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Ten Graduates to Receive Certificate in Dispute Resolution

We are proud to announce that 10 of the graduating students in the Class of 2010 have earned Moritz’s Certificate in Dispute Resolution.

The students earning the certificate this year are: Igor Brin, Candace Crear, Ben Hunt, Rick Miller, Tim Nittle, Chad Noward, Adam Primm, Renata Staff, Priya Tamilarasan, and Kyla Williger. In working toward the certificate, these students accomplished some big things.

  • Igor Brin and Ben Hunt were stalwart interns for the Franklin County Municipal Court Mediation Program.
  • Candace Crear was the President of Dispute Resolution and Youth (DR&Y).
  • Both Rick Miller and Adam Primm received awards for their writing.
  • Tim Nittle was an invaluable research assistant for Professor Sarah Cole.
  • Chad Noward is working with the Ohio Mediation Association on a grant for using mediation in medical malpractice cases.
  • Renata Staff worked tirelessly for IUE-CWA.
  • Priya Tamilarasan helped pilot Moritz’s Truancy Mediation Project.
  • Kyla Williger worked with youth in DR&Y and the Truancy Mediation Project.

As a group, these 10 students completed a combined total of 1509 externship hours.

To earn the certificate, each of these students took 15-credit hours worth of courses in dispute resolution, including the Mediation Practicum and Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution, and performed at least 112 hours worth of ADR related activities.

For those interested in finding out more about the certificate, and the new requirements, please look at the Moritz Website.

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