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Kevin Mahoney '09 Wins CPR Essay Award

Kevin Mahoney ’09 was honored by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) with the 2009 award for “Original Student Article or Paper.” Mahoney, an associate with Kenneth M. Sullivan & Associates in Chicago, is honored for a note he wrote in his 2L year at Moritz. ››Read More

Truancy Mediation Project to Serve Groveport and Reynoldsburg Schools

Moritz’s Truancy Mediation Project has begun and is preparing to mediate cases in the Groveport Madison school district. The Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution provided basic mediation skills and truancy mediation training to an enthusiastic group of students, including a number of 1Ls. We are now prepared to mediate cases involving school officials, students, and parents with the goals of fostering clearer understanding of expectations between schools and families, helping to generate ideas that will help young people and their families believe that school attendance is a high priority, and, ultimately, reduce absences in the district. ››Read More

Deliberative Democracy Expert to Deliver Schwartz Lecture

The Annual Schwartz Lecture on Dispute Resolution will feature Professor James Fishkin of Stanford University. Best known for developing the practice of Deliberative Polling®, which uses random samples of the citizenry to explore how opinions would change if they were more informed, Professor Fishkin is the Janet M. Peck Chair in International Communication and Professor of Communication and Professor of Political Science. He is also Director of Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy and Chair of the Department of Communication. ››Read More

2010 Boskey ADR Writing Competition Announced

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution's annual James B. Boskey ADR Writing Competition has been announced. Essays are due by June 15, 2010. First prize is $1000 and the online posting of the winning essay and the runner-up on the ABA website. Since 2001, Moritz students have won the competition three times and placed second one time. ››More information about the competition and Mr. Boskey

Calling all 1L's!

Professor Deason is looking for 1L student volunteers to play the role of clients in a negotiation exercise for the Dispute Resolution Processes class. You will have two meetings with your "attorney" who will interview you and then represent your interests in a negotiation about an employment discharge. It should not take more than about 2 hours of your time and the activity is authorized for externship hours that you can count toward the DR Certificate. The exercise will take place in early February. Please contact Professor Deason at to volunteer.

Professors Deason and Stulberg in Spain

Professors Ellen Deason and Josh Stulberg travelled to Bilbao, Spain in December to teach a course in dispute resolution at Deusto University. The graduate students in the class were from around the globe and many are pursuing a European masters degree in Transnational Trade Law and Finance. ››Read More
Moritz ADR Links

Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution

Widely regarded as one of the nation's finest programs in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Moritz ADR program was established in recognition of the need for future lawyers to be trained in an array of dispute resolution methods beyond litigation, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. ››Program Home

Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution ("JDR") is a student-initiated, student-run publication and is the official law journal of the American Bar Association's Section on Dispute Resolution. ››JDR Home

Mayhew-Hite Report

The Mayhew-Hite Report is a quarterly report focused on dispute resolution developments across the nation. It is run by the editors and staff of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution. ››Mayhew-Hite Report Home


Indisputably is a blog operated by law professors from around the United States concentrating on issues involving dispute resolution. ››Indisputably Home

Bridge Initiative @ Mershon and Moritz

The Bridge Initiative, which combines resources from Moritz College of Law and the Mershon Center for International Securities Studies, is an indispensable resource for those doing research in issues involving dispute resolution. ››Bridge Initiative Home
Alumni Profile

Christina 'Cricket' Nardacci

Christina Nardacci—or "Cricket", as she is known to most—knew for years that she wanted to attend law school one day. She also knew that she wanted to work in education, but at first, she was not sure how these different interests might coalesce. ››Read More

The Benefits of Medical Malpractice Mediation

Chad Noward Healthcare reform is, to say the least, a prominent issue in the United States today. Medical malpractice and the costs associated with it are major pieces of the healthcare reform puzzle. One significant way that the healthcare system could be improved is through the use of mediation in medical malpractice disputes. ››Read More

The Controversy Surrounding Consumer Arbitration and the Arbitration Fairness Act

Sarah Cole "Consumer" arbitration typically describes an institution's unilateral imposition of an arbitration clause on an individual consumer. Unquestionably, institutions do a poor job disseminating information to consumers about arbitration. Even so, the question is whether arbitration is at least as good as, if not better than, any other alternative available – typically settlement or trial – for resolving consumer disputes. ››Read More
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