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Truancy Mediation Project to Serve Groveport and Reynoldsburg Schools

Moritz’s Truancy Mediation Project has begun and is preparing to mediate cases in the Groveport Madison school district. The Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution provided basic mediation skills and truancy mediation training to an enthusiastic group of students, including a number of 1Ls. We are now prepared to mediate cases involving school officials, students, and parents with the goals of fostering clearer understanding of expectations between schools and families, helping to generate ideas that will help young people and their families believe that school attendance is a high priority, and, ultimately, reduce absences in the district.

The Reynoldsburg schools have also expressed an interest in having Moritz provide truancy mediation services. Unlike the mediations conducted in Groveport, which involve elementary and middle school aged children, the Reynoldsburg schools are looking for assistance with their high school population. The variety of ages and issues that arise will surely provide Moritz students with a rich experience in being “lawyers-as-problem-solvers.”

The Truancy Mediation Project is a collaborative effort involving the Program on Dispute Resolution, the Dispute Resolution Association, and the Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court.

We wish to express are sincere gratitude to Marya Kolman, Director of Mediation Services at the Franklin County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court, for assisting Moritz in the training of students and in coordinating the court’s resources with the law school’s resources. Many thanks to Ed Krauss and Sheri Center, two experienced mediators who are serving as truancy trainers and mentors to the young program. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the support of Moritz’s faculty and administration.

Priya Tamilarasan, the student director for the Truancy Mediation Project, says, “I'm thrilled to see how much support and interest there is at Moritz to give back to the community. I feel optimistic that the program will do a lot of good and will make a real impact in the long run. I'm just thankful that there are so many students who are willing to put in the time and effort to make this happen.”

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