Resources for the Public

law library

The Moritz Law Library is the largest legal library in Ohio and is open to the general public. The library contains a wide variety of both print and digital materials. Reference librarians are also available during set hours to assist the general public in researching legal questions. The law library may be particularly helpful to those representing themselves pro se.  For more information on the library’s services and hours, please call: (614) 292-6691.

In addition, the Moritz College of Law operates several programs and projects that provide assistance to certain categories of people needing legal help:

Moritz Clinical Programs. The College of Law offers a variety of distinct clinical courses that permit third-year law students, under the supervision of law faculty, to represent selected clients in civil, criminal, and juvenile proceedings, as well as to assist start-up companies with legal issues associated with building a business. These clinical programs primarily serve clients referred by the courts, by immigration organizations, and by community partners. For additional information, see the Clinical Programs website or call (614) 292-6821.  

Grassbaugh Veterans Project. This project assists military veterans in Central Ohio with legal problems related to housing or consumer issues. Please visit the Grassbaugh Veterans Project website or call (614) 292-0290 for more information.

Please note: Most members of the Moritz faculty devote themselves primarily to teaching and scholarship, and do not maintain an active law practice. Additionally, Moritz students can only provide legal services through the clinical programs described above.