Reading Day




Thursday December 16

9:00 AM Exams

Criminal Law All Sections

1:30 PM Exams

607.01X Business Association

607.01Y Business Associations

794T Trademark




Friday December 17

Reading Day

1:30 PM Exams

611 Debtor-Creditor

614 Labor Law

747 Civil Rights

794J Admiralty




Monday December 20

9:00AM Exams

Torts All Sections

1:30 PM Exams

603X Evidence

794H Defamation





Tuesday December 21


1:30 PM Exams

621 Real Estate Finance

656 Wills, Trusts, & Estates

694I Fundamental Analysis of Financial Instruments

Take Home Exams:

705 Complex Litigation

737X Patent Law

752 Election Law

794Q International Dispute Resolution

794U Lawyering in Dispute Resolution

797B Business Change of Control Transactions

635            Family Law

794K Crim Punishment and Sentencing