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Professor Quigley Delivers Lecture in the West Bank on the Arab-Israeli Negotiations

Professor John Quigley, President’s Club Professor of Law at the Moritz College of Law, spoke on Palestinian statehood at Bir Zeit University in the West Bank village of the same name on March 22. In his lecture, Professor Quigley argued that Palestine is a sovereign state under international law, so any negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian leadership should be premised on that fact.

Even though the Israeli government might differ in its analysis of the status of Palestinian statehood, Quigley argues that when current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the leader of the conservative Likud Party in 1993, he made the same exact argument in front of Israel’s parliament, The Knesset, that Quigley is making now.

Quigley concedes that the debate over what it means to be a state resembles a quagmire, but asserts that the way the Palestinian leadership conducts business, negotiates with Israel, and is treated by the international community, let alone the centuries old historical record, all signal that there is, at the very least, implied recognition of Palestine as a state.

Professor Quigley is writing a book on this topic, entitled The Statehood of Palestine: International Law in the Middle East Conflict, due out in October, 2010. He has delivered a similar lecture to the one he gave in Bir Zeit in Geneva in 2009 at a United Nations conference.

To read some more of Professor Quigley’s anaysis on these matters, click here.

Among his other duties at Moritz, Professor Quigley regularly teaches a seminar on the Middle East Conflict. The lecture in Bir Zeit was organized by Moritz graduate Mostafa Elostaz (2004), who is on staff at Bir Zeit University.

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