October 2016

October 2016

The Caucus, the newsletter published by the Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution, is designed to share ADR news with the Moritz community and beyond.  Questions regarding this publication should be directed to William Froehlich, Langdon Fellow in Dispute Resolution.


Nov. 4 JDR Symposium Honors Chris Fairman

On November 4, 2016, The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolutionwill host “Philosophy, Technology, and ADR: Examining Development in Dispute Resolution Systems”, a Symposium in Honor of Dean Chris Fairman.  Details about the November symposium are available online.  In its current form the schedule includes panels discussing technology and dispute resolution, ethics and application of collaborative law and ethical issues of differing systems of dispute resolution.    Last fall the Mayhew-Hite Report dedicated Volume 14, Issue 1 to Dean Fairman.  Take a look at moving tributes from Moritz-affiliated dispute resolution facultyEllen DeasonJoseph B. StulbergJames K. LawrenceNancy H. RogersSarah Cole and Rishi Batra.

Deason Recognized at the Horseshoe for Teaching Excellence

On August 30, 2016, Professor Ellen Deason was recognized as a 2016 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching recipient.  More than 100,000 Buckeyes recognized her dedication to teaching practice–even though she is a Michigan alum!

According to the Alumni Award website, Prof. Deasons’s students describe her as patient and kind, and her teaching style as innovative, effective and artful.  They have even called her office hours transformative; as one student says, “Professor Deason exhibits all of the qualities one looks for in a law school professor: compassion, dedication and an unparalleled enthusiasm to advise, mentor and educate students.”  A colleague of Deason’s notes that “the student response to her teaching has consistently been at the very highest end of the spectrum among elite teaching faculty.”

Rogers Awarded OSU’s Distinguished Service Award

The Ohio State University recently honored Nancy Hardin Rogers with the University Distinguished Service Award.  Established by Ohio State’s Board of Trustees in 1952, the award is designed to recognize individuals who have rendered exceptional service to the university.

Professor Rogers was commended for spearheading the creation of many innovative Moritz programs including Election Law @ Moritz, the Distinguished Practitioners in Residence program, Mentoring & More @ Moritz and the Law and Leadership Institute and a statewide diversity pipeline focused on increasing law school enrollment from minority and underserved communities.  She was further recognized for her work establishing Moritz’s Program on Dispute Resolution and the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, drafting numerous award-winning publications, and playing a central role drafting and advocating for the Uniform Mediation Act.  This lifetime achievement award celebrates her remarkable contributions to the legal field as a teacher, scholar and innovator.

Law & Leadership Panel Focuses on ADR

On Thursday September 22, 2016, Program on Law and Leadership Director Nancy Rogers moderated a panel in Saxby Auditorium focused on community unrest and community leadership.  City of Cleveland Law Department Director Barbara Langhenry, Vorys Sater Seymour & Pease LLP Partner Carl Smallwood and Divided Community Project Director Grande Lum joined Professor Rogers in this conversation.

Director Langhenry discussed how the City of Cleveland prepared for the 2016 Republican National Convention.  Director Lum described some of his experience with the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service and as the Director of the Divided Community Project.  Smallwood illustrated how attorneys in provide practice can play community leadership roles by facilitating broad community planning initiatives.


Moritz’s Program on Dispute Resolution, The Ohio State Democracy Studies Program, the Divided Community Project, the Truancy Mediation Project and Dispute Resolution and Youth co-sponsored this great panel!  The podcast of the panel is available online.

Kolman Delivers Well-Recieved Lawrence Lecture

Nearly 100 students, faculty members and alternative dispute resolution practitioners packed Moritz’s Saxby Auditorium on Wednesday September 21, 2016 to hear Marya Cody Kolman deliver the 2016 Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution.  Kolman–a longtime Moritz adjunct negotiations professor and former clinical law faculty–suggested strategies for personalizing your negotiation practice.  Kolman pointed out that successful negotiators must understand a variety of negotiation styles and understand how to adapt their negotiating techniques to respond to adverse negotiators.  She emphasized that negotiators should better understand their own negotiation strengths and weaknesses–and that negotiating techniques should be developed to emphasize personal strengths.


Lawrence Negotiation Competition a Success!

More than seventy students participated in Moritz’s annual Lawrence Negotiation competition on September 26 to 29, 2016.  All participants should be commended for their professionalism and negotiation advocacy!  The Program on Dispute Resolution is grateful for moot court’s hard work in organizing this competition and the tens of local alternative dispute resolution practitioners who volunteer to make this competition a success.


Congratulations to this year’s winners Madison Berry and Lauren DavisHolly Cline and Tessa Kelbley finished in second place;Rachel Armstong and Josef Asfoura took third; Ivan Bracho andRreze Hoxha finished fourth!  If you haven’t seen them already, check out some of the great photos on Moritz’s photo blog:https://moritzlaw.osu.edu/photo-blog/.

3L Watson’s Writing Recognized

Congratulations to Ashley Bartman Watson earning honorable mention in Case Western Reserve University Law School’s “Art of International Law” student writing competition.  Ashley’s award-winning paper is titled “UNESCO and Palestinian Cultural Heritage” and was drafted as part of Prof. Quigley’s Seminar on the Conflict in the Middle East.  Great work Ashley!

Moritz ADR Links

Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution

Widely regarded as one of the nation’s finest programs in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution was established in recognition of the need for future lawyers to be trained in an array of dispute resolution methods beyond litigation, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution (“JDR”) is a student-initiated, student-run publication and is the official law journal of the American Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution.

Mayhew-Hite Report

The Mayhew-Hite Report is a quarterly report focused on dispute resolution developments across the nation. It is run by the editors and staff of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution.


Indisputably is a blog operated by law professors from around the United States concentrating on issues involving dispute resolution.

Bridge Initiative @ Mershon and Moritz

The Bridge Initiative, which combines resources from Moritz College of Law and the Mershon Center for International Securities Studies, is an indispensable resource for those doing research in issues involving dispute resolution.

The Divided Community Project

The Divided Community Project strengthens community efforts to transform division into action. The project focuses on how communities can respond constructively to civil unrest as well as on how they can identify and meaningfully address the reasons underlying community division.