Aviation Dispute Resolution Initiative

Aviation Dispute Resolution Initiative


The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies and the Moritz College of Law Program on Dispute Resolution

The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies has partnered with The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law Program on Dispute Resolution to develop better ways to resolve commercial disputes between entities operating in the aviation industry.  This partnership provides Moritz College of Law students the opportunity to interact with industry players and apply principles of dispute systems design to real world problems.

The partnership was motivated by an observed need by Gary Doernhoefer, an airline industry counsel and executive and adjunct faculty member at The Ohio State University Department of Aviation.  Mr. Doernhoefer challenged the Program on Dispute Resolution to make recommendations about how the aviation industry could adopt improved, fair, and efficient dispute resolution practices for its intra-industry commercial disputes.

In 2014, students in the Moritz College of Law’s Dispute System Design Workshop, taught by Emeritus Professor Nancy Rogers, began interviewing attorneys throughout the aviation industry about their commercial disputes, identifying ways in which the current dispute resolution approaches fit the interests of aviation partners, determining where they could be improved and suggesting alternatives to the current processes.  That report can be found at the Center for Aviation Studies’ website.

In 2015, Dispute System Design Workshop students augmented the research, particularly getting reactions on alternatives to current approaches and focusing on airports and other segments of the industry.  That report is coming soon.

For more information on this partnership, please contact Dr. Seth Young (young.1460@osu.edu), Prof. Nancy Rogers (rogers.volunteerwork@gmail.com), or Gary Doernhoefer (garyd@skylarc.net).

Posted May 6, 2015