Career Counseling

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The Career Services Staff counsel all students on a multitude of job search options, and will guide you through your summer and permanent job searches.  Knowing that a good number of students intend to pursue summer positions and permanent jobs in the public sector or public interest, Moritz has specialized Career Service staff who can help students wishing to pursue these specific opportunities. The staff include the Director of Public Service and Public Interest Programs, Cybele Smith.

Our staff offer a variety of career planning and job search services and resources which can be utilized by accessing our website anytime, through one-on-one counseling appointments, as well as by attendance at some or all of our programming throughout the academic year. We are committed to helping students find the best job fit possible through individualized self assessment, identifying appropriate legal career options, providing training in job search skills and offering many sources of employment opportunities. Students interested in pursuing public sector employment can receive counseling on how and when to apply to federal, state and local government jobs and internships, get feedback on application materials and participate in mock interviews with Career Services Staff.  Our alumni in similar careers have proven helpful to current and graduating students as they prepare to enter government careers. The Career Services office subscribes to the best web and print resources available.  Law students can access, which posts jobs in the US and abroad as well as open fellowship and government opportunities, as well as summer funding options.  Moritz subscribes to the Arizona Guide to Government Honors and Internship Handbook, the Vermont Guide to State Court Clerkships and are institutional members of Equal Justice Works, allowing our students and alumni to attend their Career Fair and apply for post graduate fellowships and Americorps summer funding, among other benefits. More resources are available here.

Students considering post graduate fellowships benefit from the experience and counsel of staff who have helped others land fellowships and from a former fellow JD Counselor, as well as by being connected back to potential employers and alumni fellows.  By our Moritz membership in, students are able to track deadline dates and use the free information available to member school students.  Students can also use the search tools on that site to find host employers for summer and for fellowships.  For much more on public interest and to read through our 1L, 2L and 3L Public Interest Handbooks, please click here.

Moritz law students can participate in our fall and spring On-Campus Interview program, and those wishing to pursue summer and permanent positions in the public service are also invited to participate in specific public service related job fairs. For instance, each winter Moritz sponsors the Government and Public Interest Opportunity Forum and Table Talk sessions. In past years over 30 employers have interviewed and hired students for summer paid and volunteer work each February. These positions help students gain experience, meet practitioners, interact with clients and court personnel and hone research and writing skills under the tutelage of licensed attorneys in a wide variety of settings, from prosecutor and public defender offices, to local, state and federal government agencies, to direct legal service providers and many more. Moritz is a member school and is therefore able to send students to the Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair in Washington, DC annually.  The fair, typically held in October each year, is the largest career fair of public interest and public sector employers in the country.  Our membership also allows 3Ls to apply for Equal Justice Works Fellowships and the Americorps Summercorps funding.  The Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference is held in February in Chicago and hosts regional public sector employers. Students apply in advance for interviews and can attend for table talk informational interviews as well. Moritz Law participates in the National Law School Consortium, which provides another opportunity for students to interview with firms and organizations outside of Ohio. For instance, a number of federal agencies interview students in Washington, DC in fall for summer and permanent jobs with the government.

Moritz graduates take advantage of the many public oriented opportunities provided while they are in law school. Our alumni are among the ranks of federal, state and local leadership, have completed prestigious fellowships, and are eager to help students follow in their career paths. What follows is a representative list of where our alumni have gone to work in the past few years: US Department of Justice, US Department of Transportation, Internal Revenue Service, Presidential Management Fellows, Equal Justice Works and Skadden Foundation Fellowships, direct legal services offices, Ohio and other Attorney’s General offices, Office of Consumer Counsel, Robert Bosch Fellowship, Pacific Legal Foundation Fellowship, US Department of State, US Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Peggy Browning Fellowships, and prosecutor and public defender offices throughout the United States.