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Mediators Beyond Borders Holds Successful Training

Sara BrummelBy Sara Brummel
Class of 2011

On Friday, November 6, Dispute Resolution Professional Lynn Cole taught A Primer on the Universal Elements of Mediation: Domestically and Internationally. The training was well attended, including students from all three classes here at Moritz. For many, this course was their first introduction to mediation.

Lynn Cole is a fulltime dispute resolution professional in both mediation and arbitration in Florida. She works on cases involving business, labor and employment, securities, insurance, among others. She is a Founding Member and a Director on the Board of Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB), “a non-profit, humanitarian organization established to partner with communities worldwide to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing, resolving and healing from conflict.” Lynn is currently partnering with universities to establish MBB chapters across the country.

Lynn opened her training with an interactive lecture on mediation basics. Students asked many questions, allowing Lynn to draw on her varied professional experiences for teaching points. After the lecture portion, students broke into groups of three and conducted a mediation role play. The scenario involved a dispute between two attorneys who recently broke up their joint law practice and could not decide what to do with one key item.

Upon completing the role play, everyone came back together as a group and discussed the process. It was an excellent learning experience to see the variety of results among the different groups. Following the training, students expressed satisfaction with the event and displayed new enthusiasm for learning more about mediation.

The Dispute Resolution Association is grateful to Lynn for spending the day with Moritz students interested in mediation and intercultural conflicts.

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