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The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Hosts Horizons Symposium

The end of January saw a gathering of dispute resolution luminaries in Columbus, as the Moritz College of Law’s Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution (JDR) hosted “Horizons: Conversations about Future Directions in Dispute Resolution.” The symposium, held in honor of the 30th anniversary of JDR, began with an evening gathering of participants to foster informal discussion of the current state of the field of dispute resolution.

The action continued on Friday, January 30, 2015 as attendees gathered at The Ohio State University’s Barrister Club in a series of panels organized around 1) theory and conceptual challenges, 2) policy and program challenges, and 3) challenges of practice, and 4) setting an agenda for the field in the coming decade. Jay Folberg, chair of the JAMS Foundation, ended the event with an ad hoc summary of the day’s proceedings. A full list of topics and speakers can be found on the JDR website. Professor Joseph (“Josh”) Stulberg played a key role in organizing and serving as master of ceremonies for the event.

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