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Lauren MadoniaBy Lauren Madonia
Class of 2015

On Friday, January 30, the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution hosted their annual symposium. The theme of this year’s symposium was “Horizons: Conversations About Future Directions in Dispute Resolution.” The symposium gave dispute resolution scholars the opportunity to discuss the theory and conceptual challenges faced by the dispute resolution field and the challenges of dispute resolution policy, programs and practice.

I attended a panel discussion focused on policy and program challenges imminently facing the dispute resolution community. Sharon Press, a professor and the Director of the Dispute Resolution Institute at Hamline University School of Law, moderated the panel. The panel was packed with distinguished dispute resolution experts, including Colin Rule, Chairman and COO of and former Director of Online Dispute Resolution for eBay and PayPal; Donna Stienstra, a research analyst from the Federal Judicial Center; Andrew Thomas, former Executive Director of the Center for Dispute Settlement in Rochester, New York and current Senior Project Manager for the City of Sanford, Florida; Eric Tuchmann, General Counsel for the American Arbitration Association; and Daniel M. Weitz, Deputy Director of the Division of Professional and Court Services and Coordinator of the Office of ADR Programs for the New York State Unified Court System.

Each of the panelists gave a brief overview of recent developments or trends that they witnessed in their individual capacities as dispute resolution experts, and then posed quandaries to the audience about how some of these recent challenges in the field could be addressed. The questions posed and answers offered by panelists and audience members alike were thought provoking and sparked a lively discussion about the future of dispute resolution.

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